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A good and fair response came in from a reader regarding my email on Monday about the 46-year-old dood looking for a Christian Ukrainian woman.

(You can read a modified version version of that email here.)

The reader response reads as follows:

Hi Kyle, in all friendship and respect, I believe the advice you gave in that email was not entirely accurate.

This guy is 46: (Blackdragon Blog) and he hooks up with girls in their twenties.

Granted, maybe not Christian virgins. Anyway, his advice on dating and relationships is solid gold. Definitely a good idea to check it out.

So, my answer…

Of course it’s possible.

Heck, how old was Mr. Hefner? He was still getting it on with girls in their 20s…pretty much anything is possible. However, I generally make the fair assumption that if I’m being written in for advice about how to get a girl in a foreign country from an older guy…he probably, in most cases, does not have the skills or game to make it work in America, and likely has little overall.

Nothing personal, of course.

And yes, I’m making mass generalizations.

Because they’re often true and helpful for getting to the bottom of a problem.


And of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

Much like every man, for his special snowflake, has a, “Not all women are like that” argument, NA[X]ALT is generally a complete fallacy. Of course there are exceptions to every rule! The world wouldn’t work otherwise. Regardless, at the bottom of it all, it’s hard to ignore the biological programming that is built into both men and women.

Can you imagine why?

Mostly because we humans have been around for a very long time, but the modern world is very new.

That’s why concepts such as “feminism” and “women being men” just don’t work.

Because our biological programming is rooted in thousands of years of evolution…

And can’t be undone in a matter of a couple of decades.

Anyways, this was a very long-winded way of saying that – yes – older men can get younger women, but you really have to have your shit together, and if you’re writing in for advice about how to find a religious woman online it’s often fair to say you don’t have your shit together.

Nothing wrong with that, of course…

Just reality.

And, reality is where we live here at Trouble.

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