Last updated: April 24, 2017

Life Won’t Be Given To You

Online Business


These days, I’m getting a lot of questions about how to make money on the internet.

I actually went on a bit of a Twitter rant the other day because of it…


Some guy emailed me a few months ago. General question about Ukraine, teaching English, etc. Actually much older than “my generation”—think late 30s. I responded and gave him some travel tips and told him that teaching English wouldn’t pay him much.

Then a few days ago he sends another email. Asking if I’d discuss his financial plans when I “had a chance”. No question of how much I bill for consulting. No offer to pay. No offer to buy a product and maybe have that thrown in as a bonus.

The point is, why would I give up my time (it sounded like he was expecting a free phone/Skype call).

I sent him an email back telling him my hourly rate and never got a response.

It’s a really bad way to tackle life, expecting things to be given to you. Especially time—because we have a very finite amount of it. And it doesn’t come back.

So, let me answer some of these questions…

  1. HOW do I make money online?
  2. How LONG will it take?
  3. Will you GUARANTEE my success?

These questions are tough to answer, because…

  1. I don’t know – how hard are you going to work?
  2. I don’t know – how hard are you going to work?
  3. No, because I don’t know how hard you will work!

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in life. The only thing that is “assured” in regards to money is the stable, corporate career. And there is no shame in it; albeit I’d argue that they’re not all that stable these days.

In any case, I recently wrote an article out about some business concepts that had been brewing inside my head. It’s about how to make money online, location-independently, but while doing it in a more traditional (and stable, quicker) sense.

Click here to read: Make Money Online…By Going Offline


Bluehost is having a one day sale offering $2.95/mo for 36 months on the Basic Plan. 

So, if you’ve been putting off trying your hand at making a website, now is the time. And remember that you get a free consultation with yours truly if you purchase (just email me at [email protected]).

I won’t guarantee your success, but I’ll do my damn best to give you the best starting point you’ll ever get.

Talk to you soon,


PS: That sale ends at midnight, Mountain Standard Time, today – April 24th. Don’t wait.

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  1. If you write a lot and put out that content online, some people who read a lot of it get it in their head that they know you. That they are your friend. (Even though this relationship is completely one sided and all in their head.)

    Therefore they expect you to help them out for free, because that’s what they’d expect a good friend to do.

    It seems that no matter what niche your in online, these types of people always come crawling into your inbox.

    They’re delusional.

    1. That’s actually an EXCELLENT point and one I hadn’t considered. Many people know a LOT about me, but yeah — I don’t anything about them. So when they pop up in my inbox and just ask for my time…it just boggles me.

      I’m pretty generous about giving away freebies, even my products, all the time.

      But my time? I’m a bit more finicky about that.

      Thanks for the insightful comment.

      1. Yeah. If someones writes a genuine question, I don’t mind giving them a little help. If your helpful to people, there’s a good chance they’ll end up buying something from you further down the road.

        But when they start expecting too much, you’ve got to re-adjust their expectations like you did by quoting your hourly consulting rate.

        The human mind is largely unchanged from thousands of years ago. It’s not designed to deal with the internet where you can end up knowing a lot about someone, with them knowing next to nothing about you. (hence why people can end up thinking of you as their best friend) This effect amplified if they also know what your voice sounds like (podcast) and know what you look like.

        That physiological loophole (for lack of a better term) can be used to you advantage though. People are far more likely to buy something from someone they think they know well, and it’s why a website with a loyal audience can out convert even the best written direct mail sales letters.(where the reader has no prior relationship to the mailer)

        You can even use this effect to your advantage when your going on a first date with a new girl by using storytelling. A well told story, that you can get her to relate to, can make it seem like she has known you for longer than she really has. Making her more open to the idea of sleeping with you on a first date. It triggers that magical “it just happened” state in a girls mind that you talk about in Cracking OKCupid.

        Anyway, this comment has turned out longer than I intended. Haha.

        All the best,

  2. Most people still have no idea the proper etiquette when approaching online content producers. These types of posts are definitely necessary to get the point across.

    I remember when I was 20-21 years old I hit up Nick Savoy for free advice and he set me straight. Sent him one of those pathetic “what do I do next to get this particular girl” novels. Lesson learned.

    Now I see why. When you get an established presence online you can easily blow your whole day answering people’s questions for free. I typically will answer a 2-3 questions and then direct them to my paid Skype consulting page.

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