Last updated: March 4, 2016

Never Hold Her Purse



When a girl asks you to do something, whether it be picking her up when she’s too drunk at the bar,  helping her move, or generally just asking for your assistance with anything, be aware, it’s fully a way of testing you and seeing how compliant you are.  How much control she has over you.  How wrapped up you are in HER reality.  It needs to be vice versa if you want her pussy to still be moist with lubrication.  With that being said, I have a simple formula to use anytime you encounter a “what should I do?” situation with a lady.

Ask yourself: if she was one of my good buddies, what would I do?

If a buddy called me at 3am drunk, and asked me to drive 15 miles to pick him up, would I do it?  Fuck no.  I’d tell his ass to get in a cab.  If a girl called me in the same situation pre-Red Pill days, I would’ve immediately gotten into my car and picked her up.

If a buddy asked me to help him move in exchange for pizza and beers, and gave me enough notice, I’d do my best to help him.  Same applies to a girl.  This is one of those manly things that can be beneficial.  Just make sure the pizza and beer is being exchanged.

If a buddy’s dog died, I’d bring him over some beers.  If a girl’s dog died, I’d probably bring her chocolate.

If a buddy asked me to get up off the couch while watching TV and get him a beer, I’d laugh in his face.  Pre-Red Pill, if a girl asked me, I would’ve been happy to do so.  Now, I’d tell her to stop being a lazy ass and to make me a sandwich while she’s in the kitchen.


See where I’m going with this?  It isn’t necessarily another way to immediately be an asshole to girls.  As you can see from the above examples, it’s all about balance.  It’s simply a way of testing yourself and keeping yourself in check.  When you first start on the path of making panties wet, you don’t have time to think about these things.  But, if you’re spinning plates as you should be, then eventually you start to notice the patterns and tells, and they will become ingrained into your brain.  You’ll know where your “line” is.  If you feel emasculated or like a servant to a woman because she puts demands on you to do things for her, THERE IS A REASON YOU FEEL THAT WAY.  That is your biological spidey sense signaling to your subconscious that your option to procreate with a girl is closing shut as her labia lips curl inwards.

Oh, and NEVER hold her purse.  There is no exception to that one.

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  1. Had a girl ask me to hold her purse while she went to the bathroom….. I just said no and walked to my bathroom. In reality they do want to see what they can get away with and it’s one of those things where they really want the opposite of what they say.

  2. Have you seen this yet? Perfect example of how this can go so horribly wrong:
    My jaw dropped when this situation played out before my eyes. Every time this boy came to visit his gf he would always walk out carrying her purse, keys, Starbucks, and anything else she could pile on top of him hahah. This is great advice, few things are more emasculating than becoming a girl’s lap dog. However, can’t count the number of times I’ve seen this kind of dynamic – more men need to take a step back, read your blog, realize what they’ve become, and regain their dominance haha

  3. The difference here is that your not trying to have sex with your ‘good buddy’, but your ARE trying to have sex with your girlfriend, right? Also, my boyfriend leaves his wallet and gun and other random shit in my purse that I carry for him all the time. That’s part of the give and take in relationships, dumbass.

    1. I think the point is not to be controlled by a woman’s “sex”. But I would drive a drunk girlfriend at 3am so I don’t see why a friend of mine wouldn’t do it for me. I’d hold a guy friend’s bag/murse/whatever so why shouldn’t he do it for me? This one is a little crude, with the making of wet panties line.

  4. Well that MIGHT work for simple minded low self esteem girls. BUT if my husband at any point in our relationship acted anyway like this. Well one, he wouldn’t have made it long enough to become my husband. And second, he would have never gotten into my pants. If you aren’t going to make your woman feel special/loved then why in the hell would she want to do the same for you? What exactly are you doing to deserve getting in her pants? Sounds to me like your just yet another lazy, worthless, asshole on this planet. Reminds me of my POS brother in law. My husband does just about anything I ask him. And I do ASK, never demand. And I honestly from the bottom of my heart appreciate everything he does for me. So in return I try and do anything I can to make him happy. You really need a new prospective.

      1. HA!!! You are truly pathetic. I know I’m not ugly. From experience. Its truly sad you would try to demeanor me as a feeble attempt to attack me. lmao!!! And out of ALL my pix you wanna sit there and call me hideous. I know I have LOTS of way better pix on there. lol My husband finds me gorgeous and honestly that is all that matters. Whats even worse, on your part, is I simply made a statement about how you treat girls. I say girls cuz no real woman in her right mind would give a POS like you a second look. And also just proves my point even more so. Even as “hideous” so you say, my man still treats me like a Queen. And yes, I have a MAN unlike a BOY such as yourself. But whatever. Funny how you don’t even show your own face on your shit. Says something about you. Why don’t you pull up some of my other pix? Why don’t you go and read some of the comments on pretty much all my pix. See how many you read that says how beautiful MANY other’s see me. You truly are something to laugh at. WOW!!!!! Sad sad sad. lol I’m done entertaining your immature, childishness. Grow up.

        1. You’re welcome to post more pictures of yourself. Obviously comments from your friends are simply a way to make you feel good about yourself.

          My blog says, “Lies of society, exposed.” Well, I’m exposing your friends lies. Any quality man (like the guys who read my blog) wouldn’t even give you a pity fuck.

  5. Quid pro quo sex is nothing more than prostitution, and I don’t date whores. The first time you try to manipulate me with sex will be the last time you ever see me.

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