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My First Adventure Into Krav Maga

For those not familiar with it, Krav Maga is a form of martial arts.  Originally from Israel, it’s a form of self defense that is based around offense.  That is, you kill the fucker before they kill you, by being aggressive and striking out.  It’s pretty intense once you get to the higher levels, which I’ve seen.  To me, what differentiates Krav Maga from other forms of self defense is that it’s not really for “sport,” so to speak.  For example, a Jiu Jitsu master could probably beat the shit out of most people once they’re on the ground.  But what does a master have against someone on the street; the buddy of the guy on the ground, who happens to be wielding a knife?  There’s nothing he can do about getting stabbed in the back.  Krav Maga is different in that the goal is to beat the shit out of someone and never even give them a chance to get you to the ground.

I went to a school located in a shitty area of San Diego – I felt like I needed to have Krav Maga training to be walking through that part of town to the gym.  The instructors were splendid.  We did a quick warm-up, which was easy as cake for me…not so easy for all the fatties in the class. 

After this, we broke into pairs and started sparring.  I had this tiny little Asian girl who weighed no more than 110 pounds.  We learned some techniques about blocking punches, defending against knives, and then how to disarm them.  I really enjoyed the class, especially this being my first venture into any sort of self defense.  I decided it was worth trying a free class to see if it was something I wanted to pursue further.

I really do want to pursue this further and become skilled, and I know I’d be damn good at it, but I simply don’t know if I’m willing to put $150 a month towards it.  That’s three times the cost of my gym membership.  While I think self defense is a great confidence booster and would make me feel good – I don’t know if I can justify the cost and the time spent.  It’s a solid 20-25 minute drive to the place.  If I wanted to get my money’s worth, that’s three times a week I’d need to go.  It also takes away several nights a week from me.  I am planning on moving closer to that area though (ten minutes) in about three months.  If I decide not to pick it up now, I will definitely be giving it a shot then.

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