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The Masses Have Spoken



This blog has never really had a “set” theme. I discuss a lot of different things – economics, politics, general personal rantings, and of course, game. Overwhelmingly, since the beginning of time, and even more so recently, the game posts have far outstripped everything else as far as comments, traffic, and general popularity (Twitter, etc.). I had thought when I settled into an actual relationship, that people would really have no interest in hearing about anything that I had to say about game. I’m finding out that’s not true at all – if anything, there is actually a real lacking of knowledge about relationship game floating around out there.

That’s because it’s simply harder to write about relationships. You know that feeling after you nail a new girl for the first time? You want to brag about it – telling all your friends and anyone who will listen. Hell, I’ve done it. It’s a lot more interesting to write Field Reports of new girls you have banged as opposed to writing about your latest fight.

With that being said, my blog has taken off quite a bit since I’ve been in my current relationship, so I thought it would be a good idea to reach back into the Archives and share some old game posts I’ve written. Enjoy!

How To Respond To Girls

These are the questions guys dread.

“Have I gained weight?”

“Aren’t you excited to see my parents?”

“Tell me about your ex.”


Are there people you have instant chemistry with?  Yup.  People who you bond deeply with?  Yup.  People who become a part of who you are, as if you’re one?  No.  Holding out on the idea of a soulmate or The One is just a way of handicapping you from discovering yourself and everything you’re capable of.  You can’t expect them to walk into you while you reach for the same box of cereal in the grocery store.  It won’t happen.

The Dishes Shit Test

Here’s what bothers me the most.  I invite these young ladies over to my place for dinner.  I am hosting them, feeding them, and making them drinks with nice alcohol, usually.  Typically, if anyone invites me to dinner, upon accepting, I ask, “Can I bring anything?”  This goes from going over to barbeque with the guys to dates when girls cook for me.  Even if they decline, prior to heading over for the meal, I usually shoot off a text, “Last chance, need anything for dinner?”  Sometimes, I bring some beer or wine without even being asked.  I just want to contribute and be a good guy.  Since I really started going on my dating spree this year, I’ve cooked for probably a dozen girls at this point.  Know how many have offered to bring anything over?


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