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Should Men Die For Women?

My recent post at Matt Forney’s site, titled ‘Men Aren’t Fighting for Women Anymore, and Why Should They?’ is closing in on 100 comments, some of which are very good.

While I usually prefer to focus on self-improvement and steer clear of political topics since I stopped writing for Return of Kings (see my archive of posts for them by clicking here), the refugee situation is something that interests me immensely; especially seeing as how I’ve often thought of Europe as a potential future long-term home for myself – maybe even a family.

So while This is Trouble will probably mostly steer clear of political talk, it’s possible you might see some more future guests posts by yours truly on other blogs that focus more on those political topics.

I figured it was worth sharing some of the best here.

Should Men Die For Women?

In the article, I discussed that men should generally stand down for women, and not jump in to white knight and save the day at a moment’s whim.

Someone commented back asking:

What would it take to get you to fight for them? Say the government turned around to men and said look we’ll do anything you want what would your answer be?

My response:

1.) Immediately eliminate all of the campus “rape culture” bullshit, where young men can get chucked out of school and have their lives ruined simply from the CLAIM of rape – with almost no real investigation.

2.) Stop spending absurd amounts of taxpayer money on bullshit causes – sorry, but wanting to get your dick chopped off or your labia molded into a penis is not a valid medicare claim. This LGBT movement goes hand in hand with SJW/leftist propaganda. In a nutshell: stop shaming men for being men. The majority of this movement is about “acceptance”, whilst pushing an agenda that men should ultimately be pussies.

3.) Ban celebrity culture from being shown on television or print; i.e. the Kardashians. For good measure, ban shows that emasculate men for laughs (ex: Everybody Loves Raymond, Sex & The City…etc.).

4.) Start kicking women out of bars/clubs where they’re clearly attention whoring. Let men be the judge of this. I realize this is extreme, but as of now it’s a free rein – over time we can reach a medium on this.

5.) Clean up the divorce and custody laws. If a woman feels “the spark isn’t there anymore” and wants to leave behind her husband and children – guess what, she gets nothing but what she brought to the marriage in the first place. She made a commitment for life and is backtracking on it. That doesn’t entitle her to a free ride, forcing him to work absurd hours to foot her entire lifestyle.

I’d start with those five things.


An old lady’s comment made me sad:

I’ve read a good deal of the comments and it makes me sad. I understand where it’s coming from and I really don’t blame the men for feeling this way. I hope a lot of the women’s libers read it. Maybe they’ll change their ways.


“It saddens me that if I want to find a good woman to raise a family
with, I will likely have to migrate to the harsh winters of Eastern
Europe, or the hurricane-prone Southeast Asian islands and leave America behind.”

you forgot the crime-ridden slums of latin america. that’s the route i went. it has it’s drawbacks, but my wife is a real angel, and i’m a very happy man.

Thought-provoker here:

Great article, Kyle – I am really struggling with one thought though. Isn’t it a position of weakness to not help women and let them simply go down because they made their bed? This is still our civilization and our tribe, if you wish. We can have internal disagreement, as a nation we should be strong no matter what against outsiders. Or do you say defending your FAMILY is enough? Thanks for the write-up.

My response:

You are right – it is still a country that needs to be defended, and ultimately it is going to fall on men. The point I was trying to drive home with this was not necessarily about invaders taking over your lands; but don’t jump in to defend a helpless woman at the cost of your own life just because SJWs would have you believe it’s your obligation.

Standing up with fellow men to defend your homeland is a noble and honorable thing to do, but a choice that should be made outside of a woman in distress, and not due to the pressures of the moronic folks who call themselves “warriors”.

Thanks for the compliment!

And, to end on a happy note…

What a fantastic article. I’ve re-read it twice just to say to myself, “Someone other than me thinks this!” Cheers, Bud.

Go read the entire article here.

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Should Men Die For Women? – - February 6, 2016

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jonmardock - February 8, 2016

It’s good to see a follow-up to that article on here. I really like your responses to that question up there. I may not agree with “kicking women out of bars for attention-whoring” because that could be a segregation issue. I’m really digging this blog and it’s good to see a fresh face in the manosphere. *It was also good to see my comment at the end of the article* All of us need encouragement to keep going so I’m glad mine and many others have inspired you to keeping rockin’. Cheers!

    Kyle [] - February 8, 2016

    Thank you! I’ve actually been around forever but the face is new – and I only wish I’d done it sooner because the response has been nothing short of incredible.

    The kicking women out of bars one is definitely on the extreme end, but I couldn’t figure out another way to phrase it 😉

      jonmardock - February 9, 2016

      Yeah, new faces are good. More of us need to do this and when I get back from Asia I’ll probably start doing podcasts. If we can get more men to wake up then change can happen!

      Oh, np. You know what’s funny? If things get real bad then segregation of the sexes would go to this extreme. They would most likely only let women into bars because apparently guys wanting to get together for beer is “pro-rape.”

horace template - June 16, 2016

Good post – you don’t want to be like this guy:


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