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About a month ago I dubbed a post, “Los Angeles Is Not That Bad – Seriously“, in which I laid out the groundwork for being a successful player in Los Angeles. I’d also recommend you read this post to see the kind of success I’m having here in Los Angeles.

With that being said, a couple of fellow men in Los Angeles chimed in on that thread. I’ve been meaning to post their responses because they’re both excellent.

Again, the post can be found here.

Chef wrote:

Finally some much needed positivity in the LA dating scene. It’s summer and this city is poppin. You won’t do well with the regular routes: formal dates and getting phone numbers in the clubs, but I can vouch that Trouble’s methods work.

I would add on to:

Dates: Only local spots that are a 5 minute walk from your place and is ideally a wine bar. If you’re spending more than $20 for two drinks at one place and then bouncing for another round at your pad, you’re doing it wrong. You can see Mike’s apprehension on spending cash in the previous comment.

Logistics: Have an extra parking spot for her. When you stumble to look for street parking for 10 minutes, it kills the mood

My 2 cents: Get good at Day game. Have you walked around Santa Monica or the Grove on a Saturday afternoon? Lots of cuties, often by themselves or with a friend, that won’t mind giving their digits to a charming gentleman. Plus those numbers are strong, and will most likely lead to dates…as opposed to 99% of the digits you get on a weekend evening. One particular afternoon I got 4 digits, and that led to two dates that week. Girls showed up excited to meet me after telling their girlfriends all week about the guy with balls who talked to them and smoothly closed.

Like Trouble says, if you’re not getting girls in this city, it’s your fault. Change your methods and listen to dudes who are getting it done.

Just a few things to chime in on this…

Five minutes may be pushing it for a good venue. Some (read: most) can’t afford logistics like that. Ten or fifteen minutes won’t kill that because then it’s only a three minute drive. Which goes hand in hand with his following point about the parking spot. Put your car on the street and leave your spot open. This has saved me a couple of times.

Also, wine bars are legit. They’re classy. They’re often affordable. And, it’s so easy to befriend the bartender. It’s not a loud club where they can’t hear you. Go in a half hour before the date and bullshit. You’ll be shocked how easy it is to make friends with them.

Mike chimed in:

You’ll appreciate LA the most when you see girls in other cities, SF, DC, the Northwest, etc. It really is at the height of the hottest girls in the world, but of course that brings all the same baggage with it.

So right with girls wanting an “experience.” If you have a reliable system, it runs itself. (I’m in DTLA so there is a lineup of certain bars to use on dates, with rooftops/ adventure type game in the mix). The harder part is getting through the flakes and wishy-washiness. 90% of LA game is getting a girl to show up. Your reports are always good to provide insight on that portion of LA game.

Also agree on dating, actually went on a formal date rather than the usual meetup/hookup/etc. The night was in the bag, but I was so turned off by the notion of paying for everything I’m pretty sure I subconsciously blew it up at the end by hitting on another girl at the bar and getting her number. Laughing about it at the end didn’t help either, but F going that path again.

I grew up in NorCal and am not fond of the place. I’m interested in checking out some of the Pacific Northwest cities as a weekend blitz kind of deal, like I recently did with Montreal. But Mike really did hit the nail on the head – just get them out. Seriously. That is your one mission. Dates are easy in comparison to wading through the bullshit to actually get a girl out.

You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard. Girls should be excited to go out on a date with a fine gentlemen. But sadly, this isn’t 1950 1990 2005. Social media ADD is in full force. Finding a real life partner who makes them happy is so low on these girl’s priority lists. Love is below Twitter followers, Instagram followers, Facebook friends, Snapchat friends, selfie sticks…you get my point.

Overall, great advice in these comments. Los Angeles is doable. What is your experience in the city?

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