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The Secrets to Success When It Comes to Dating Nicaraguan Women

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This guest post about Nicaraguan women is a guest post by Dating Dominican.

If you listen to the hearsay online, you’re likely to believe that all Nicaraguan women are pretty ugly. The girls here just don’t have a stellar reputation among travelers living and visiting Central America.

There’s good reason for that. The women in Nicaragua just aren’t as attractive as women in other Latin American countries. They’re not Bolivian ugly, but you’re bound to be disappointed if you’ve recently been in a place like Colombia or Brazil.

Many girls in Nicaragua look rather indigenous and the cuisine in the country doesn’t lend it’s hand to sexy bodies. Plus, the country is a bit behind the times with regards to gym culture, and there’s no plastic surgery to be had.

With all the negatives around, most guys give the country a skip for women and stick to tourism. While that’s fine, you should know that there’s some fine Nicaraguan women walking around. You just need to know where they’re hiding.

During my months in Nicaragua, I learned a few things about meeting women in this country. It’s harder than other places, but there’s a few major benefits, too. Mainly that the hottest women in Nicaragua aren’t used to dating foreigners, so your value is sky high.

Nicaraguan girls

What Are Nicaraguan Women Like?

Nicaraguan girls look more native than girls from countries like Costa Rica or Panama. The girls here have more indigenous blood and less European features. The diet here is awful and the gym isn’t that popular.

Around 70% of the country is Mestizos, with less European mixing than in neighbor countries. The average girl here looks more Peruvian than Colombian.

Now, I may have painted a picture of women in Nicaragua that’s dreadful. The reality is it’s not that bad. I met plenty of pretty attractive women in this country and you can, too.

The key is to go where the hot Nicaraguan girls are. This means using online dating, spending time in the capital, and going to the nicest nightclubs in the whole city. If you do these things, you’ll meet hot Nica girls.

If you stay in tourist areas and try to day game, you’ll probably think there’s not an attractive woman in the whole country. I didn’t see many good looking girls near the beaches or around Granada.

The looks may not be ideal for some Nicaraguan girls, but their personalities are second to none. The girls in Nicaraguan are as sweet as they come. These girls are caring, down to earth, and actually good humans in many cases.

There’s no such thing as a bitch shield in this country. Girls love talking to people from other countries, especially if you can speak some Spanish.

English levels aren’t great in Nicaragua unless the girl works in tourism or is upper-class. So, you’ll need to practice some Spanish before you go.

Where to Meet Nicaraguan Girls?

Nicaragua isn’t like Panama. You’ll find more than one city to meet girls in the country. While the capital is the absolute best, a few others can get the job done, too.

Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, is the country’s biggest city and the absolute best place to meet Nicaraguan girls. The city is home to well over one million people, which gives you the best chance to meet a sexy girl.

You’ll find a decent amount of English speakers in Managua, along with the best looking girls, nicest clubs, and even a small modeling scene. While it can be good, the downside is that Managua is a shitty city and there’s not a lot to do here.

Outside the capital, you have a few options. I wasn’t impressed with the talent in Granada, a popular stop for backpackers. The city is ok sized, but the women just aren’t as attractive as others in Nicaragua. Not good.

Leon was better. This popular expat haven has decent looking women. They’re not as hot as the Ticas, but much better than Granada and even better on average than Managua. There are more high-end women in Managua.

For underrated places to meet Nicaraguan women, check out Esteli and Matagalpa. Both cities have around 150,000 residents and supposedly offer some of the best looking women in the country.

San Juan del Sur is a tourist hotspot, but it is not a good place to meet Nicaraguan women.

Nicaraguan women

How to Seduce Nicaraguan Girls

It’s time to talk about what you came here for.

How to seduce Nica girls.

I’ll focus most of this part on Managua, as that gives you the best opportunities.

Below you’ll find everything about getting laid in Nicaragua.

#1: Online Dating In Nicaragua

There aren’t that many women that use online dating in Nicaragua. While you won’t have strength in numbers, this is one of the few countries where the women look better online than they do at the mall or in-person during the day.

Start off by using Tinder. You’ll find upper-class women use the app here and gringo hunters. The quality is better than any nightclub in the country on average. You should be able to get some dates in Managua here.

If you plan to stay in Managua for a few weeks or months, then you’ll get great value out of signing up for Latin American Cupid. There’s over 100+ girls in Managua on the site every month and many of them are cute. They love foreigners.

I’d also recommend Latin American Cupid if you’re going to cities like Matagalpa, as your value will be high with the 20+ girls on the site. You can message girls who have been active in the past three months in places like this and still get responses.

#2: Night Game

Nightlife is surprisingly good in Nicaragua, especially in Managua and Leon. In Managua, you have a number of solid nightlife venues Thursday through Saturday. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • El Chaman
  • Galerias Santo Domingo
  • El Bunker

El Chaman is the best club in all of Managua. It’s massive and popular with university students. Thursdays are amazing and Saturdays are good.

Galerias Santo Domingo is a nightlife zone in Managua and there usually is something going on here on a Friday or Saturday. Lots of restaurants, bars, and clubs. Just know that Nicaraguans like karaoke a lot. I have absolutely no idea why.

El Bunker is a bar in the back of a popular hostel in Managua. It’s about as chic as it gets in Managua and you’ll find a lot of English speaking women here. Good place to meet people and make plans for later in the evening.

Foreigners have a ton of value in Managua, so your approaches at night should be well-received if you have a little game and speak some Spanish.

What About Day Game in Nicaragua?

You won’t find many attractive women anywhere in the city during the day. Unless you can sneak onto a university, there’s just nowhere to hit on women during the day. You might see one or two hot women over the course of 3-4 hours at the mall in Managua.

If you’re determined to try, then give Metrocentro a shot and let me know how many attractive women you can talk to in a few hours. I’m betting on zero.

Stick with online dating and nightlife in Nicaragua.


Dating Nicaraguan Women

Once you’ve met a girl in Nicaragua, you’ll usually take her on a date. One night stands aren’t common in the culture here. I found I either got the bang on date one or three in Managua. The girls in Nicaragua are either gringo hunters and will put out quick. Or they are pretty conservative and will take at least three dates.

The girls that take three dates can be incredibly sweet, though. Don’t discount them just because you have to wait.

The best date spots are found in Zona Hippos, a bar district in the center of the city. Drinks are cheap here and it’s safe to move from bar to bar without issue.

If you have a high-end girl, the bar at the Intercontinental Hotel is fancy and the drinks are fairly priced. This date usually ends with the girl in the bed, as the bar here is one of the fanciest in the whole country. The model I banged in Nicaragua was solely due to this bar and copious amounts of sangria.

The Ultimate Guide to Dating Nicaraguan Women

I don’t recommend going to Nicaragua solely for the women. There are far better countries for that, like Brazil or Poland. Come to Nicaragua if you’re looking for adventure at an amazing price.

Nicaraguan women should be a consolation prize.

Enjoy the beaches in Nicaragua, take part in a little ecotourism, and then date a few Nicaraguan girls on the side. They might not be the best looking women you’ve met in your life, but they more than make up for it with their caring attitudes and pleasant worldview.

PS: If you plan to stay in the country for more than a few weeks, you’ll want to sign up for Latin American Cupid.

Just click here to learn more about the easiest way to meet girls in Nicaragua!

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