Last updated: March 10, 2016

There Is No “Wonder Drug” That Provides Motivation



Recently, I wrote a post about Adrafinil.

I’ve had some people come back and rave about the experience and how much they got done.

Other people have said it was a “meh” experience. The thing is, I’m noticing a common trend with the people that had mediocre  experiences. And yes, I’m factoring in the fact that Adrafinil may not work for everyone, or cause a similar effect.

However, that common trend of people not seeing an effect has been them not having a plan.

Guys, there is no drug that gives you motivation.

(And if there is, I want it.)

Adrafinil helps you FOCUS.

So if your plan when you take Adrafinil is to sit around and wait for the inspiration to hit, I have a dose of reality to give you: you’re going to be sitting for a long time.

I mean seriously – did I not make it clear enough that you need to have a goal? Look at my results. These were obviously very lofty goals I’ve been trying to accomplish while on Adrafinil. I am not taking it and then staring into space hoping that an idea comes to me.

If you need a recap of what I accomplished:

  • I built my entire niche website, Types of Tequila and wrote the first 7 articles in about five hours on Adrafinil. You can read about it more here.
  • I wrote this massive self improvement post on Adrafinil.
  • I’ve used it to focus in and hunt down insane travel deals like my $1,800 flight that I paid $93 for.
  • I’ve started building my first online course, The Harem Handbook with the help of Adrafinil. This is the first time I’ve actually designed and built an online course and it’s cut my learning curve significantly.

So in case it wasn’t clear the first time.


That’s it.

So if you’re ready to take action, get some Adrafinil.

If you’re not, keep sitting around and waiting for shit to happen.

It won’t.

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  1. I agree nootropics are useful when you already have motivation and need to fight incompetent human traits like fatigue, etc. but I do believe if you can get your hands on shrooms (or any psychedelic for that matter) you would definitely consider them something that provides motivation.
    I’m assuming you haven’t tried them before, if you have, disregard.

    *And I am not encouraging anyone to do anything illegal! Be safe.

    1. You’re right – I’ve never touched drugs other than trying a weed brownie once.

      You’re saying shrooms help find motivation? Everybody I know who has taken them just goes and talks to their spirit god, or some shit…

      1. Yeah, I’ve taken them and i got in an argument with a tree. Theyre fun but didnt provide motivation.

        When i doubled the dose, I noticed an effect so that was part of it for me. Still wasnt amazing but it was better than the othinh effect i got after 1 pill.

  2. Nice article. You are right, there is no antidote to extreme laziness, at some point you have to take action. However Adrafinil does really help to focus and get the best out of your brain. To me this is a priceless feeling. If you are interested read more about my experience with Adrafinil :

  3. I didn’t take Adrafinil, but if it as any other wonder drug, then I will pass.
    It maybe harsh, but I think self discipline is best cure for laziness, cowardice and other human vices.
    If one has fit body, mind of steel and other benefits of self discipline, then maybe then he can consider taking some drugs, but honestly I suppose one would not need them by then.

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