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How Quickly Money Disappears In A Foreign Country



Pictured above: Krakow, Poland – my first stop when I moved abroad.

Reader Kev weighs in with reply to my recent email about attempting to save ~$20,000 before making the leap to a foreign country:

“I think the six months living expenses rule is a solid target, so $20k depending where you are. Some guys (Roosh) save that and never touch it, but some guys burn right through it. Depends on your situation, but better to be safe than sorry in my opinion.

P.S. loving the reader Q&A’s, shows social proof and provides great content”

It’s all going to be very dependent on the lifestyle you want to live.

Let me give you an example:

It was my friend’s birthday here the other week, and he wanted to get bottle service at one of the major clubs here in Kiev, Ukraine – CHI by Decadence. It’s a really nice place, too, you can check it out for yourself at this link:

(Even has a helicopter landing pad for the oligarchs, should they want to pop in…)

Anyways, he called the place up and asked what the minimum spend was to get a table.

The answer?

12,000 Ukrainian hryvnia, which is just shy of $500 USD.

Not bad at all, especially given that there was a handful of us, it’s the highest end place in the city, and the fact that we could get…well, a lot of booze at that price point.

But get this:

Imagine if you were just moving abroad and had $20,000 stashed away. Let’s say you managed to get your living expenses down to $1,200/month (unlikely). And because you just moved abroad, and you’re enamored with all the hot girls and relatively cheap prices, you start popping bottles at CHI three times a month. All of a sudden, you’re spending $150 every other week or so, and you’ve just increased your cost of of living by a considerable percentage.

Not so good now, is it?

The point I’m making:

You could easily blow through $20,000 faster than it takes Thanos to snap his fingers.

If you haven’t listened to it already, find out if $20,000 is really enough to get you abroad (or not)…

I know that when I first went abroad, blowing $150/night just simply wasn’t an option. But that first move to Poland…I was sharing a one bedroom apartment with a friend, trying to take girls to the cheap $1 vodka places as often as I could, and generally just trying to be very frugal.

It sucked.

That said, your best bet is to always just make more money.

Life is simply easier that way…

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