October 1

Living the Expat Life



There is no new episode of Troublesome Radio this week. Episode 99 will air next week as usual.

This week, you can listen to me on Donovan Sharpe’s show.

Either hit play on the YouTube link above or the Soundcloud link here:

Check out the rest of Donovan’s fantastic, live and daily show, here.



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  1. Interesting interview, but the video part of it really didn’t add any value. Podcasts are much easier to listen to and are more likely for me to take the time while driving, eating, etc. to listen to.

    There are only about three podcasters who I listen to every episode they produce and you are one of them.

    1. I mean, it’s a live show…so the video aspect has huge value then, but not after. I see your point.

      There is a Soundcloud link to download it directly.

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