Last updated: May 14, 2014

My Job & Location Independence



As I’ve discussed before, I’m in the field of computers.  The below is exactly what I look like:


Thankfully, I’m kidding.

Recently though, an opportunity arose at work.  A position opened up in a higher engineering department than where I am.  It’s probably the most difficult department that exists in our company, with the most product knowledge and troubleshooting skills needed.  I’d be busy all 8 hours at work with high profile clients, it will be stressful, the raise is only 10% from my current position, and the scope of work is so difficult it will likely take a year before I’m capable of being truly solo, and two to three years before I can really say I know the products and systems well.  So why the hell would I take go after this?

In two years, I can work remotely from anywhere.

I don’t think I want to live in California my whole life, much less America.  This opportunity, if I were to get it, would allow me to work anywhere in the world that I had a power source and Internet connection.  This means I could move to a second-tier European country with a less shitty society, with a salary paying me well over $100,000/year.

With that being said, a couple years where my social life would stay the same, with a little more stress at work, wouldn’t that be worth it?  Fuck yeah.  I don’t want to be a slave to someone forever, but I could go to other countries and be in the very top level of earning power.  I make good money here by any standards, but I live in one of the most expensive cities in the country.  $1,400 a month on rent eats away a lot of fun money, but my lifestyle requires my own place.

I’d be 25, be location independent, with a great career/salary and by then I’d hope I’d be raking in some side money off of this blog or whatever products I put out in the next year or so (shhhhhh ;)).

The skills I’d also develop would allow me to get a job anywhere.  In my field, there’s really three parts to the environments I support.  Big data systems, switches, and the hosts that write the data.  I would have a thorough understanding of all three, from both hardware and software perspectives.  I would be able to perform a thorough analysis of their entire technology/data environment from point-to-point for basically any company in the world.

And THAT pays a lot of money and gives you a lot of flexibility as to where you live.  I’ll be applying for the position and will keep you loyal readers posted as to what happens in the coming weeks.

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    1. Im in San Diego. San Fran is definitely more expensive, but I’d wager San Diego is right behind NYC, SF, Miami, LA, and DC.

      It’s definitely not most expensive but I’d consider it “second tier”.

          1. Yes sir!

            Manhattan or bust.

            I’d be there right now if I didn’t have such a badass job. I get paid to travel to Latin America for work and my job is in a part of my industry that can never be replaced by a computer or Taj from India.


          2. Always dreamed of Manhattan, man. I’ve seen daygame videos of that place and I want it. At the same time…I see daygame in some European countries as just as good, but significantly cheaper. San Diego is definitely a bro-fest.

            Taj from India? You mean “Bob” from India, right? Hah. What do you do?

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