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The Real Reasons Why Most “Influencers” Make Nothing

Comes a question from someone new to the online business game…

Hey Kyle,

When you talk about niche sites I understand what you mean but could you give me just a few examples of what you mean.

I guess what I’m trying to get a handle on is if you are talking about site where someone like myself would write content in a blog to try and pick up members and memberships over time or if you are talking more about retail sites in specialty sites where someone who isn’t a great writer like my self to start to earn a passive and possibly larger stream of income? 

1. A niche site, in a nutshell, in my own definition:

“A website with a specific theme designed to have readers make a purchase, with the commission going to the owner of said website.”

It’s really that simple, doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

Of course, people like to make it more complicated, because, well, people.

2. As far as trying to “get members”, no way, no way…

That’s a ton of work that most people new to online business shouldn’t even attempt to do.

You see people failing at this all the time on Instagram, for example. All these “influencers” fighting for eyes, trying to get people to join their premium Snapchat or whatever else they’re selling on a given day.

  • If you think about it, why would it work?
  • What makes them a special snowflake?
  • The answer is probably nothing.

Simply put, most people are happy to look but not buy.


That’s why influencers are often poor as dirt. They haven’t bothered to learn how to persuade or influence anyone. They just upload a picture and hope that it, and it alone, is enough to influence people to take action. It’s really a poor system, with little scale other than social media algorithms (and luck), and as soon as another platform comes along to take over (and they always do), they’re out of a “job”. And obviously, the system favors the prettiest people, or the richest (or at least the ones who are faking it best).

That’s why, in my humble and [completely] biased opinion, niche sites are a great way to get started in the online business game.

Because once your site is up, it’s not going anywhere.

It actually only gets better with age, provided you put a little work into it (an hour or two a month is enough).

But, they are not sexy.

And yes, they do take a lot of time to get going.

Me thinks that is time better spent than on taking Instagram butt pics, though.

Anyways, if you want over 5 examples of my actual niche sites, they’re inside “Pro Niche Site”. Simply navigate to the “bonuses” section of the course and you’ll be linked right to them.

Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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Rob - May 28, 2019

nice article, I think that definition is really good and keeps it short and to the point. On a side note, it seems crazy that you have so much niche site content and resources on here and still get e-mails like this..I guess nobody reads anymore it seems like

    Kyle Trouble - May 28, 2019

    Reading? What’s that? 😉


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