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Malaysian Cupid Review: The #1 Dating Site To Meet Malaysian Women

Malaysia, Southeast Asia


This is the no BS, Malaysian Cupid review that you need. In this ultimate guide, get to find out:

  • The kind of girls you will meet on there.
  • If it’s worth it to subscribe to their premium dating.
  • What do Malay women like in a man, and
  • If Malaysian Cupid is the go to place to meet the Malay girl of your dreams.

We’ll get to find out all that and more, so make sure that you stick around til the very end!

Malaysian Cupid Review: Don’t Be Misled!

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Malaysian Cupid. They say that there’s not a lot of active users on here for you to have success.

That is not true at all.

Yes, it’s true that it’s one of the smaller sites when you talk about Asian niche dating. But they more than make up for that with the number of active users that you will find on here.

If you don’t believe us, let’s take a look at the numbers then:

  • Malaysian Cupid has more or less 600,000 members and it still continues to grow.
  • The most common age bracket is between middle 20’s and early 30’s. Approximately 25 to 34 years old to be exact.
  • The frequent visitors? Let’s break it down shall we?
    • The United Kingdom is at the top with over 80,000 members.
    • United States is at second place with close to 70,000 members.
    • Australia comes in third with 27,000 members.
    • The rest of the pack? New Zealand has 4,400 members to their credit. Singapore has over 5,000 members and Hong Kong more or less has 3,000 members.

Of course, that’s not to count the Malay men and women on Malaysian Cupid, who obviously have most of the population of the active members on this site.

So yes, there are a lot of active users. What’s more is that most of them are yearning for that friendship, companionship or even ultimately, love.

The Truth About The Women You’ll Find On This Site

No Malaysian Cupid review is complete without talking about the quality of women that you will find on here. Which is why it’s the first thing on our checklist.

If you’ve ever been to Malaysia, then this will not come as a complete shock to you. If this is going to be your first time though, then brace yourselves as this truth will shock you (or maybe it won’t)!

Here is a complete breakdown of the things that you need to know about the women here in Malaysia…

First things first, is that 50% of the people here are Malay. You’ll have to search on Google for you to have a more in depth knowledge about this ethnicity. But the thing the most important thing you need to take note about Malays (for purposes of this Malaysian Cupid review) is that they are conservative Muslims.

Speaking of in depth, we’ll touch on the culture part of this review to really put things in perspective. There are a lot of implications as to why we’ve put an emphasis on the term conservative Muslims in the previous paragraph.

Anyway, another important thing to take note of is the number of Chinese people you’ll come across here in Malaysia. About a quarter of the people living in this country are, in fact, Chinese.

Here’s the thing, Chinese girls, they’re more open to dating Western men compared to the Malays…and it’s not even close.

Lastly, let’s talk about the 10% of the women here in Malaysia, the Indians. They’re not a lot, yes; but the thing that you should know about them is that they’re more open to dating Western men than the Malays are, but not as much as the Chinese women are.

What Are The Implications To This?

Now we’ve gotten to know more about what you should expect with the women here in Malaysia. So what are the implications to this in this Malaysian Cupid review?

For starters, the Malays are almost exclusively going to go with those who are Muslims, as that is the traditional and cultural thing to do. So if that’s you, then great!

Christians, on the other hand, will probably have the best chance with the Chinese girls.

Indians, well they’re right in the middle of things. And while we believe that there are a handful of beautiful Indian girls in Malaysia, the fact that they only constitute 10% of the population means that there really isn’t a lot of options for you to meet, hook up and date them while you’re in Malaysia.

The Women Here Speak Very Good English

Perhaps one of the main attractions of Malaysian Cupid is the fact that the women you’ll come across here are very fluent in English and have good command of the language. You’ll be surprised that there are a lot of Malaysians sent to international universities.

Do you know why this is?

They’re very good with English. And yes, this definitely includes the Chinese women who live here. Here’s the thing, the women in mainland China might not be that good when it comes to speaking English, but that’s definitely not the case with the ones here in Malaysia.

We’d like to think that this is one of the main highlights for this Malaysian Cupid review. And it’s no wonder why the Westerners are easily attracted to the thought of finding the love of their lives here. Remember the statistics we’ve shown above of the number of Western members on the website?

People are even saying that the Malays speak better English than the Singaporeans. That says a lot; and that’s what you should be expecting when you come across the ladies of Malaysian Cupid. It’s rare to find someone here who’s weak in the English language.

Malaysian Cupid Review: Is It Worth It To Get The Paid Membership?

Malaysian Cupid is just like any other online dating website—it’s free for you to join. But even though this is the case, there’s only so little you can do when you sign up for the free membership.

This is the best example that we can give: when you sign up for the free membership, you can right then and there search for girls and get matches. However, you cannot be able to message them unless one of you is actually a premium member.

Sooo…does that mean that I don’t necessarily have to pay then?

As long as the other is a premium member then yes. But hear us out on this: this kind of set-up is very unconventional in an Asian online dating scene.

Asians, as we all know, are very traditional and conservative. And if there’s anything we’ve learned so far with the women in Malaysia, it’s that it doesn’t get any more traditional and conservative with them.

Sadly, only a few of them will ever think about paying for dating really. They’re not really fond of the thought especially with their traditional way of thinking.

Sure, you can try your luck with these ladies who’ve actually paid; but let us be the firsts to tell you that that’s not a recipe for success on Malaysian Cupid. That’s because you will only be getting a small fraction of the many fishes in the sea there.

Anyway, we’ll get to how you can sign up for the premium dating later on. So make sure that you do stick around until the very end!

What The Women Are Looking For On Malaysian Cupid

We’ll just put it in three words:

Long Term Relationships.

Seriously, we don’t even need rocket science to be able to explain this:

  • Malaysia is a Muslim country that’s rich in culture and tradition. We believe we’ve already established this through many sections of this article.
  • The people here are not fond of the whole “hookup” concept. There might be a few, but we’re speaking on behalf of the majority here and there’s no such thing.
  • The women might suffer a great deal from their families if found out they’re having casual sex.

This doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone on Malaysian Cupid. Especially of course when you talk about the Chinese ladies. But other than that, for the most part the women here are looking for a long term relationship.

Even if it might be difficult, if you want to take on the challenge to meet and date a traditional Malay woman then you should definitely keep this in mind.

Malaysian Cupid Review: The Pros And Cons

Now for a quick recap about everything there is to know about Malaysian Cupid.

Let’s go ahead and start with the Pros first:

  • This website is the biggest Malaysian online dating site on the internet. And oh, did we mention that they have an app?
  • We all know that Chinese women are at the top of the Asian dating scene. And to be able to find one who can speak fluent English? It doesn’t get better than Malaysian Cupid.
  • You can find the right girl/s for you in an instant with their state of the art search functions.
  • There are no hidden costs. What you see is what you’ll truly get, and that’s even with their Gold and Platinum memberships.

As far as cons:

  • Obviously, Malaysian Cupid costs some money if you want to truly take advantage of everything it has to offer.
  • Lack of options for more casual relationships or hookups.

But, overall, I’d say that’s a pretty short list of cons.

Sign up for a free Malaysian Cupid account and browse by clicking here.

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