Last updated: September 17, 2017

“No wonder you’re so happy.”

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I walked up to the table and shook hands with my buddy Martin.

(He was on The Dating Abroad Podcast recently to discuss Croatian girls).

He introduced me to the rest of his (former) programming team. They were out at dinner, celebrating his departure from the company.

One of them asked what I do. I responded with my usual, “I’m self employed.” I tend not to go into too much detail unless people really prompt and push me.

He said, “No wonder you’re so happy.”

I chuckled, because it’s so true.

The funniest part of the story?

Martin had already shown that guy my blog, so an hour later he realized who I was, and said, “OH, YOU’RE THAT GUY!”, and had a bunch of questions for me.


That same friend, who quit his job on Wednesday said he got more programming work done on his own projects on Thursday and Friday (2 days) than he had in the last two months at work.

He said he worked way harder but it was infinitely more exciting, stimulating, and feel-good than his old gig.

I continue to find it difficult to explain to people how it really feels to work for yourself. Nothing really feels like work anymore. You work hard, you feel drained, but there is no “grind” to it like it was EVERY day in the corporate world.

The only way is to find out for yourself. It’s a terrifying leap but damn, it is so worth it.

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  1. No need to apologize for “mispronouncing” the place names in other countries.

    You are speaking English. Therefore, you pronounce them in English.

    I don’t expect everyone in the world to pronounce “Miami” and “Washington D.C.” just like an American does.

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