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The Realities of Making Money From Blogging

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Okay, so you want to start a blog. You’ve heard all the rage of making money from blogging and want to do it yourself.

Great! Now, wait a minute.

Maybe say you want to do it “for the art”, BUT there is probably some underlying part of you that wants to make some money from blogging. No matter how tiny.

And even if you don’t want to now, you probably eventually will.

Maybe eventually you turn it into a full time pursuit.

But I’m here to shed light on one reality about making money from blogging. Here it is…

It is infinitely easier to sell other people’s products than your own.

It takes a lot of traffic, branding, and momentum to move your own products. I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m obviously living proof of that.

When people search Google for something specific, they’re looking for genuine reviews and advice. They are looking to buy.

So unless your product serves exactly what they are looking for (hint: unlikely), you likely will not convert them.

Therefore, it’s a better option to promote other people’s products.

1.) They’re already created. Don’t underestimate the time and effort it takes to create something like The Harem Handbook or The University.

harem handbook frontpage

2.) If your review post just doesn’t hit (i.e. rank in Google, or people are rubbed the wrong way), you can always just delete it.

Take me for example.

I’ll never stop selling The Harem Handbook. It took me a lot of time and effort.

But about two weeks ago, I noticed that this post on Colombian women was getting a decent chunk of organic search traffic (think 75-100 unique visitors a day, which is actually pretty small peanuts).

So I removed whatever the previous link at the bottom was (I think it was a link to Cracking OkCupid, as neither of my courses were built at that time), and dropped a link to the Colombian Cupid dating website.

Well, in the first ten days of October (I’m writing this on the 11th), I’ve made $137 dollars off of it. If that keeps up, that’s over $400 a month. Off of one post.


When you live abroad like I do–that $400 is enough to pay half my rent. Or a dozen of really nice meals out.

Look, making money online isn’t EASY–because there is a lot of bad info.

Guys Photoshopping graphs of their incoming earning reports, with a big fat affiliate link to start your own blog and become a millionaire right underneath it.

Funny enough, I actually think a lot of guys should have blogs simply as an outlet.

A way to chronicle the journey.

But if you are sincerely thinking you will be making $100k a year within a year of starting your blog–well…


It is probably not going to happen.

But before you invest too much time into pending an eBook that flops (I would know, as I’ve done it twice), pouring your heart and soul into writing, and ignoring my advice.

Build an actual plan.

I consider the fact that This Is Trouble makes enough to pay the bills as a bit of stubborn perseverance and luck. However, targeted sites like my travel niche site.

That niche site is Ukraine Living.


Write things using content that is easy for me to create. I know a lot about living in Ukraine now. And it’s fun, almost therapeutic writing for me.

On top of it, I get to chronicle the success (or failure) of that site here on This Is Trouble. Hopefully I can teach something about it to you guys.

I’m not saying making money from blogging is impossible.

But I want the realities of it to be clear. Make sure you don’t miss 33 Things About Blogging, too.



PS: I’m offering free trials of GOLD memberships at the University.

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