Last updated: April 24, 2017

Why You Might Need a Vacation



This last week taught me a lot—and that’s funny, because I didn’t really do anything.

For the last year and change, I’ve worked pretty damn hard. It’s rare that I’ve ever really shut my brain off. If I’m not writing, I’m thinking about a new product to produce.

If not that, I’m actively participating in social media to bring in traffic.

Or I’m designing a new niche site.

Perhaps I’m working on a new book, fiddling with graphics, or editing.

Either way, I have not actually stepped outside of my little business world for a very, very long time. It was a long time coming, and I’m glad I did it. You see, for the last week and change I hung out with my sister and…well, didn’t do much.

I even missed a couple of days of posting here at This Is Trouble—almost unheard of! But I learned something about myself, which is:

I can’t go balls to the wall forever.

And frankly, you probably can’t either. We tend to get very, very caught up in the day-to-day grind. And not to mention, nearly every internet entrepreneur out there is saying stuff like, “Get up at 5am, work 16 hours every day for 5 years and you’ll make it!” (I might be a bit guilty of this, though I hope it’s not that extreme).

Even the strongest steeds still need time to recuperate. Bodybuilders take days off in the gym. Donald Trump probably goes to his beach hotels once in a while.

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t always maintain the strict standards you set for yourself.

Give yourself a rest.

Then get back to it.

I scheduled today as the day to get back to work. So far, I’ve…

  • Bought domain + designed site + made 3 videos for a new project
  • Wrote 2 email newsletters
  • Edited 1 post on my newest niche site (that I built in 1 day)
  • Wrote 1 post

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