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Mastering Mexican Cupid: The Ultimate Gringo Guide



Mexican Cupid is great. It’s all the beautiful Mexican girls in the same place!

But whether you are a first-time user or a serial Latina dater, we can all use some tips. Read on to learn everything about:

  • Mexican women and their culture
  • What they really want
  • How to seduce them
  • … and how to not waste your life on dating sites

Buckle up, it’s going to be quite a ride!

First, let’s talk about Mexican girls:

The Girls On Mexican Cupid

Wondering where my conclusions come from? Actual women, that I met on Mexican Cupid. Yes, I went on the site and investigated. Here is everything I learned about Mexican girls:

Selfies, All Of The Selfies

For whatever reason, 99% of the profile pictures on Mexican Cupid are selfies. This is not even exaggerated! Mexican girls love taking selfies.

As much as I would like to indulge in psychological conclusions, I’ll limit myself to this:

Though they look super confident, Mexican women are actually very self-conscious. 

Mexican Cupid is primarily for girls that want to date foreigners. It’s perfect if you are tired of local dudes. But old habits die hard. Mexican women are very much aware of how they present themselves and how they are perceived. They try very hard to look a certain way and they would stop at nothing to achieve it.

Plastic surgery is quite common in Mexico. Virtually everyone edits their pictures. And all the girls use selfies on their profiles because it gives them the ultimate control over how they present themselves. By the way, this is the reason why…

Mexicans Are Masters Of Makeup

It doesn’t have to do with some sort of Frida Kahlo-esque art skills. Mexican girls wear tons of makeup because they always want to look and feel their best. Although some of them value natural beauty, they are usually the exception to the rule.

Prepare for hours upon hours of waiting for your Mexican girlfriend to get ready! That’s not unusual, don’t get mad. She simply wants to look good for you.

And for those of you saying that makeup is false advertising, a.k.a. a blatant lie… Do you actually think women have blue eyelids? Please, if that’s the case, reconsider.

Bombshell Vs Slim?

The Mexican diet gets a bad reputation. It’s not all fried and meat-based. In fact, most Mexican women are pros at healthy eating. In larger cities especially, curvy is no longer the norm.

The great thing about dating Mexicans is you have all the range. Some girls look like a classic hourglass Venus, while others could easily land a job as a skinny runway model. You will find all sorts of them on Mexican Cupid. The site lets you search by body type, even bra cup. You will find your type pretty fast!

Mexican Cupid Girls Look Like…

Here are some celebrities you won’t meet on Mexican Cupid. But you will surely meet their more down-to-Earth doubles!

Salma Hayek, a.k.a. the sex symbol that transcends generations. Other than her big round eyes and bodacious figure, many Mexican girls share her Roman Catholic upbringing. They are a lovely mix of sexy but still humble and modest!

Selena Gomez seems to be pretty representative of younger Mexicans. They tend to be petite, they embrace their youthful looks, sporting long wavy hair and minimal makeup.

Eiza Gonzáles is a slightly atypical Mexican at first glance. She is blonde and tiny, almost Caucasian looking. You would be surprised at how many Mexican girls look exactly like her. Mexicans are a very diverse group and some look more “white” than Latina.

But What Is On The Inside?

Mexican girls have a vibrant and exciting personality. They are very bubbly and outgoing. My best analogy here is a Western girl on 5 cups of coffee. Yeah, it could be a bit overwhelming but there will be no awkward silences.

One of my favourite things about Mexicans is how easy it is to talk to them. It’s not just small talk, either. Unlike Americans, which seem to be the champions of small talk, Mexicans don’t mind delving deep. Things that you would consider insanely personal they talk about without a dash of discomfort.

Parties, Parties, And More Parties

Another aspect of the fun Mexican personality is nightlife. There is no party like a Mexican party. These girls are among the best dancers I’ve seen.

If you are the kind of guy to sit in the corner, sipping on your drink, staring at girls, reconsider. Just because you are paired up, it doesn’t mean that the fun should stop. Your Mexican girlfriend will drag you to clubs and won’t take no for an answer. Whatever you do, don’t look up dance tips on YouTube.

Instead, drink, smile, and let go. That is what Mexicans do and it seems to be working pretty well for them.

Nurturing And Caring

Although they are light-hearted and fun-loving, Mexican girls are also fiercely caring. There is no better person to have by your side in times of trouble.

Not only do they put loved ones above anything, most Mexican women have creating a family as their most important goal in life. There is a strong sense of connection and relationship between the generations. They want to pass that on and create a beautiful, nurturing home.

Even before things get serious, you will notice a Mexican girl’s soft and caring side. She is a champion of all things food and comfort related. If you are going through a rough patch, she will know exactly what to say and do. Sometimes that involves tough love. No matter how sweet they may be on the inside:

Mexican Girls Will Call You Out On Your BS

This is the loving thing to do. The people who smile and nod, and silently judge you are not your friends. Mexican women know that and they are not afraid of speaking up.

This is a double-edged sword. Considering the temper that they have, seemingly innocent errors can turn into huge fights. This is probably the only downside to dating a Latina, though, so get over it!

How To Succeed On Mexican Cupid

This is a step-by-step guide. Hopefully, it’s fool-proof. Let me know if it worked for you in the comments below!

Step 1: Sign Up (In 60 Seconds)

Sign up to Mexican Cupid is quick and free.

Put in your email address, gender, and name.

Make up a password.

You are good to go!

Step 2: Select The Right Photos

Photos are the most important part of a dating profile. This is your make it, or break it moment.

You want your first picture (a.k.a. the one that appears on the search page) to be the best one you have. Don’t over-edit it and try to avoid selfies. I know girls use them but in my experience, guys are bad at selfies. It is much better to use a nice headshot, even if it comes from your company.

The rest of your profile pictures should tell a story. You can’t expect to start a conversation if you don’t give them anything to talk about. Add photos of things you actually enjoy and do often. That one time you went rock climbing might look cool but if it’s not an actual hobby of yours, skip it.

Step 3: Provide The Right Description And Tagline

A tagline like “Looking for love in Mexico” is fine. It’s cliché but coming up with an original one takes time and it’s not that important.

What is important is your bio. This is your chance to show off your personality. If you skip it… Well, do you have no personality at all?

Try to keep it light and funny. The best bios are the ones that engage the reader. Mention something funny or weird that recently happened to you. This way they can ask you about it. Or directly tell them what to ask about. For instance, you could say “Talk to me about dogs and I will love you forever.”

Step 4: Fill Out The Rest Of The Profile

In order to be searchable, you need to provide information on your appearance, lifestyle, and language skills. Out of these, language and a bit about appearance are an absolute must. My tip is to fill out everything, as this gives you better chances.

One side note, though. Don’t mention your income. There is an option that says you’re not comfortable with sharing it. This way, you’ll avoid the gold-diggers.

Step 5: Find Girls And Message Them

Browsing through girls is still free. You’ll need a premium membership to communicate with them, though. This way, in the unlikely event that you don’t find a gal you like, you wouldn’t have wasted the money on the fee.

At first, message as many women as you like. Just make sure you’re brutal about your selection afterwards. Dating is a numbers game. It’s completely normal if out of 50 girls, you only click with one. You only need one, right?

And once you do click, it’s endgame. Or, you know, the joys and struggles of having a Mexican girlfriend. Congrats on both! And remember to have fun in the process!

Ready to meet Mexican women with Cupid? Just click here.

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