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“Now Need My Advice or I’ll Unsubscribe Forever”

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I am so excited, because I literally saved these emails for the past 7 months just to use them in the promotion I ran last week.

Reader, well, former reader, “Sinan” wrote in during my last Pro Niche Site promotion (Spring 2018) to tell me how he really felt:

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Email #1

“Holy shit man, this is even worse than I thought. I’ve just verified that my inbox actually has at least 4 messages from you spanning less than 8 hours of the past day which are all promoting PNS.

Dude, I’m pretty sure you can find a more reserved way to market yourself.

Now heed my advice or I’ll unsubscribe forever. Jesus, there are many niche site experts out there. I don’t even know what makes you special, aside from your total violation of our inboxes that is.”

Email #2

“Kyle, your are a spammer. It doesn’t matter what substance your messages have because oftentimes they’ll just arrive much more frequently than I’m willing to read, and they could promote the same product several times in a row.

Jesus, I received at least 5 messages from you in the two past days.

This keeps going, I’m unsubbing.”

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Ah yes, again, I have been selfishly holding on to these little nuggets of gold for so many months now. Whatever will I do without Sinan’s readership, after all? Especially since he emailed me before and asked for my help, told me he was unemployed and a bunch of other irrelevant things, and basically wanted my free help.

Oh well…

Now, don’t get me wrong, many a person unsubscribed from my email list last week (their loss).

But, that’s okay.

I certainly don’t want to be working with customers who have an attitude like this, who can’t differentiate between “your” and “you’re”, and who, frankly, don’t have any money to begin with because they’re unemployed and too lazy to fix it.

That’s just not my style.

I don’t judge, until you start judging me and sending me nonsense like that.

You can unsubscribe at any time.

(If you hate my emails, please do—you know I have to pay for you to be on my list, right?)

But, here’s the thing:

The smart ones…

And, some others, not quite as smart, but smart nonetheless…

Take these emails as lessons.

Moving on.

If You Sell a $5 Product…Guess What? You Have a $5 Customer…

One of the things I’ve really learned over the last few years is that generally being a cheapass is no way to go through life.

I know, I know, “abundance mindset”, “abundance bro”, etc. are all a bit played out. But really, while those things might be a bit corny, they’re actually completely true. If you’re less frugal with money, more willing to spend, and generally willing to invest in yourself, it tends to work out for you in the end. Some people thing this is nonsense, and there’s no such thing as karma.

But, what’s that saying?

You are what you think?

You are what you eat?

Hell if I know.

I just know that if you yourself are a cheapass, guess the type of people you’re going to attract to you? That’s right.

Cheap people.

And cheap people tend to be the worst to do business with, get into business with, and to be friends with. Nobody likes the person who tallies up the exact amount everybody owes at a dinner for ten. Don’t be that guy.

Aim higher.

Be a higher quality customer yourself.

And you’ll attract higher quality customers.

Of that, I have no doubt.

Even if Sinan disagrees with me.

PS: This email inspired a new, very…ahem, blunt disclaimer when people sign up to my email list. You can have a laugh at it on the homepage.

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