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Mexican Girls | The 10 Step Guide to Having Sex In 2020

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When it comes to Latinas, Mexican girls are often neglected. Ask any man where the sexiest Latin women come from, and he will undoubtedly say “Colombia” or “Brazil.”

This is a guest post from my My Latin Life.

And, while there’s no denying that women from these countries are stunning, Mexican girls can definitely hold their own.

That, accompanied by the fact that it’s only a few hours flight from most major American cities, makes Mexico one of the best (and underrated) countries for men who are interested in Latinas.

With that in mind, here is our 10-step guide to banging Mexican girls. These simple tips should help you navigate the cultural barriers and have you sleeping with beautiful Mexican chicas in no time whatsoever.

#1: Learn Some Spanish


If you want to bang high quality Mexican girls, you’re going to have to know some Spanish. The key phrase here being high quality; the truth is, you’ll still be able to hook-up with a “gringo-hunter” if the only word you know is “hola.” However, if you really want access to hotter Mexican women and to set yourself apart from other travelers, you are going to need to get the basics down.

Luckily for you, Spanish is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. It would be wise to invest in a couple months of practice through a program like Rocket Spanish before you book that flight. Believe me, the return on investment will be worth it.

#2: Use Online Dating

To generate the most leads possible to increase your chances of hooking up with Mexican girls, you absolutely must use online dating. Seriously. If you’re not already using some form of Internet dating website or app, it’s the single biggest change you can make to expand your options with Latinas.

In Mexico, the best dating sites by far are Mexican Cupid and Tinder.

Both sites offer an abundance of good-looking Latinas to choose from. Before you head south of the border, sign up for an account with each of them, make sure your photos are on point and start messaging the ones you like. You’ll be off to the races.

#3: Meet Them Before You Go


One of the best ways to ensure that you bang as many Mexican girls as possible is to remember to set up dates and build up some rapport with different girls before you get to the country. This is especially true if you only plan on being in Mexico for a short time. Talking to girls before you arrive and having a few options already at your disposal when you touch down will help combat flaking, and will give you a better idea of what girls to focus on so you don’t end up wasting time on false leads.

Fortunately, Mexican Cupid allows you to talk to girls in Mexico regardless of your geographic location. If you play it right, you can have a harem waiting for you upon your arrival!

#4: Find Your Niche

Just like American girls, there are many different types of Mexican girls. It’s important to find out what kind you like, and what kind likes you. Believe me, this will save you a lot of effort.

For instance, if you like doing tequila shots with hipster girls and find that you can pick them up easier than, say, punk rocker girls, you are probably going to want to focus your attention on hipster bars and nightclubs rather than underground punk shows. When you arrive to a new city in Mexico, be sure to find out where the nightspots are where you’re likely to do the best with Mexican women.

That being said, don’t paint yourself into a corner! Just because you have failed to pick up posh girls in the past doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying if that’s what you want.

True players can get with girls from all walks of life.

#5: Avoid Hostels


In order to sleep with Mexican girls in Mexico, it is best to have your own place.

This is for a few reasons.

First of all, the fact that you can afford to rent your own apartment is a signal of higher social value. Second of all, there are not many girls that are comfortable with being banged in a mixed dorm with 7 other people…and the ones that are, you don’t want anything to do with.

If you’re serious about meeting Mexican women, pony up a few more bucks and rent a hotel or an Airbnb.

#6: Dress To Impress

One of the easiest ways to stand out to Mexican girls in a positive way is to dress well. Let’s just say that the bar for style is pretty low, among both locals and foreigners. For instance, your typical backpacker in Mexico will be dressed in cargo shorts and an ill-fitting graphic tee shirt.

The simple act of putting on a casual blazer and a decent pair of shoes will put you ahead of 95% of the male population.

When most men go abroad, they tend to pack their worst clothing – things that they wouldn’t lose sleep over if they forgot them in a hotel room. Don’t be one of these guys. Just because you’re in another country does not excuse you from looking like shit.

#7: Be Dominant


If a Mexican girl is going to sleep with you, she has to respect you as a man. In order for her to respect you as a man, you are going to have to be dominant.

What do I mean by dominant?

Basically, it boils down to confidence. Look her in the eye when you talk to her, stand up straight and be firm when it calls for it. On dates, dictate what you guys are going to do. Always be decisive. Keep in mind that being dominant is different than being aggressive. Guys in Mexico can be rather aggressive in bars and nightclubs, so mimicking that approach here isn’t going to work in your favor. Instead, take more of an indirect approach when pursuing Mexican women. But when it comes time to take her out on a date, show her who is in charge.

This extends to the bedroom as well.

If you want to start meeting Mexican women, click here.

#8: Choose The Right Mexican Cities

Mexican Girls

Something you might not know:

There are some Mexican cities where it’s incredibly easy to get laid.

Other cities?

Not so much.

If you expect to be banging scores of Mexican girls in a small, traditional village in the state of Oaxaca, you have another thing coming; regardless of how strong your game is you’re not going to change the local culture. Likewise, there are cities in Mexico where it’s easy to sleep with the local women, but you’ll struggle endlessly to find ones that you’re actually attracted to.

In general, you will be better off in bigger cities.

For a first trip, Mexico City, Guadalajara and/or Monterrey are all good choices. There are also a number of hidden gems throughout the country where your exotic factor will be through the roof.

Those you’ll have to discover for yourself!

#9: Approach, Approach, Approach!

ABA: Always Be Approaching.

Mexican girls are intrigued by foreigners, and they love to get approached.

No need to be bashful here. Unlike in the United States or Western European countries, girls in Mexico will rarely – if ever – blow you off completely if you talk to them in the street, on the bus, in a shopping mall or even on the Internet. And if a girl is not interested, she’ll be very diplomatic about letting you know.

Think about it like this…

Worst-case scenario, she doesn’t give you her phone number.

Best-case scenario, she’s naked in your room later that night.

A fairly straightforward cost-benefit analysis.

#10: Keep Your Options Open


Last but not least, keep your options open when it comes to Mexican women.

Use all the weapons in your arsenal:

Day game, night game, online dating, language exchanges etc.

In the same way it’s a bad idea to rely on just one income stream for your livelihood, it’s also a bad idea to rely on one stream for meeting sultry Latinas. Especially when there are so many lovely ones to choose from.

On that note, do your best not to get into a relationship with the first Mexican girl that you meet; they can be very convincing (although, it is worth mentioning that they make great girlfriends, if that’s what you are looking for).

Mexican Girls In 2020 – Conclusion

I hope that by now you have an idea of how to bang Mexican girls. If you’re new to dating Latinas, Mexico is definitely the best country in Latin America to start:

  • Most of the girls speak English
  • The country is relatively safe
  • It’s easily accessible

If you’re a bit more experienced with Latinas but decided to forgo Mexico for Colombia, Peru or Brazil, I strongly recommend that you give the country a second look – the Mexican girls you see in the United States are in no way representative of what Mexican girls look like in Mexico. The latter is much, much better.

Best of luck!

PS: If you want to start meeting Mexican women, click here.

Updated October 2019

Kyle here again now. Honestly, as someone who has now been living abroad for nearly four years, and also helping other guys get here, I really can’t say enough good things for Mexico simply because of this reason:

It’s close.

It can get you that “taste” of foreign girls, what they’re about. Even if you don’t love Mexico and don’t love Mexican women, it will show you what else is out there in the world.

I can tell a guy who is unhappy with the American girls, living in Oklahoma, that he should get on a plane and check out Eastern Europe. But maybe he’s never been out of the country and is scared to do so. Telling him to fly around the world just isn’t the right thing to do. He’d be far better off taking a long weekend down to a place in Mexico and getting his feet wet.

I can’t think of a better jumping off point to get your first taste of dating abroad than Mexico and Mexican women.

The flights are plenty, they’re cheap, plenty of people speak English, and Mexican food is incredible. Not to mention, for those who haven’t traveled, nobody is going to balk at you or call you crazy for taking a trip to Mexico City.

They might think you as crazy if you decide to head straight to Moscow instead of Mexico..

So, if you are tired of dating in the Western world.

Do yourself a favor.

Head to Mexico.

Try it on.

Maybe you don’t love Latinas, but maybe you go on a date with a few Mexican chicas — and realize how different things can be in other parts of the world.

Get your first taste, and if it’s not for you, and you want to keep dating American girls, by all means, be my guest.

But, be warned…

Once you start, you can’t go back.

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  1. Actually speaking realistically, 95% of Mexican women do NOT look like the ones that are in the pictures on this website. ….most Mexican females are short, brown skinned, black straight hair, dark eyes, flat chest, flat butt, no hips and a big huge protruding gut with a muffin top. That’s how almost 99% of Mexican females look… Mexico and in the u.s…Mexican women shouldn’t even be called “latinas”….as they aremt that well built at all….of say Puerto Rico is your best bet if you want fine curvy (not fat) big booty and big titty hourglass shaped latinas. …Mexican women look like brown spongebobs for real!

    1. Never been to Mexico have you tonta. Most Mexican women have big chests and bubble butts. Some are dark complected while others are white as snow. Some are short and others can be 5’10”. That is my niece. My wife had green eyes and others have blue eyes. My wife had a 20″ waist. Only older women have the gut just like anywhere. Latina only means they speak Spanish. Now tell me why your Puerto Ricano novio dumped you for a Mexican?

    2. Why do I feel like you’re one self-hating Latina that looks like brown spongebob weights 1 x 10 to the millionth power! Guadalajara/tapatía women shit on you any day! Come thru bish!

  2. You’re an idiot lol most men don’t think Colombian or Brazilian girls are the hottest. This dude has no clue whatsoever.

    1. Actually that’s completely wrong. In many surveys Colombian and Brazilian were ranked some of the most beautiful (and sexiest) in the world.

      I’ve been to Colombia. Some of the women were AMAZING. Many men have said the same.

      1. I have traveled to the Caribean and used to think Dominican women were the hottest…But an acquaintance yesterday who used to think the same has told me Columbians have it all over the DR women…As far as Brazilians…the ones that immigrate to my area seem to get married by twenty and the other ones are either too young or you are left with the older ones that have two to three kids and now are rocking the post mommy bodies…So I guess the ones that are still back in the home country are the available hot ones…

  3. Hi my names are Benson from Mombasa Kenya I need a girl from Mexico for sex please anyone interested can send me an imail thank you .

  4. Brazil does not have Latinas. They have Ladinas. They speak Portuguese and not Spanish. Use charm in Mexico. They soak that up. Also, they want to be seduced. They are usually not heavy drinkers so do not depend upon getting them drunk. Dress like Cary Grant and turn on the charm. They then will bang you to death.

  5. I keep thinking that Mexican women are Americanized or Westernized.

    But, I know that most of them are not. If they are like their Dominican, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Brazilian, etc. counterparts, I would consider writing about Mexican women…

  6. Mentira!!!
    Jajaja this blog is so funny. I’m a Mexican girl from Monterrey. This shit doesn’t work. Just be yourself…be friendly, be kind. Seduction is about chemistry…about patience not about 10 tips from a weirdo perv blog.

    1. Ah of course, the old “be yourself” line, so beloved of clueless women everywhere. Do you think if it just took “to be yourself” then y’know, perhaps men might just simply do that, and everything would be fine and blogs like this would be redundant? Example No.23787 of why you should never listen to women when it comes to dating advice.

      And how do you know “it doesn’t work?” Your own personal opinion? Seeing as you know everything, why don’t you start your own blog, telling men to be “themselves?” It should go down a storm and make you shit ton of money, seeing as how guys like Kyle don’t have a clue what they are doing (despite the fact he has testimonials from men he has helped coming out of his ass, yet clearly you know more than he does…)

      Oh, and this is a weirdo ‘perv blog’, I see. Because wanting to have sex and meet women makes you automatically a perv, got it. Perhaps men should forego having sex women entirely, because should we wish to better ourselves to improve our chances with women, it means you are a perv.

      The real reason women hate blogs like this, is because you hate the fact that men are breaking down the process of seducing women into something approaching a science. You hate it because it means you are losing power, the power you have over men to control them via their sex drives. You also hate this because you believe in fairytale bullshit like a man and a woman getting together naturally, and effortlessly, which is why you are talking shit about “chemistry”. Kind of like how Prince Charming never had to worry about game or seduction techniques when he seduced the Princess, he just happened to be there, all charming and stuff. She has no appreciation or interest in the years he may have had to undertake of self improvement, whether it’s the work he put in at the gym, working on his game, his career, and everything else that makes him attractive. As a woman you have no appreciation for what it takes for a man to be attractive – because all you do is have to show up.

    2. Oye mujere…te calmas! (Look woman, calm down!)

      He’s right, and they’re great tips. This wasn’t written for women anyhow.

      I’m always amazed at the angry women who jump in to call a man who’s successful with woman and has solid advice a “wierdo perv.” I have to wonder what personal problem you have that causes you to lash out angrily at others.

      I say this as a guy with Mexican friends including one or 2 from Monterrey.

    3. As a Mexican girl I cannot begin to describe how inaccurate and misogynistic this is! Ps: Mexican women are bad a$$ women! Come around trying to act “dominant” find your ass dumped on a ditch, ya bishhh!

  7. Oh god lol, if you want to have sex with a Mexican girl just say it and be highly dominant we love that sh*t! But let us be dominant in bed!

  8. Fabulous post. CDMX is still too far in my opinion though. Tijuana is much better and accessible for inexperienced travelers to get a foreign “taste”, while being close to the comfort and security of home. It was the place where I was enlightened.

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