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KT #12: The Insane and Absurd Avocado Toast Phenomenon

In today’s Flashback Friday episode (this was originally Troublesome Radio #79), I discuss an article in Time that went relatively viral. In said article, an Australian millionaire ripped on all millenials who are spending $22 per meal for a piece of bread with avocado smeared on it. I couldn’t help but chuckle, as avocado toast is […]

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#11: What To Splurge On

In today’s podcast, Kyle breaks down Ramit’s “Money Rules Believed By Pathologically Cheap Internet Commenters” Twitter post. Apple Podcasts / Android / Stitcher / Spotify / YouTube / RSS

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“Attractive, In-Shape, Successful, Independent American Female” Says Men Shouldn’t Date Abroad

Reader “Heather – western female” left a comment on the blog that just reminds me of how most “western females” just do. not. get. it. “Wow…from an attractive, in-shape, successful, independent American female who is still looking for an American man who is actually a man and doesn’t want to disrespect me for being smart […]

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#09: The First 14 Steps to Successful Business

In today’s episode, I break down the first 14 of 28 steps to a successful business in 2019. Plus, a look into airline ticket rules, why poor people stay poor, and much much more on the latest episode of the Kyle Trouble Podcast. The next part of the post, and podcast, will drop sometime this […]

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28 Steps To Successful Business

This week was birthday number 28 for yours Troubly. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was 27, sitting out at Luka Lu in Prague with some dear friends. Since then… I’ve moved back to Kiev, leaving behind the life built in Prague. It turned out to be a great decision. Business has boomed and […]

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Painful Lessons About Scaling An Online Business

In the interest of full disclosure, This Is Trouble earns a referral bonus for anyone that purchases through some of the below links inside this Leadpages review. These are the best publicly available offers that we have found for these programs. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone. You can read the full disclaimer here. I […]

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#08: The Secrets to Social Media Programming

In today’s episode, Kyle welcomes old friend Sonny Arvado to the show to talk about his latest book, Instagods. In this episode, the focus is on the dating aspect of social media…how you can play it to your advantage, how it’s affected both men and women, and of course…much, much more. From Sonny’s site… “As […]

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#07: Intermediate (Game) For Idiots

In today’s Flashback Friday episode, Kyle welcomes back his friend from the last FBF to continue the discussion, this time moving on to intermediate game.   Apple Podcasts / Android / Stitcher / Spotify / YouTube / RSS If you enjoy the podcast, please leave an honest review here.   Mentioned & Relevant: Danish dating Girlfriends Let’s […]

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A good and fair response came in from a reader regarding my email on Monday about the 46-year-old dood looking for a Christian Ukrainian woman. (You can read a modified version version of that email here.) The reader response reads as follows: Hi Kyle, in all friendship and respect, I believe the advice you gave […]

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