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Living Abroad? You Have to Want It Bad Enough

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Reader Tim wrote a comment on the post about Southeast Asian girls…

Hey Kyle, I was wondering if you could please reach out to me at my email address. I had a few questions about planning a long trip to South East Asia and I would really appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks and I hope to hear from you!

(After I replied saying that no, I wouldn’t reach out to him and he could email me…)

Okay cool. My first question is, as an American, what should my first steps be for preparing a long travel abroad trip. For instance, I really want to start in Thailand but how/where do I get a visa, a job, or find a place to live? Thanks

I’m not going to lie, my response wasn’t very kind. It was pretty much, “Find it out yourself, there is too much information out there to ask that I reach out to you.”

To his credit, Tim came back and then said that he would do his own research. That really is the spirit needed if you want to live abroad and create something of a life for yourself in a country other than America.

I was impressed with his response, so I am going to go ahead and take the time to answer some of these questions in a bit more light.

My first question is, as an American, what should my first steps be for preparing a long travel abroad trip?

To be honest, the first steps should be not to think too much. If you over-analyze everything, you will reach a point where you’re unable to take action simply because it becomes too overwhelming.

Any way that you spin it, deciding to dedicate your whole life to living abroad is going to seem like a lot. You’ll have both your good days and your bad days.

Some days will seem like the weight of the world is crashing down, and other days will seem like you’re on top of the world itself.

The best advice I have is simply to go with the ebbs and flows of this. The first steps are really as simple as getting a passport and deciding where you want to go.

I really want to start in Thailand but how/where do I get a visa?

I’m not familiar with Thailand, and I’m actually not familiar at all with actually having to get visas. But Thailand is a pretty easy one, from what I understand.

Basically, you should always check to see if you need to get a visa for a specific country. If you’re American, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to get them often. Even when you do need one, often times they are available as “e-visas” that you can just get online.

A job?

Frankly—screw that.

Why on Earth would you want to move and live into a second or third world country and then…get a job there?

That’s insanity. You’ll end up working for peanuts—plus long hours and probably less than ideal work conditions. Plus, you have to find a country actually willing to sponsor you. Unlikely unless you find an American company based in Thailand.

A Thai company sure as hell doesn’t have the budget to get you a work visa.

You’re far better off having some side incomes that bring money in for you while you sleep.

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A place to live?

Not going to lie—this is the one that made me originally not answer the question. The other ones were at least a little more valid—but in today’s world…

Just Google ‘places to live in Thailand’. Or Ukraine. Or anywhere else you want to go.

You’ll have more options than you’ll ever know what to actually do with.


You’ve simply got to want it bad enough. You also have to realize that other people don’t particularly care. If you need help, give them a reason to help you.

There is so much information out there these days that anyone can become a digital nomad

…if they’re willing to do the work.

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  1. Hmmmmm…. with the time he took to ask you those questions he probably could have figured it all out on his own. Then again, he’s most likely a young man.

    One of the best ways to get a place to live is to book a place you find worthy before arrive. Stay there for a few weeks and look around for a better place. Most of the places there don’t bound you by a lease. You can pay monthly.

  2. Loving the content man! It’s so fucking rare to see people online with this mindset. Quitting my engineering desk job tomorrow. Skin in the game baby.

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