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Life Cheated Me

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It’s Friday morning, and I’m sitting at my coffee table in Poland. And all I can think of right now is this: life cheated me.

The reason?

A gorgeous little 20 year old Polish/English (born in Poland, grew up in England, came back) girl just left my apartment a couple of hours ago. All that’s coming across my brain right now is this: Life was fucking unfair in the States. This is how it’s supposed to be. I was told that life I had in the States was normal and good. I was lied to.

After that, I can only think: Wow, what if I had been 35 when I finally figured this out? I’d really feel cheated. I feel horrible for all the older gents who didn’t have the Internet when they were my age.

I won’t say I’m truly regretting anything. I gave the life that I was suppose to have an honest-to-God chance, and hated it. I didn’t turmoil around in it for years, instead I manned up and left.

Regardless: life cheated me. American life is not natural. I’ve only been here two weeks, and am completely blown away by this country, it’s women, and culture.

In two weeks, I have a solid harem of 3 – all intelligent, beautiful, and feminine girls – all aged 20-25. And sure, I’m only 24, so I should be getting with girls that age and beauty level. At the same time, I shudder to think how much effort that would have taken in America.

I mean, while I was writing this, another girl texted me and said, “Okay, Tuesday is good. I wrote you in my calendar. I can’t wait :)”

It really couldn’t be going any better.

I keep thinking that I’m going to suddenly wake up. And it was all a dream.

But so far, I haven’t.

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      1. Not always true. I’ve seen plenty of American women fawn over guys with British and Australian accents. American women often respond to frivolous novelties, like accents. I’m not sure if this applies to foreign women as well. I assume these days most people in foreign countries don’t have a high opinion of Americans in general.

          1. Strange thing how you are impressed by things that I almost take for granted. Girls that does not cook is useless. Most girls cannot support them self outside college.
            Well at least they cannot enjoy life on bit higher standard (I am not talking about rich here, just upper middle class). So it is only natural that they have to find man that supports them and men like when woman can cook.

          2. Well, I don’t consider this lucky. When I was fat and much more beta-like* there were woman that came to my flat and cooked for me. It is just that much natural. I did not even fucked them. They just enjoyed cooking for me. And I was (and still am, but to lesser extend) very unsuccessful with women. I can only imagine what more successful guys are used to.

            *although i dont like this term, cos it is mostly used by guys that invested much ego in this whole alpha-beta bullshit.

          3. I mean, not trying to toot my own horn here…but now that I’m here in Poland and have the skills I do – wow.

            I have no regrets about learning game in one of the toughest environments in the world to do so.

          4. Well, You have sharp game now in not so harsh environment + bonus points for being from LA.
            You are basically playing on easy mode now.
            So be careful to don’t lose your edge.

          5. I doubt most young American girls will cook or clean, even if they could. They think it is beneath them, which it is not. In a general sense, modern American women are the lowest quality women in the world. I know that’s a pretty broad, sweeping statement, but I think we all know it’s true. American women have very little to offer a man other than their sexuality.

            I could go on and on about the bad deal that American women represent, but most of us in the Manosphere already know the situation. It speaks volumes about how broken American culture truly is.

          6. Of course it’s very broad, but I’ve always taken the mindset that stereotypes exist for a reason. That one is no different.

            I’ll be trying to keep the posts here more “Europe girls are great” as opposed to “American girls suck balls”.

  1. “America is unnatural” hell yeah it is. Elites have made such a cosmic mess of this place its ridiculous. I think more people realize this then care to admit. There is an inborn sense in all of us or at least a vague idea of how things are supposed to work. Imagine if you saw a dog walking with two legs, green hair, and glowing eyes and someone told you it was natural, you would know damn well it wasn’t yet people do this all the time in regards to how things operate in America.

    1. I get your point to a degree, but also disagree.

      We can’t blame the elites of the country for the raging narcism and overall sense of entitlement for sweeping the nation. At some point, we have to realize that frankly…the men of the country lost control. Things began to run wild and a large reason for posts like this, and the general unhappiness of American men, is simply because we haven’t manned up.

      1. Yes ultimately whatever happened, men allowed to happen. The latent power in any country lies in groups of organised, strong, traditional men acting as a cohesive and effective group.

        It certainly seems to be the case that a lot of these cultural degeneracies were pushed down from the top as part of an agenda. But at any stage, decent ordinary men could have banded together to obstruct it.

        The elite’s control over media and culture is now stronger than it ever has been, but it wasn’t always so.

  2. To consider though, are these girls like this because they have been raised traditionally, and are seeking and expecting commitment? Would they still be happy to cook/clean etc if they know they are part of a “harem” and no long term commitment is likely to be forthcoming?

    Whilst I can blame no man for going to another country to enjoy the women, and certainly have done so myself, the more foreign men that go over to these places and renege on the expected deal (as it were), the more of these women will become embittered and start acting more like their Anglo counterparts.

    1. I actually was made to feel like a total asshole just yesterday, when the main girl (whom I REALLY like), nearly broke down in tears. She was so confused because she didn’t want it to be “just sex”, but it wasn’t clear that I actually liked her. Apparently taking her to dinners and doing plenty of cuddle time wasn’t enough – she needed to actually hear it.

      I felt horrible and told her she was much more than that.

      But to answer your question, I think that yes…over time, if continued generations are screwed over by foreign men, yeah – it will eventually happen. However, hopefully some traditional family values will simply keep this in check.

      AND, I think the truly, truly special women ( are strong enough that they won’t.

      1. Personally, everything I’ve done in my life in terms of self-improvement has been with the end goal of attaining and marrying the highest possible quality girl. I’m talking ideally a 9.5/10 (no-one gets a 10!), traditional, feminine, highly intelligent 19 year old virgin from a stable family background, sweet nature, kind, caring – the top 0.0001% of girls.

        Pickup purely for the sake of pickup is a destructive practise, both for the women who get chewed up and spat out, and also for the guys practising it, as they get stuck in a validation loop, requiring a constant fix of new women just to feel good about themselves.

        Every virgin that a guy like Krauser (for example’s sake) deflowers in some random Eastern European country with utterly no intention of using her for anything other than to satisfy some fleeting sexual urge, is a girl who could have made a very nice wife for a local man, and is now a spoiled alpha widow. You can see why the local guys get so angry at foreigners coming into their countries.

        It’s hard to be put into the candy shop and told you can take whatever you like, and limit yourself to just a small handful though. I’m not trying to preach here at all, because I’m not sure I’d be any better. It’s one thing to know that what you are doing is a moral grey area, and another thing entirely to not do it.

        Interestingly though, the further you go along your own journey of self-actualisation, you eventually stop pursuing any woman at all unless you think she’s relationship material (at least that’s how it has been for me).

        1. That’s the end game for me, too. I want exactly what you just described. And part of me thinks at this rate, I may be hunting desolate villages for her at the current rate that things are going at.

          I actually took your comment from my “girl on the street” post and turned it into a bit of a deeper article, because it resonates really closely with me. I never got the “PUA” and the lines, etc. I just didn’t stick to it. Self improvement worked for me and overall made me better. But I don’t think the two “spheres” need to be separate. Because the quick fix is PUA – guys take one look at the two paths and can easily see that PUA has quicker results.

          Which is fine and dandy. I understand it. 100%. But long-term it is a very long loop to keep chasing women because your entire self worth is in how many notches you can rack up.

          While I think I’ll probably sample a variety of items this year, I’m learning quality really matters. The girl here (…) i can’t stop thinking about. Damn woman wouldn’t even give me a kiss and I’m all about her. Heh.

          I’ve got another high quality one tonight, it’s a much tougher game. I hope she’s as smart as the other one. Definitely as beautiful. I’ll send you some pics!

          1. Good stuff – once you’ve had a taste of a truly top quality girl, you can’t go back!

            My last LTR – she made me wait 5 dates for sex (had never happened before), and even then she was hesitant because she wanted to be sure I actually loved her, because it was such an emotionally intimate thing for her to do.

            When you have a girl like that, you know you’ve got a keeper.

          2. Exactly.

            The problem is I’ve been conditioned my whole life that women are…well, kinda boring without the sex. I think the true quality ones can keep you engaged enough to wait a few dates without sex (novelty for me), which is signs of a great personality both short and long term!

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