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Little (Brown) Brothers

A reader wrote a fantastic response to my recent email about “American privilege” and my checked bag issue with an Eastern European airline.

He’s actually been a guest on DANET, and as an immigrant in America, has some great insights into how the world really works.

Take it away, my friend…

It’s interesting to see you mention “American privilege”. As I’ve said before, both by email and during your podcast, Americans specifically and Westerners in general really have no clue how good their lives are, and how amazing their countries are. They come from places where honest and honourable dealings are the norm, where you get charged what you expected to be charged, and where redress of wrongs and grievances is simple and straightforward – requiring not much more than a phone call or two and a few emails.

It is only when you go to countries where corruption and dishonesty are the only ways to get ahead – like, say, large parts of Eastern Europe and Russia, even today, and of course India and most of South Asia – that you realise just how great it is to live in a prosperous, monocultural, peaceful, high-trust society where you have a pretty good level of confidence that the guy you are trying to buy something from is not going to rip you off and then disappear with your money because you don’t look or sound like him.

I’ve had similar experiences dealing with telecom setup in India – the level of sheer retardation here is beyond a normal Westerner’s imagination. It is truly shocking to see how stupid things can be once you leave the USA. People rip each other off with smiles on their faces, and when they get caught out, they never, ever admit their guilt – even if the evidence is overwhelming.

The fact that Westerners do not value what they have, and do not know how bad the alternatives are, is deeply depressing. But they are going to find out sooner or later, very much the hard way, when their formerly pristine and prosperous societies come to resemble the exact same Third World hellholes that so many of their vibrant new “little brown brothers” came from in the first place.

You know, the part that hits home with me is the “honourable dealings are the norm” quote.

Let me put it this way:

If I’m in a restaurant in some far-off neighborhood in Kiev, Ukraine

I’m not gonna be surprised if I get ripped off for one reason or another. I won’t be surprised if they screw up my order, won’t fix it, overcharge me because I speak English, or any other small things they could do to milk a few extra cents from me. And in this case, I consider it no big deal.

What gets me is when companies want to charge Western prices and play in the Western business world.

Take that airline, LOT Polish Airlines, for example.

They have flights from Warsaw to LAX, JFK, Toronto, and more.

Even Budapest and Krakow to Chicago now, I believe.

So…they are trying to play in the North American market. Awesome.

But you know what that means?

If you get to charge Western prices, you better step your game up on your custom service.

And like I said on this recent episode of my podcast, the bar is not exactly high.

Overall, the truth is this:

Western business practices are the best in the world.

And I do my damn best to adhere to them.

That’s why all my products, including the critically acclaimed “Pro Niche Site”, come with an unconditional money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Don’t like it? No big. We can still even be friends after. Maybe.

Now, listen to this:

If you have PASSIVE income coming in to your bank account, and you want absolute freedom, there is no better thing to do than to travel the world while doing so. It’s an experience every man and lady should have at one point in their life. But, it’s getting that money to begin with – that’s the difficult point. And that’s another reason why I fought so hard with this particular issue – I work damn hard for my money.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but a location-independent income is possible for everyone.

Then, you too can have the “privilege” of doing business in far-off countries. It’ll give you an appreciation, that’s for damn sure.

In any case…

You can learn about Pro Niche Site by clicking here.

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