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Mexican Cupid Review: What You Need to Know



In this Mexican Cupid review you will learn anything and everything you need to know about it:

  • The girls you can meet
  • All the best strategies for a great profile
  • My texting secrets for instant attraction
  • … and how to not go mad in the process

Let’s dive right in!

Mexican Cupid Girls: Looks

mexican women

Mexican girls don’t all look like Salma Hayek. Some of them are more like Jessica Alba (who is only part Mexican, by the way). Either way, you will not be disappointed.

The typical Mexican girl has olive skin, round or oval face, and huge eyes. I don’t know what is it about their eyes. Maybe they are just great at makeup and applying mascara. No idea, but all of the girls I met on Mexican Cupid have the most beautiful eyes.

As for body type, curvy seems to be more common than slim. You could still get both. Some Mexican girls are true health junkies and it shows in their enviable figures. Curvy or not, all the women I talked to were fit and toned. It must be all the dancing!

Fiery Latinas?

Personality-wise, the stereotype of a fiery Latina is true. The women of Mexico are very passionate and that is both a great and a horrible trait.

For instance, when I first talked to Adriana, by far my favourite Mexican girl from the site, she was so sweet and fun to talk to. She was telling me all these kind of everyday stories but with so much enthusiasm. Adriana was in university and she had just landed an internship at an IT company. She was fascinated by the whole thing, and it was amazing to talk to her.

You know how people light up when they speak about something they like? Yes, that is what Adriana was like. I really don’t know where she got all that energy from.

But then we had a falling out. Admittedly, it was my fault. We were supposed to meet up during a business trip I had to MexicoCity. I had to cancel our dinner plans last minute – it was inevitable but I see how it could be a jerk move. I suggested we meet at my hotel’s bar afterwards. Bear in mind, we had already seen each other before and slept with each other. It wasn’t like I was cancelling our first date or something.

What proceeded was one of the biggest fights I’ve had. Do you take me for a whore? I have a million guys lined up and you won’t even take me to a normal date. This is beyond offensive!

She spoke great English but when she was angry she would switch to Spanglish. I’m still not sure if she hasn’t cursed me. Hopefully not.

More Personality Traits

Do you know why I mentioned the cursing thing? It’s because Mexican girls have a strong spiritual side.

As in, they were raised Catholic (most of them anyway) but they indulge in borderline witchcraft. There are hundreds of weird superstitions and rituals that they believe in. Don’t even attempt to understand the logic behind. There is not logic. Accept that she will have those quirky beliefs and respect them.

Since, presumaby, a Mexican girlfriend would love you, you’re going to experience some of these superstitions first hand. It’s a sign that she cares.

Overall, Mexican women are very nurturing and protective of their loved ones. They turn into true momma bears once they have children. They’re fiercely loyal to their friends and family. If you date one, she will be fiercely loyal to you, too. I think Mexican girls know a lot more about love than we do.

Mexican Cupid Review: Create A Killer Profile

So how do you score a Mexican hottie?

The single most important factor is your profile. While I was researching for this Mexican Cupid review, the on-going pattern was:

The more effort a guy puts in his profile, the more successful and popular he was on the site. 

With that in mind, let’s look at the elements of an amazing profile.

mexican cupid

Sign Up And Stick On A Picture

Dating requires investment but we are all pressed for time. If you can only do two things – just sign up and put on the best picture you have.

I could not overstate the importance of a profile picture. In an otherwise perfect profile, the lack of photo could mean instant failure. I experimented a bit, in order to give you the best Mexican Cupid review and the most useful tips. Here is what I found:

  • Any photo is better than no photo.
  • You need a full body shot but don’t make it your profile picture.
  • Clear Headshots > Selfies. Always!
  • Your profile should tell a story. The more your pictures say about your personality, the better.
  • If a photo feels unflattering, it is. No matter what your friends tell you, only put pictures that you feel you look your best in!

Fill Out Your Profile

In this Mexican Cupid review, I’m here to help—100%!

It takes more than just a pic to get all the girls. You also need to add some information about yourself.

By filling out your profile you become searchable. The Mexican Cupid search offers plenty of advanced options. You can use that yourself to find girls that completely fit your type. Women use it, too. If you want to be found, you have to give some information.

And as for the description, think of it as a first message before the first message. Address the reader directly and “engage in conversation”. My favourite technique is to casually mention a funny story about myself. It’s an instant conversation starter!

Going Premium: Options And Fees

You can create a profile for free and you can browse the girls. If you want to talk to a member, though, at least one of you must be premium. Since most women don’t pay for a premium membership, you would have to.

The Mexican Cupid price structure is simple and has no hidden fees. You only pay a monthly membership and that is all-inclusive. Unlike other sites that demand payment for every little thing – messaging, video chat, sending weird online “gifts”, Mexican Cupid includes everything in one of the two packages.

Gold Vs Platinum Membership

Becoming a gold member would set you back as little as 10$ per month. This is less than I spend on coffee.

Of course, Platinum may be a better choice. It gives you plenty of additional benefits, such as:

  • Ranking above other members
  • A highlight on your profile in search results (which dramatically increases your profile views)
  • Exclusive search features, including searching by body type or even bra size!
  • A translation service for all of your messages. This way you can reach all the girls, no matter how poor your Spanish skills are!

How To Slay The Texting Game

Here is my secret to texting girls:

Templates are fine. Boring is not. 

Let me break that down for you. There are two types of Mexican Cupid review on the Internet. One is from badass dudes that met great women and want to share a testimonial. The other is from whiney pessimists that didn’t even expect success in the first place.

The biggest difference is their attitude. When you pour your heart and soul into a profile and it doesn’t work to get girls, yeah, that sucks. But it probably means you started with a loser mindset!

Be prepared to fail often. Not all of the girls will like you and that is ok. You don’t like all the girls in the world either. Focus on numbers first and emotions second. You can use a template message to text girls. Just swap out the name and press send.

Dating is a numbers game! 

If you want better odds, start with more messages.

But simple quantity is not enough. You should also be able to draw girls in. Simply because you are sending the same message, it doesn’t mean that you should send the same crappy message! Apply the same principle that you did for the bio:

Draw the reader in. 

Not only does this up your chances of getting the response, it improves the quality of the conversation. No longer will it be mindless small talk. You can now actually get to know each other, tell each other stories, tease each other. You know, normal flirty conversation!

You Do You (And Other Cliché Tips)

Finally, and I feel like a broken record on this:

Be yourself at least a little bit!

I am not saying you shouldn’t present the best version of yourself or take advantage of messaging tricks and strategies. All I’m saying is that you should also relax a bit. People take online dating way to seriously.

And hey, since you looked up this Mexican Cupid review, you probably do, too. The truth is, nothing replaces personal experience. I’ve shared mine, now you go have yours! You will have the best experience if you approach it with an open mind an all the confidence you can muster! Go get them, tiger!

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