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Review: Of Tyrants and Tellers by Sonny Arvado



Of Tyrants And Tellers is your guide to understanding everything that’s screwed up in the world but couldn’t articulate.

If I’d had it five years ago, life would have been simpler.

Have you ever wondered the why behind everything? Why women and men can’t get along? Why various cities are having what appears to be the outbreak of a civil war? Are you just stuck on the WHY behind why everything you’ve been told to do in life has resulted in making you unhappy?

Well, you’re not alone. And it’s a question I wrestled with for many years.

Some people might tell you to just deal with it. “That’s the way the world is”, they mutter. But some, myself included, can’t come to terms with that. I grew up with a father who is a brilliant engineer. I myself spent several years going down that same career path.

That’s a career where you must understand the WHY behind everything. So, if you’re unable to just take things at face value, and want answers to the problems that plague you…

Sonny Arvado tries to pull the veil off of all of that with his debut book, Of Tyrants And Tellers.

First off, a disclaimer. Sonny is a friend. He’s been on my podcast to chat about Las Vegas among other things.

What Of Tyrants and Tellers Does

Like I said, if you want answer—good. I’m of the opinion that young men who find the Red Pill better damn well want answers.

If you’ve been told one thing your whole life, and then find out that your entire way of thinking is being questioned—yeah, you ought to want some explanation. To take it all at face value would be a fool’s way of acting.

Do not be blind, but do question.

The book starts with trying to explain everything that’s going on in the world, on a micro level. Things as simple as lobster prices (did you know they’re actually one of the lowest-quality seafoods out there?) can be manipulated.

Have you ever gone to a nice restaurant and looked to see what the most expensive thing on the menu was? What was it? More times than not, the most expensive thing on the menu is either the surf n’ turf or something else involving lobster. But why? What’s so special about lobster? Does it taste better than all other foods? Does it hold more nutritional value than other foods? Does it fill you up? What is it?

The answer is… NOTHING

And it’s even easier than you’d ever think.

Sonny digs into all of this. Why “shadow oligarchs” try to mold things the way THEY want them and WHY they are doing it. And ultimately—why men of all ages are suffering from it.

Hint: The world is too small…

Get Your Tin Foil Hat?

Thankfully, no.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been watching Sonny’s build up to this launch for the last several months on Twitter. I was worried that I was going to be getting some sort of tin foil hat soap opera, with no actionable information.

I’m happy to say that OTAT is the furthest thing from that. There’s no conspiracy. Just raw facts, followed by actionable advice. It is an intriguing read though, that section. Sonny says things that many people would not have the courage to say, and for that I applaud him.

Which leads me to the one con of the book.

That Section Is Good, And So Is The Rest, But…

My only grip about Of Tyrants And Tellers is that the second half of the book is packed full of great advice. I realize that sounds funny. But, I was really enjoying all of the light being shed on all of the world’s problems.

Sonny then teaches you how to build yourself in the best way possible. Without body and mind, men are nothing. I agree with this.

I simply disagree with him putting full-on workout plans in the book. They would have been superb bonuses to give away in an appendix, but it did break the flow of the book at that point.

That’s not to say the fitness advice isn’t good. It’s very in-depth, the images are of high quality, and it’s structured simply that any beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifter could benefit from it.

It just left me slightly confused and wanting more information about the first half of the book. And hell—maybe that’s not even a bad thing.

Of Tyrants And Tellers—Closing Thoughts

The first part of Sonny’s debut book goes deep, and I can almost guarantee it will surprise you. It might also make you feel down about life.

You can let Of Tyrants And Tellers depress you or use it as an foundational tool in your arsenal to understand what the world has become and prosper despite it, not suffer from it.

No excuse is valid after you finish reading this book. There won’t be more WHY questions. It will just be WHAT you can do now.

Get your copy here.

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