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Niche Site Journal #3: Update & Reveal

Latest niche site update…if you just want the reveal, go to the bottom!

Journal 1: Building A Micro Niche Site: See It In Action

Journal 2: Micro Niche Site, Week 2: I’m #1 On Google!

Well guys, it’s February, and I promised that I would unveil my niche site. If you need a recap of what’s going on, I suggest browsing the two posts I linked above. If you want the cliff notes, I picked out a niche to try to rank high in Google, with the goal being to get a couple hundred dollars of Amazon sales a month (ideally within a couple of months of launching).

The goals at the start were:

  • 50 posts
  • 10 email subscribers
  • 1 post on the front page of Google
  • 1 sale

On January 11th, I posted this update:

Niche Site Goals as of 1/11

General Goals

Post Count: 13/50
Email Subscribers: 0/10
Posts on #1 Google page: 1/1
Total Traffic: 74 users, 115 sessions
Sales: $0

Cost So Far

  • $10 – Domain registration
  • $5 – Hosting
  • $5 – AWeber email
  • $25 – Facebook ads
  • $25 – StumbleUpon ads
  • Total: $70

Niche Site Goals as of 1/29

General Goals

Post Count: 18/50
Email Subscribers: 0/10
Posts on #1 Google page: 1/1*
Total Traffic: 168 users, 415 sessions, 1,647 pageviews
Sales: $0

* It’s hard to figure this out exactly without searching through Google for a lot of different queries. See screenshot below.

Cost So Far

  • $10 – Domain registration
  • $5 – Hosting
  • $5 – AWeber email
  • $13 – Facebook ads
  • $6 – StumbleUpon ads
  • Total: $33

So admittedly, I slacked off…a lot. I don’t have an excuse other than the fact that 50 posts in a niche site in one month was obviously way more work than I anticipated. I lost a lot of momentum when I started getting the traffic from Facebook and StumbleUpon, but didn’t get any sales. As of now, I still don’t have a sale. I’m a bit discouraged, but it must only be a matter of time.

In any case, time for the big reveal.

My niche website is…

And for good measure, here is one of my “foundation” posts about types of tequila (yes, that is a shameless back link).

Also, if you want to follow along on…

twitter av

I had zero intentions of doing any sort of social media with this niche site, but I talked myself into it when I saw that those usernames on Twitter and Instagram were available. They’re both catchy and I’ve actually had some decent engagement on there, but again I’m lacking motivation on this. I am hoping to pick up the pace significantly starting in about…oh, 9 days. When I have a HUGE announcement coming about my life and where my various websites are going.

Website Stats

Here is a breakdown of how I’m getting the traffic. As you can see, the bounce rate, session time, etc. is very good – and there is some organic searching and discovery that’s going on.


And here is a breakdown of various search terms of how people have found the niche site.


The real problem is that no one is really clicking enough yet. Since the ads stopped, I’ve been getting roughly 15-20 visitors a day, most through organic search. But you can see that the site is ranking well in Google. Especially one post…

#1 Google Rank

It’s for this post: How To Make A Little Dragon Cocktail

Here’s the proof:


Obviously, I’m pretty stoked about this part. At least it shows I’m doing this correctly, to an extent. I invested some money in some killer SEO software recently, and this website was really my first experience in actually applying what I learned. So far, it’s been money well spent – though in a perfect world, it would have already paid back my investment, heh.

But I’m a realist.

The likeliness that I’d already be bringing in sales after barely three weeks of launching and advertising is somewhat ridiculous.

What’s Next?

Like I said, a lot of things are going to be changing in my life on February 9th. Most of you likely have a pretty good idea by now, but I’ve refrained from officially announcing it due to the fact that I still have a job.

Once that date hits, the grind starts.

I just purchased my first business license today.

I am going to be working very hard on making it online, and Types of Tequila is just one small part of the equation.

Obviously, the fifty posts was not a realistic goal – at all. However, I’ll take that experience and learn from it accordingly.

As far as giving updates on it, I’ll make sure I give you guys an update every couple weeks, or at least monthly at a minimum. I got a lot of feedback on this, and it might not be the last niche site I build! All depends if I keep ranking and things start selling.

In any case, thanks for following this! And…feel free to share Types of Tequila 😉

Starting in just 3 days, I’m running a ‘How To Meet Girls Online’ Valentine’s Day special.

I’m putting this together with my friend, Masculine Profiles.

We’re launching this on Friday, February 5th but we will have a 24-hour early bird sale starting on the 4th.

It’ll be just $37 for all of the below on the first day, and going up to $47 after that. The sale will run up until Valentine’s Day.

For comparison, Cracking OkCupid is usually $20 alone, The Tinder Template is $10, and I charge $47 just for a profile review.

So it’s a helluva deal. Just click here to get on the early bird release list, and look for an email come February 4th for the flash sale.

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