Last updated: March 4, 2017

Make Her Jump, Every Time





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It’s pretty amazing sometimes how well the simple stuff works.

“So, what makes you cool?”

That’s all it took to get this response.


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There isn’t much to say here, but this conversation does a fantastic job of showing you how powerful qualification is.

What is qualification?

In short, it means that a girl perceives you to be of high value–therefore, needs to find a way to show you that she is worthy of you.

This is backwards thinking from what most men do, which is usually men trying to prove to girls that they, as the man, are worthy of the girl. It’s why guys brag about the car they drive, their income, their apartment–anything, really.

It’s a strong sign that she’s going to meet up with you if she’s going as far as this girl did.

“Maybe it’s the way I smile”

Translation: I’m a happy and fun girl to be around.

“I’m the clumsiest person you could ever imagine.”

Translation: I’m a bit insecure, but I hope you won’t hold it against me.

“I love guitars” (Note: I have a guitar in one of my pictures).

Translation: Complimenting me, trying to make me feel good. Good sign.

“I have the rare ability to make you feel masculine as possible in order to help me out alive. Like I’m the fragile little thing and you’re the man. Like the MAN :P”

Translation: I’m better than other girls and I’m going to make you feel ALIVE.


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Being able to get a girl to qualify herself to you is powerful.

Never hesitate to put her on the spot, and ask her what makes her great, instead of her asking you.

It shows you are a man who has options, and therefore–high standards.

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  1. When you said that you have to make her qualify herself to you in order to show that you have high standards I totally agree. A woman is more likely to respect a man when he does this. Recently in one of my uni classes, I observed two men trying to desperately grovel for the attention of the one girl. Not only did they distract me from listening to the lecturer, but their behavior made me gag.

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