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How to Do Niche Research For Your Niche Site (Live Case Study: #2 on a 201k Keyword)

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The best thing niche research is that there will always be a piece for everyone. There are opportunities, everywhere. From adult, to gambling.. To crypto. As long as there is a demand with a gap to fill. There will be money to be made.

Almost a year ago, I started on Bluehost. (with the help of Kyle’s PDFs) And I still manage to rank for #2 for a 201k search term as a BEGINNER. You can read about it here.

Here are the stats.

I went from:

918 page views in February,

1140 page views in March,


29,601 page views in August.

That’s a x32.

And with just 1 article pulling majority of the traffic.

I eventually sold this project on flippa (due to lack of interest & time) with only just 1 article + domain name sent to the buyer for $1,600.

It made $0 recurring income.

People often believe that if you are a beginner, all your ventures will fail.. Which is false.

What they need is a few solid fundamentals to jump start their journey.

A good niche, a small budget for links and a bit of copywriting will give you the advantage you need.

What should I focus on?

It depends!

Niche research might lead you to to a profitable niche. But keywords are what makes you profitable.

You can be in the the most profitable niche out there, with good backlinks & branding. But if you are targeting the wrong keywords.. You might not even get a return.

And even if you have the right niche, the right keywords, branding and link budget.. But your copywriting sucks. It wouldn’t convert.

You have to be good at a bit of everything.

What’s a good niche?

Here are some factors that I think matters, you don’t have to tick all the boxes – but it’ll be great to have 3-4 of them for your niche.

  • Increasing trend
  • High search volume
  • well-paid affiliate programs
  • A gap in knowledge to fill
  • Willingness to spend $ to solve the problem/hobby

So.. first things first.

Here are the things you should take into consideration, ranked from most important to least important.

Niche > keywords > on-site SEO/backlinks

There are other factors that matter too, they are not quite as significant but they do play a part.

For example, I started my site ( off with a guest post service building links to the home page(w/ an article on it), which takes out the difficulty of getting links in the long run. I can scale it up a notch again when I’m stuck on keywords, instead of trying to buy links that cost $150-400. I get each link for around $30-70 through a service and < $20 if you do it yourself.

I made sure I got a good domain before I entered this niche, which will definitely help when I sell the site in the future. Logo + theme layout matters for conversion rate too.

How do I find good domain names?

All my niche sites are built on domain names with 1-2 words in it. And it matters.

You will have a better rate at getting links, guest posts, click through rate for the serps and a better valuation when you sell your site.

Same goes for usernames on social media platforms.

  • Here’s 1 method I used to find &
  • I google for new words added to the dictionary.
  • Drop it in

Yep, that’s it. Simple right?

They add new words to the dictionary every month, you just have to search once in a while to get a few good ones.

Not all of them are worth registering, the ones that do are normally valued at $200-300 a piece.

Can you walk me through niche research?

Let’s talk about one of my sites.

The keywords are pretty much impossible to rank for, .gov on #2 is way too hard to outrank.

That’s the keywords I’m targeting for my home page article.

But those are not the keywords that make you money.. The user intent isn’t there!

What you are looking for is buyer intent keywords.

  • Best tool for gardening tools for composting
  • Best food recycler for composting

You get it right? I’ll only rank off niche-relevance.

Of course, there are better niches out there..
Easier keywords, better link opportunity. But you don’t need to have the perfect niche & keyword to start doing work. You just need an idea solid enough to scale.

Let’s talk about keywords.

Every keyword is different.The user intent is different, conversion rates and click through is different in every niche.

Here’s a general guide for user intent & keywords:

1 word keyword searches -> Generally just checking for typos, unsure what it is, looking to gain awareness

Question keyword searches -> Intent to solve a question/find an answer

Buyer’s intent keyword searches -> best/review variations. Looking for a product, you already know what you want to buy.

Product searches -> Looking for product awareness (It’ll be good if you still rank on the front page for those)

Eg. Vibrating panties with a search volume of 110k/monthly.

You don’t know they exist, you heard about them in a youtube video and decided to google. You see the first 2 pages on google are review pages. You click on it and do an impulse buy out of curiosity.

You get the idea.

Same concept applies for furniture/tools etc.

You can do a whole site, reviewing 1 product & their purpose.

Like insta pot, insta pot recipes, cooking ideas, ingredients etc.

And if anyone is still on the fence about SEO & link building..

Here’s the top ranking keyword for ‘instapot’.

The keyword peaked at 3 million a month, and if you ranked #1 for it.. How much $ do you think they’ll make?

The right keyword means EVERYTHING.

There are 1 time off keywords worth ranking for as well.

They tend to be seasonal, easy to rank for and hella profitable if you do it right.

It peaked at 6 million on February, it’s a easy source of income, you can spam the hell out of it since it’s a short term project.

Just reuse the content every year and change the dates.

You can do the same for events, short term coupons and even sex tape leaks.

I’m not really supportive on profiting off other people’s leaked sex tape but it’s still a niche you can get into.

How do I find profitable keywords?

Here’s one of the methods I use to find them.

I take the most taboo, disturbing things I can think of and wrote it down on a piece of paper and googled them one by one. Which eventually lead me to fetishes and found my niche!

My assumption is that: if it’s that disturbing/unethical, it’ll be controversial. If it’s controversial, there will be search volume. Look at the trend of it!

The fundamentals are the same.

If it is a taboo, people will search about it.

They will talk about it, they will join the community.

There will be tools, toys and products.

There’s a demand to fill.

I started my niche research in last November, registered the first domain name for the project on (2017-12-12) notice the trend of the keyword.

It peaked at 301k on June 2018, when I first started out it was around 165k search volume. That’s almost double the search volume. Now, I’m not saying everyone will find a niche like that..

But there’s a piece for you out there.

What if these niches aren’t for me?

I get that you need to have some amount of knowledge to write about many niches. You can write about things you are getting into, hobbies, fitness from a beginner’s perspective if you are not good with anything else.

You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to be of value.

But once you get stuck on an idea due to lack of knowledge. Just dive in and learn. You can start by getting yourself known out there by writing articles from a few backlinks, then start scaling up on the content on your own niche site.

The idea of getting a good niche isn’t just to make a few thousand dollars and then jump to the next one.

If it’s profitable and low competition, go all in.
You only have to win ONCE.

Find your angle and tell your story, it can be:

Obese to buff
Virgin to player
Broke to rich
Cystic acne breakout to perfect skin
High school dropout to 7 figure company

Can I build my niche site/business anonymously?


Definitely, a lot of the people I worked with in the adult niche catfish & use alias.
No one really wants to be associated in the media by their fetish.

But it’s easier to promote something, build connections & links if you put a face on it. There’s a certain amount of trust in that.
Best link building strategy is PR. There’s no doubt about that.

Be someone worth talking about, do things worth mentioning about.

But if you insist on using an alias or keeping it anonymous

You can use something like an AI made face like this.

Or just come up with a cartoon profile pic on fiverr. Here’s one I use that looks great.

Tools for niche sites:

  • Keywordrevealer – cheapest alternative, great for beginners
  • Kwfinder – $50/month but worth every penny
  • Answerthepublic – free
  • Ubersuggest – free
  • Serpstat – Great tool for day to day backlink analysis. If you are looking to buy links, this is the go-to tool to filter them. I use this pretty much on the daily.
  • Netpeak software – paid but cost effective, game changing to scrape expired domains.
    Have other uses as well (link building, in-depth SEO analysis and scraping)

    What do I do after picking out my niche?

Start doing keyword research, learn copywriting, build links and repeat.
No one has the perfect niche, but as long as you take action consistently, you’ll make money.

What’s an easy way to build links?

Testimonials, resource link building + 404 link reclamation.

PR if you are an ‘influencer’.

I personally find guest posting a waste of time, unless you have a guest post team in place you will not really get a good ROI on it.

Should I buy links for my niche site?

Yes and no.

You can’t really put a price on links, since the effects of your ranking will be determined by a lot of factors other than the link itself.

I would say not all links are valued the same. But according to a ton of link sellers,

Average DA 40 link cost $150-400.

My cheapest supplier goes around $100 for a link too.

niche research

A bulk of them are spammed with buyer’s intent anchor text, essay or gambling links. They take any article they can.. site quality goes down along with traffic overtime.

So unless you know what you are doing, it’ll be easier to just send out emails for links till you get the hang of it.

Know the market first, then buy links to streamline the process.



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