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The 7 Best Overseas Dating Sites for Western Men



This is a master post of my favourite overseas dating sites. These are all platforms and apps I have real-life experience with. If I haven’t used them personally, I know people that have or a couple that met on there (even if I met them after the fact).

It is my rule not to recommend anything that I wouldn’t use myself.

With the Western dating scene getting worse by the minute, more and more guys are looking for girls internationally. I know I did and let me tell you:

Best decision of my life.

Meeting beautiful, feminine, and well-educated women isn’t the only perk I got from living in Eastern Europe.

Ultimately, I believe I am becoming the best man I could be. As much as I’m proud of my achievements, I have to admit that the high-value women abroad are the reason why my love life improved so much.

And no, I am not talking about hooking up. It’s easy to hook up with Western girls. Once you figure it out, it gets repetitive and boring. Every date I used to go to felt the same. I’m not complaining, I still had a lot of fun. But it is abroad where I met true girlfriend material women.

Each and every one of you reading this article deserves the same – a beautiful, caring, and exciting girl. These are the best overseas dating sites for you to meet her!

The Cupid Media Sites

Overseas Dating Sites

It is no secret that I like the Cupid sites. There are over 30 of them, focused on different niches. Cupid Media has been in the niche dating business for longer than most companies and they have been growing and improving all this time. I talk about Cupid on my niche sites, too.


Because they’re legit and I personally like them.

You can check out the full range of Cupid Media dating platforms here.

Not all of those are overseas dating sites.

Some of them are for military brats, Christian couples, single parents looking for love, etc. The main focus of Cupid is international dating though, and you can tell this is what they are investing the most attention to.

Most of the niche sites owned by Cupid are very popular in their respective countries. For instance, Vietnam Cupid is a top dating site in Vietnam with over 800k members.

On the other hand, Christian Cupid has modest popularity in the Christian community. They are nowhere near to competing with Christian Mingle for instance.

Cupid Media was started with international dating in mind, too. That’s why their overseas dating sites are some of the best out there, including:

Russian Cupid: Meet Your Irina Shayk

Russian Cupid is the largest Russian dating site for foreigners. With more than 1.5 active members, you will not be short of options. There is a lot of variety in terms of where they come from, too.

If you are in Russia when using it, filter them out by proximity. Russia is huge and sexy girls are everywhere. Might as well find one that is close to you.

But really, the sheer amount of members is a huge perk on Russian cupid. It’s virtually impossible to not find the right girl. The women on Russian Cupid are also among the most well-read girls you’ll meet abroad. They are not ashamed of their intellect, either. American girls would hide how much they know for fear of looking nerdy.

On Russian Cupid intellect is valued. Talk about your achievements (no humblebragging, though) and your ambitions. Russian women respond amazingly to that!

And on the how hot are they?

I am happy to report that I saw tons of classic Slavic beauties, as well as some exotic Irina Shayk lookalikes.

Speaking of Russia, you might also like:

The Guide to Russian Girls | FAQs

Ukraine Date: The (Hot) Girl Next Door

Ukraine Date is the most popular Ukraine dating site. They boast a huge user base of single and ready to mingle beauties. Compared to Russian Cupid, the girls here are more down-to-Earth but they also speak worse English.

Although it’s technically just a dating site (there are Ukrainian men on there, too) over 90% of the pretty Ukrainian girls are there to meet a foreign man. They will speak at least basic English. The ones that speak worse English make up for it in eagerness. 

You can’t beat Ukrainians in the hot : approachable ratio. The girls I’ve messaged on Ukraine Cupid don’t look like they should struggle to find a guy. If anything, men would be killing over them here in the West. In Ukraine, and especially in the Ukrainian online dating world, I was suddenly the one being chased after. I can’t say it was a bad feeling…

Latin American Cupid is under the same Cupid Media family as specialized sites (like Colombian Cupid, Brazil Cupid, etc).

It’s an online veteran with over 20 years of exerience. It’s similar to other Cupid sites in design, membership options, and overall quality. 

The reason why I’m recommending Latin American Cupid over, say, Colombian Cupid is you will have a lot more options. The women on there come from all over the continent. If you’re not particularly picky about the exact country where your Latina is originally from, this is perfect. 

The general dating culture in South America is very casual. People have family values but that doesn’t stop them from hooking up left and right. The women on Latin American Cupid, however, are focused on a long-term relationship.

They have all the perks of a good girl + the passion and sensuality of a Latina. 

Read how to get girls on Latin American Cupid here.

Here are some LATAM posts you’ll find useful:

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The Best Overseas Dating Sites For Asia

Cupid Media has a few Asian dating sites. There is a more general one (like Latin American Cupid is to South America) – Asian However, in this case, I think it’s best to go local. The online dating culture and the types of girls you’ll meet differ drastically from one place to another. You’ll have to choose a country. Here are your options:

Which is my personal favourite?

Definitely Japan Cupid.

Japanese girls are pretty, smart, and obsessed with Western dudes.

It goes to the point where women would literally chase you down the street. Yup, that’s a reality for American/European guys in Japan. Google it. 

Why Japanese Girls Are Obsessed With Western Men

First off, you are a novelty.

Foreigners make up under 2% of the Japanese population. Chances are, your Japanese crush hasn’t seen many Western dudes IRL. 

Secondly, your personality is also completely different from what they are used to. Jap men are notorious for their social awkwardness. Some of those dudes actually lock themselves up in their rooms and refuse to leave. It’s a real problem in Japan. 

Even if this is an extreme example, it shows you what the local dating scene is like. Even a nerdy beta Western guy has more confidence than the average Japanese dude. This draws the girls in. It also helps that Japanese women are naturally submissive and love a more assertive partner. 

A slightly ‘shhh, you’re not supposed to say this’ aspect of dating Japanese girls: 

You can be just a fun fling.

Dating in Japan is not easy. It’s a lot of games, misunderstandings, and middle school level BS. With that much time and effort, Japanese girls can’t afford a casual relationship with a local. On the other hand, Western guys can be a potential long-term partner…

Or just a carefree little adventure. 

That’s why Tinder works so nicely in Japan, by the way (but more on Tinder later). 

The women on Japan Cupid want: 

  • A masculine guy
  • Somebody that’s assertive and knows how to get what he wants
  • Physical attraction (Caucasian features are considered very attractive in Japan)
  • Easy, fuss-free dating

Read the full Japan Cupid review by clicking here.

You can easily offer all of that.

Compared to the local talent, you’re like a Chris Pratt-Chris Hemsworth-all other popular Chrises hybrid would be to American girls!

International Cupid?

Cupid Media also has a site for ‘international dating’… Like the rest of their platforms are not for that! 

Anyway, the question is: 

Is International Cupid an overseas dating site worth your time? 

I wouldn’t count on it.

Sure, it has a fairly large and diverse user base. However, the majority of members are in the 35 to 44 years range. The male to female ratio works against you, too.

The good thing is that in younger age categories women are more than men. If you’re in your late thirties, looking to date a twenty-something, International Cupid might be good for you. 

My issue with the site, however, is completely different. It’s not niche at all!

International Cupid aims to connect people from any two corners of the world. It has plenty of members – over 100.000 of them just in the US. But there is virtually no filter. These women come from all over the world but might be looking to only date within a certain region. 

Imagine a Venn diagram. Your type of women and the women who’d like to date a guy like you. On International Cupid, I don’t think the overlapping are is large enough. 

That said, some people have had promising results with the site. Check out their success stories tab. There are some good ones on there. For the most part, though, I think there are better overseas dating sites to try out. Personal opinion, just saying.  

Good Ol’ Tinder

Tinder isn’t about to lose ground anytime soon. It’s like Instagram for single people. Everybody has it. Granted, Tinder dates are not as serious but they’re not all hookups either. When you use it abroad, Tinder is usually for casual dating (with the option of a long-term relationship) not just hook up and never see each other again. 

There’s a lot to say about using Tinder efficiently. When it comes to using it internationally, here are my top tips: 

  1. Profile Picture – Do you know what girls see on Tinder? Guys in suits, guys without their shirts on, and men with tigers. Don’t go for the shirtless pic. A lot of women abroad have a pathological fear of fuckboys. A shirtless pic says I’m just here to use you and never text again. The suited down photo, on the other hand, is perfect. It attracts higher value women and doesn’t limit your Tinder use to slutty girls and random flings.  
  2. Openers – Hot girls are flooded with messages. You have to stand out from the rest. The girl has to find you intriguing and cool. On Tinder, you are one swipe away from the next option. Make an effort to come up with a cool opener. 
  3. Numbers game – It’s all about the numbers. Message all of the girls that you match with. Some will respond, others won’t. The ones that talk to you at first might drop you for no good reason. That’s why you need the numbers to be on your side. 
  4. Arrange a date ASAP – on that same note, try to meet up live as soon as you can. Tinder doesn’t require a lot of effort from the girl. Women just don’t value their Tinder Matches to keep them around for long. You snooze, you lose. Another guy asked her out already. Chat for a couple of hours to one day and waste no time in arranging a meeting. 

But is Tinder really one of the effective overseas dating sites?

It depends on how you use it.

Play your cards right and Tinder could lead to a hookup, a casual relationship, or a long-term partnership, a wedding, and three to four kids.

The girls who use Tinder abroad are slightly more open-minded than the average but they are not all sluts who want nothing but a fling. 

As with any online dating option, use it as a tool to meet cool people. Tinder is not a replacement for human connection. It’s a way to meet locals in a place that’s new to you. And it does a pretty damn good job at that because it has so many members. 

N.B. In some countries, especially third-world places, Tinder has been used to scam tourists. While most of those schemes are unpleasant but will not physically hurt you, some might be dangerous. When you’re using it abroad, act as the girls do – only arrange meetings in public places and don’t leave your drink unattended. I have a friend who got roofied and robbed for being stupid. 

Don’t be stupid. Take care of yourself and your safety first. There are plenty of non-potential-robbers to date or sleep with. 

Popular Overseas Dating Sites: Elite Singles

Elite Singles is pretty popular in the West. You can use it as one of the overseas dating sites in your arsenal too, though. The idea behind it is to connect driven and ambitious people. It’s the Tinder for actual adults. I don’t consider myself one of those just yet but I’ve had some awesome success stories with Elite Singles. 

They match you based on the Five Factor Model. This psychological model measures personality by looking at five different aspects (and OCEAN is a mnemonic that helps you remember them):

  • Openness to experience
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

Every day you get 3-7 matches. You can’t browse freely through the user base. Instead, you wait for the new matches to show up in 24 hours. 

It’s significantly more limiting than the other sites on this list. I wouldn’t say it’s for everybody. The cool thing about Elite Singles is it’s super personal. They do a great job at matching you up with compatible people. This + the more mature dating pool make it a perfect choice for some daters. 

Businessmen on a time crunch? Older guys looking for a serious partner (not that you can’t meet a hot young Eastern European on other sites)? They will love Elite Singles. 


eHarmony is one of the biggest companies in the online dating game. They were among the pioneers of personality evaluation and matching people based on compatibility. Right now, eHarmony is one of the largest web-based dating locations in the world. You can’t deny they’ve worked for a lot of people. 

When it comes to overseas dating sites, however, eHarmony isn’t exactly my first choice. Much like Elite Singles, it’s going to be useful to a certain demographic only. This time, it’s the people who want to date outside their culture but in their own country. 

On eHarmony you have all sorts of nationalities. Bear in mind, however, that it’s only available in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. There is an (unclear) international dating option but that’s pretty much irrelevant. 

eHarmony is not one of the overseas dating sites per se.

It’s simply a way to meet people you’re likely to like in real life. That said, check it out if you want to expand your dating pool without switching to another country. It’s marriage-minded and huge.

Perfect for the dudes tired of the same old non-commital Western chicks and looking for girlfriend/wife material. 

What Do You Want Out Of Overseas Dating Sites?

You want to date abroad. There are many solid reasons to do that. Pretty girls, caring relationships, no BS, no feminazis, loyatly and support, you name it.

I heard one guy say ‘Dating in Eastern Europe is like being with a model who has the morals of your grandma!’ Not all of the girls overseas are like that but your chances of meeting one are much higher. 

So why are international relationships so successful (even with the cultural differences and the long distance)? Because people are willing to work on them. This new ‘every guy is replacable’ dating culture in the West is ruining that. Women think like that now. Guys do, too. And here is the thing:

Good things take effort. 

If you want more than a fling, you will have to work on your relationship. Work through problems and challenges and yes, accept that sometimes you’ll be frustrated. 

Anyway, this is getting too preachy. My point is: 

  1. The dating culture in the West sucks. 
  2. Women are a part of that problem having been spoiled rotten by poorly understood ideas of independence and feminism (mind you, I am all for equality and completely repulsed by entitlement)
  3. Men are, too by perpetuating the vicious cycle, either pining after some unattainable ‘hot girl’ for ages, or by only doing hookups and casual flings (while complaining that there are no good women left)

There are plenty of good women left. You will meet a lot of them on overseas dating sites. The hard-to-swallow pill is your actions have to match your intentions. If you want something great to come out of your international dating experience, be open-minded and ready to work things out. 

In return, you could get some of the hottest girls on the planet… That are also smart, caring, and haven’t been sleeping around for the past decade! 

Overseas Dating Sites

Be The Best Man You Can To Attract Foreign Women

The girls abroad are smarter than the ones in the US. They know to look for potential and stability in a guy.

A Russian girl, for instance, isn’t just looking at you through the lens of,”It would be fun to date him”.

If she considers dating you, she is considering a long-term relationship, too. 

That’s why success, smarts, and generally being the best man you can be, attract foreign girls so much.

They’re not drawn as much to the physical. Doubtless, your looks also matter.

The ‘make it or break it’ moment, however, comes with your success and stability. 

This blog has always been about helping men create their best life. That’s not just for dating – it’s also in terms of career, travel, and self-development. If you want to upgrade yourself, keep reading. And as a little challenge in the comments below – tell me what overseas dating sites you have personally used the most. Share your best tips and tactics. Let’s all help each other level up in dating!

Wow, that sounded cheesy. Anyway, you know me. I’m not usually that sappy, just when it comes to the important stuff. 

Good luck, and keep causing trouble!

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