September 6

How to Make Easy Money Online

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Hello from Lake Balaton, Hungary…which hardly looks like it’s in Europe:

In any case, I’m writing this from the patio on my last day here. Last night, the girl and I jumped into the freezing cold lake at 11:00pm. It’s been a great trip!

In any case, I wanted to make sure the podcast I recently did with Craig James of Masculine by Design is posted here.

It’s a 1 hour+ of straight gold about how to REALLY make money online, with an emphasis on both niche sites and blogging.

Give it a listen here, or hit play on the player above:

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Craig’s intro on his website:

Kyle got his start making money online by building a website that would allow him to use his personal success with women to teach other men to be successful with women, as well.

He’s still active in the dating game but has also diversified his streams of online income over the years. Kyle has done this by building a number of websites spanning a wide range of topics. These websites continue to add to his bottom line month after month.

As with his success with women, Kyle decided to use what he’d learned about building profitable websites to help others do the same. To that end, he’s developed a training program that teaches the exact steps he uses to quickly create money making websites.

I’ve personally accessed the more than 30 video training modules that make up his program (you can click here to access the first 6 training modules for free). Kyle walks you through every step in the process from start to finish. He covers everything from choosing a niche that will be profitable all the way to building a fully developed site.

These are sites built with the purpose of bringing in additional income for you every month without you having to touch them again.

In today’s podcast Kyle covers the process with me in detail. The goal is to help you determine if supplementing your income by building small, profitable websites is something you should consider pursuing.


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