Last updated: September 30, 2017

Now You Can Have Insane Productivity Too (The Modafinil Log)

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Let’s face it, the cat’s outta the bag regarding Modafinil. Everybody knows about the wonderdrug which makes you incredibly focused and motivated. Something I’ve noticed missing from this all though is real life examples. I’ve been keeping a bit of a “Modafinil Log” as of late and figured I’d share one.

Yes, I’m on it right now 🙂

Here’s what I accomplished in about 5 hours while on Modafinil. I’ve decided to keep some sort of log.

It’s no write-a-book-in-1-day production but let’s take a look.


I wrote a post for my friend Mark at Naughty Nomad—5 Observations From My First Year As A Nomad.

The post itself hasn’t run yet, but it’s a good one. Rest assured I’ll send a link out to it once it goes live over on Mark’s site.


I wrote this post that appeared at Return of Kings and later on this blog as well.

There’s a common mantra out there told to the fellas who are just beginning their journey of self-improvement: “Fake it ’til ya make it.”

Which is all fine and dandy, but it can be a difficult adjustment when you actually make it. Things change as you develop into a well-rounded and confident man. Today, we’re going to talk about how your interactions with girls change as you continue to improve who you are as a man. The same things you say to a girl when you are just starting to work on yourself will not go over the same way two years later (assuming you’ve improved significantly).

Of course, you’ll also hear that game is game, and that it works universally. This is true, but this is assuming that you stay the same. Once you start to grasp the concepts as to why your tactics must evolve, it will make sense.


If you’ve ever done video editing, you know it’s kind of a pain in the ass. Add in the fact that I recorded the audio separately from the video and had to sync them together, and you can probably imagine what I went through.

Click here to watch the video.


And yeah, I did two videos.

Click here to watch 5 observations from Slovakia.


“So You Wanna Be The Greatest?”


And yes, that niche site domain is purchased and it’s going up live today (next on my to-do list!).


I wouldn’t say this is a super productive day on Modafinil, about average for me. Of course, I’m not factoring in the other things I simply do on a daily basis—write emails to individuals and my list, interact a bit on Twitter, and other general day-to-day tasks that come with running a business.

Hopefully this Modafil log gives you a bit of an insight as to what can be accomplished on an “average” day.

And yes, I’m logging what I’m doing today and will be happy to share it.

PS: In the meantime…

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PPS: I wrote King’s Code in one day on Modafinil.

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  1. I’m a writer for The Blacksphere and came across your piece on Modafinil. I am interested to know if this is a Rx you’ve obtained, how much you take to obtain “results”, and any downsides to your “legal speed” type experience. Yes, I realize there are not really all the speed attributes in Modafinil;) Any experience with the newer “generic” form?

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