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Date and Mate Medellin Girls (The Flakiest of All)

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Two things about Medellin girls: 

They are gorgeous.

Flakiness is at a whole new level. 

Whether you’re in Colombia for a quick vacation, a business trip, or on the lookout for your future wife, I’ve got you covered.

Medellin has the best talent in the country.

Here is how to date locals with zero frustration and time wasting. 

The Promise 

Medellin girls are universally acknowledged as the prettiest in Colombian women. Heck, I would even say the prettiest in all of Latin America.

Traveler after traveler says the same: 

“The most beautiful women I’ve ever met lived in Medellin.

And I am pleased to announce that this is 100% true. This is why: 

Medellin is in the central region of the country, in the Andes Mountains. It’s a city that keeps growing. Today, only around 60% of Medellin girls were actually born here. The place is thriving and people flock from all over the country, looking for a better life. 

Ethnicity-wise, the overwhelming majority is white with a bit of black or native blood mixed in. Essentially, all the Medellin girls you meet are mixed race and they got the best from all of their ancestors. 

The Typical Medellin Girl

Medellin Girls

I know everybody talks about butts in Colombia. For me, though, the first thing I noticed about Medellin girls was their beautiful long hair. Think Disney’s Pocahontas with their long locks. 

Medellin girls are also very conscious of their image.

You’d see women slaving away at the gym, 6-7 days per week, sometimes multiple times per day. Cosmetic surgery is at an all-time high, too. Girls as young as 18 are getting breast and butt augmentation operations.

The women of Medellin are dedicated to the pursuit of beauty.

Not only were they given more than enough, with their caramel complexion, sensual curves, and long manes—they make the best of it. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single Medellin girl walking out with no makeup, frumpy clothes, or bad skin. 

Actually, that last thing is another Medellin speciality. Body lotion is where it’s at, for that Medellin glow. The women here have the most perfect tans. Combine that with their general sensuality and attractiveness and you have the stereotype of the perfect Latina living right here in Medellin. 

 Their Muy Grande Flakiness Issues

Medellin girls are pretty—and they know it.

They’re not desperate for finding a guy. The entire Colombian culture is about men approaching them all the damn time. Unless you look like Brad Pitt, she will not be impressed enough to not be flaky. 

Colombian women, in general, are like this.

In Medellin, it’s possibly the worst in the entire country, and possibly the worst in the entire world, depending on who you talk to.

If a girl is good-looking (and in Medellin most of them are), all she needs to do is walk down the street to be reassured of it. There is no nice way of saying this but: 

Medellin girls can be super full of themselves. 

Of course, this is not the only reason for the flakiness. Latinas are generally more casual about time. Haven’t you noticed that in South America everything starts late? Hell, even the buses and planes are rarely on time. 

Finally, Colombian girls flirt by playing hard to get. So, to sum it up, here is how Medellin girls became the flakiest of all Colombians: 

They are the prettiest. With beauty come a lot of suitors. If she flakes on you, she probably wasn’t interested enough. 

Colombians are not the most punctual bunch. Lateness is everywhere, including in dating. 

Medellin girls can test you by flaking on purpose. She is just checking if you’ll stand your ground. Colombianas like macho men, not those who follow their girlfriend’s every whim. That is a really weird thing to say but it is true. 

How To Deal With Flaky Medellin Girls

First off, know what you are dealing with. When I say flaky, I mean: 

She will be late for dates.

Sometimes (and not too rarely) Medellin girls will not show up to a date with no previous notice or a good explanation.

You can spend weeks chatting and then have her suddenly stop responding.

Medellin girls are very absent-minded and tardy, they can genuinely forget the plans that you made.

They make promises that they don’t keep, either because they forgot or because they didn’t care enough in the first place.

To sum all of this up: 

Medellin girls are very immature. 

I don’t blame them, either. Colombian girls are taught from a young age to look for a guy to take care of them. They may act tough but really, they need a solid alpha male. Which brings me to my next point: 

Medellin Women Don’t Flake On Alpha Males

What is an alpha male? It’s a guy that knows his worth and won’t settle. It has nothing to do with the muscle on your body or the tone of your voice, no matter what gurus try to convince you. 

Basically, Medellin girls want to date a real man

I did not just assume that. I’ve heard it said by virtually every Colombian I know, and their actions back up their words. They don’t want a weak dude, they don’t like dating men who are too nice, and they do not always realise that. 

For instance, most Medellin women will say: 

I want a macho man. You know, someone that makes me feel protected and taken care of. I want him to actually listen to me, too. He has to fully respect and adore me, yada-yada…

It starts out great.

In Colombia, men are the head of the family.

They are expected to be in that role of a protector and a provider.

Take the “taking care of her” step a bit too far, though, and you end up being the nice guy that finishes last. 

Practical Tips On Flaky Medellin Women

Stand your ground.

This is rule numero uno.

The whole deal about flakiness is that Medellin girls put themselves first.

Do the same.

In the early stages of dating, do not put up with flakey behaviour.

Here is an example: 

  • You’ve been talking to a girl online.
  • Everything is going great, you text every day, you even Facetimed a couple of times.
  • Then, all of a sudden she disappears and doesn’t respond for a solid week.
  • You move on, and then she resurfaces.
  • “Sorry for disappearing, would you like to meet up some time?”

Guess what the correct response is here? 

My honest advice would be to turn her down, but if you still want to meet her—make her earn it.

Sure, it will not win her over but it reinforces a standard. If she flakes like this with texting (which is minimal effort), what do you think she would be like as a girlfriend? 

Basically, you have to screen your online and IRL matches for flaky behaviour.

Set your standard early on in the interaction.

Being too nice is for simps and Medellin women don’t date simps anyway. —

Dates With Flaky Medellin Girls

How do you make sure she does not waste your time?

You’re probably in Colombia for a limited amount of days/weeks.

Your nights are precious and it sucks when you waste them.

Here is how to avoid that: 

Step 1: Before The Date

Medellin Girls

Assert yourself. Don’t be afraid of offending her when you talk. Have actual exciting conversations. Don’t stick to the boring topics. Maybe even share a personal/sexual story or two. Whatever you do, do not let her have the upper hand. If your Medellin date feels like she is more valuable than you, she will flake. 

How do you do that last part? 

By having fun. 

There is no need to play texting games or to pretend that you’re busy when you are actually not. The simplest way is the most genuine. Just take advantage of your time in Medellin, go party, date around, meet new people, etc.

Do not let your prospective Colombian girlfriend become your only focus. 

Step 2: The Location

Don’t go all out for a first date. A café or a casual bar is good enough. This way if she does disappear, you are not wasting an entire evening. 

More importantly, choose the closest place to your accommodation. Literally, within a five-minute walking distance. Let her come to you. This serves at least three different purposes: 

  1. You don’t have to make a long trip for a date that might not happen. 
  2. It gives you the upper hand. She is coming to you. 
  3. You know the area. There is a lower chance of getting scammed/dragged into an unsafe space. Unfortunately, this has happened to tourists in Medellin. If you’re smart, you can avoid it. 

Step 3: Her Journey

  • Text her the day of the date and confirm.
  • Text her an hour before the date.
  • Then text her to make sure she’s in the cab or on her way.
  • Text her how to get in your building. Don’t let her hover downstairs, especially if you live in a complex populated with gringos…

These texts are essential, even though they seem insane.

They are reminders for her. They also serve you.

If she doesn’t respond, you can forget about your date. She is not coming. 

Medellin Girls: Final Thoughts

While Medellin girls are the most beautiful of all Colombians, they also have a major flakiness issue. If you want to date them (and mate with them), make sure you have a few dates lined up.

You can use Colombian Cupid to quickly get some matches.

Just make sure you screen them, follow our three-step rules, and…well, also make sure you have fun. There is no denying Medellin girls are whole lot of that!

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