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When You Feel Like You Have Nothing to Live For…Do This



A man without a mission is not a man.

Too often, from too many men, I get emails talking about how down they are about life.

Whether it’s girls, shitty career prospects post college, or hating the 9-5 grind–I hear it all.


Want an example?

A fellow man sent me this recently:

It seems like the dating scene is rapidly becoming Americanized throughout the world: women are getting fatter and uglier, while men are getting “hotter” and more ripped. The “whalization” of women and the “hunkization” of men. I see this first hand in Prague. When I first came to Prague in October 2015, almost all Czech young women are of normal weight. It was hard to see an overweight Czech woman under 40. As of now, in June 2016, I see lots of young Czech fatties everywhere I go, in malls, in stores, in residential neighborhoods, etc… In the suburbs and small town, it seems even worse, as it looks like they are overrun by landwhales. Prague fell very hard very fast, in just several months. Most Czech men are now dating down. The dating landscape of Czech Republic now looks no different than America.


What the hell is going on with the world? Men are now slaving away at the gym and risking their health doing steroids just to get a chance to get laid with a non-fattie. But women can’t even do something as basic as keep their normal. It looks like the world is closing in men!

I apologize that I sound so angry, but the reality looks beyond dystopian and it makes me mad.

Side note: I’m actually in the Czech Republic right now, and I can definitely say that he’s wrong about Prague.

However, that does not change the lesson we can take from this email–which I should note, was far longer in length than what I’ve shared today.

Men are down about the world today. And rightfully-fucking-so. How could you not be?

Your average man is left picking up scraps when it comes to women–except that those scraps resemble three hundred pound wildebeests. Not scraps at all.

Working is no longer fulfilling because of the feminized workplace (and I have to admit, being my own boss and not having to adhere to any PC-feminist bullshit is the best).

Raising a family?

Step right up to the Russian Roulette table, my friends!

Despite the negative outlook, there is actually no better time to be a man.

When in time could any average man learn to become great with women and run a true harem?

When in time could any average man make money from anywhere in the world and travel as he wished?

When in time could any average man have access to the wealth of information we have today?


Never in the history of mankind have us men had the deck so stacked against us but at the same time been able to prosper so much from it.


Which is why it’s the best time in history to be a man.

If, and only if–you’re willing to do the work.

If you’re not, this article is not for you. Go home and cry some more.

Don’t get me wrong, it IS a lot of work. You will bleed. However, the freedom and skills acquired from true hard work will last a lifetime. And you will never stop prospering.

So if you’re feeling down in the dumps. Like you have nowhere to go. That life is just one big vicious cycle.

Then follow this advice.


Do you have any idea how much a simple mindset shift can help you improve your mood and happiness?

A lot.

Look at that small snip of the email I showed above. Does that man sound happy to you? Or does he sound like someone who is deeply negative towards the world?

It should be obvious.

We’ve exchanged some emails and he’s looking up now, because he changed how he viewed the world.


I’m shamelessly stealing this line from my friend Ivan Throne, which he started using on Troublesome Radio.

Just get up and WALK.

Do something.

Design one website as a side project to escape the grind. Even if it’s just one page.

Approach one girl just to see what happens.

Go to the gym one time and get a sweat on.

The point is, put your damn feet in motion.

Listen to Ivan’s words:


I left my corporate job on February 23rd, just five months ago.

Do you think I regret it for one second?


This video sheds some light onto why:

Live your life.

No regrets.

Be a troublemaker.

Be free.

If you’re sick and tired of not having the life you want with girls, go here.

If you want to master online dating, go here.


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  1. Your reader sent this in the letter above. “When I first came to Prague in October 2015, almost all Czech young women are of normal weight. It was hard to see an overweight Czech woman under 40. As of now, in June 2016, I see lots of young Czech fatties everywhere I.” I have seen places change drastically within 15 months. I saw this in Ukraine. It wasn’t the women getting fatter, but their lack of interest in men was totally different. I’ve seen the same thing happen in other countries too. Can anybody tell me a country they’ve seen get much better in a year or two?

      1. From 2004 to 2005 the economy of Ukraine got much better. In 2004 most girls didn’t have jobs and I had more girls to date than time. I’d think things are much better in Ukraine now since their economy is so messed up. I’ve seen these great changes occur in other countries in a year too.

  2. “Despite the negative outlook, there is actually no better time to be a man.” I have to disagree with this statement. I’m older than you and I’ve seen things get worse every year in the West. There was sexual revolution in the 1960s which lasted until AIDS came on the scene. Then feminism took over and drove what was left of sexuality into the toilet. Also it was much easier to find a girl who wanted to be a wife and mother. Before these two events a good player could have a harem or have a family in the West. It has deteriorated greatly in the West. I do agree with you that it is easier to travel and work overseas than ever.

      1. Respectfully, Kyle I know, I lived it. Just because your mother wasn’t in a harem and was the marrying type, doesn’t mean girls weren’t more promiscuous then. Remember hippies, 1960s, 1970s, drugs, partying. Girls were in communes. Free love, this all happened. The US has gotten steadily more conservative over the years.

          1. Yes, sexually liberated. Second phase feminism pushed the fact that women were superior to men sexually: more orgasms, could last longer, didn’t hit their peak until they were older. Women believed this BS and tried to prove it. Third wave feminism is women don’t need men.

            Where are you finding all those sluts in the US today? I think it’s a big exaggeration. A very low percentage of girls are sexually promiscious.

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