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Niche Sites vs. Dropshipping vs. Facebook Ads vs. etc.

“Kyle — niche sites are so not sexy. Dropshipping and Facebook ads FOR THE WIN brah.”

– More than one person

And you know what?

These people are right.

Niche sites are probably the most un-sexy way to make money online. They take time to get traction. They require consistent effort and fortitude. And, the ability to make fancy Shopify revenue screenshots doesn’t exist.

Side note: I found out recently that you don’t even need Photoshop to fake Shopify revenue screenshots. That’s right, you can literally just put in an order and mark it as paid.

Or, you can “Inspect Element” in Chrome and put in any random number you want ($118 million was the example used in the case I saw).

Pretty nifty lil’ trick if ya ask me.

Anyways, back to the point.

I don’t mean to brag, but niche sites make me more than enough money to ball out in Ukraine (and even many Western countries) without me having to lift a finger (except occasionally publishing to them when I desire). They’re so incredible, that most people overlook them. They just require a bit more patience to get going, as I stated.

There’s nothing sexy about them.

About writing product reviews.

Comparing products.

Doing SEO.

None of it is “fun”.

But you know what IS really fun?

Seeing deposits come into your accounts every day when you wake up, despite the fact that you haven’t logged into a site in months. No fussing around with spending enormous amounts on ads, no stress of dealing with suppliers from China, or any of the other hassles that plague the “Dropship brah” crowd.

So, all depends what you value.

If you’re the type of person who would rent a Lamborghini so you can post it on Instagram, you’re all about the sexy.

Therefore, niche sites, and of course, “Pro Niche Site” are not for you. Stay far away. Do not even think about reaching for your wallet.

Now, listen up, as this is important:

If you’re the type who doesn’t care about showing off to other people on Instagram…

And you care about RESULTS instead of SHOW…

Then, yes, niche sites might be a fit for you.

Moving on today…

A reader writes in to share:

Hey man, I just came across your page and I wanna say thank you. I have 30 days left before I quit my job and move to Thailand. I’ve decided I’m done with the 9-5 about a year ago and have saved up alot of money to start my own business online. I pull in a few dollars right now from a podcast/blog that I do, but I just came across your profile today and it gave me even more motivation. Thanks again!

You know, sometimes you just have to close your eyes, jump, and hope that there’s water in the pool.

The universe has a way of working things out when you take risks. I can’t explain it. I won’t even try. It just seems to me that if you go all-in on something — you make it happen. Sure, you may not take the exact path that you originally envisioned (I certainly didn’t think I’d be part of an olive oil company, for example), but you end up with a result you’re pretty happy with.

Again, though, that requires risk.

And risk requires balls.

Something else to ponder:

Women love entrepreneurs.

Men who take risks and out their balls on the line are attractive.

And there are far more millionaires who made their millions in entrepreneurship as opposed to say, a 9-5 job. Not that entrepreneurship is for everyone. I’ve tried to be clear about this since I began writing about business. Again, it’s not for everyone — far from it. But, if you have the itch to scratch, often times you need to scratch it.

Or else you go to your final resting place with a heavy dose of regret buried along with you.

Anyways, that’s my $0.02.

Major props to this reader for taking the leap of faith.

I sincerely hope it works out well for him.

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