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I saw an ad for Mixxxer the other day. Then I read this article, that made me chuckle.

However, there’s a new app just for hooking up that those seeking casual sex can use instead. You can avoid any confusion and get straight to the point.

Yes, because Tinder is such a serious “dating” app. Case in point here. And here.

The funniest part about Mixxxer is that even though every website writes that it’s an app – a search for it in the app store yields no results, nor, when you navigate to it on a mobile interface, is there an option to download an app. There’s plenty of junk sites on the Internet advertising cheap and easy sex, and I’ve never heard of a single guy actually getting laid on them. If you’re a dude and you have had success on sites advertising solely for sex, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

hot redhead

In any case, there’s a few things I find wrong with what I’ve seen so far.

1.) If they’re trying to “outdo” Tinder – which is 90% hookup, 10% “dating”, then it needs to be easier to use than Tinder. From a quick glance at their site, it’s more work to sign up for Mixxer than Tinder, which is as simple as authorizing Facebook for use.

2.) People have major ADD these days, and having to do more than swipe right or left is really, really taxing on those attention spans.

2.) I just found out there’s a $7/month subscription fee.

Mixxxer, you lose. While I predict that someday there will be an app that surpasses Tinder, much like how Facebook murdered MySpace, that time isn’t now.

If you want to use a real dating site, check out OKCupid.

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