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Let’s Talk About Getting Laid on the ‘Gram

Got another response to the email the other day asking about whether it was desperate to approach girls in Eastern Europe:

“Haha, dude. That guy is totally full of shit. That’s some grade A, game denialism right there. I wonder how many girls he’s approached in his life, especially out here.”

The ironic thing?

I actually agree with this after thinking about it.

The guy who sent the original question has probably never had much success with girls and is trying to get out of actually putting his balls on the line at all costs.

(Here’s the original question again)

“But do you think cold approaching is still an effective way to meet girls? I talked to a friend who has been cold approaching in East Europe for the last few years told me that things are starting to change and that it’s not worth it anymore.

This is what he tells me. Ukrainians can now travel throughout Europe with just a passport. They all now have instagram accounts and wealthy westerners are hitting them up and paying to fly them into England, Italy and other places where they’re showered with money, gifts and attention.

So everyone’s trying to game girls on instagram and tinder and he feels its not worth the effort to approach and will have to jump to online. He said “approaching girls was once seen as bold and now girls see it as desperate.” Other guys I heard from have shared similar sentiments that all these changes are making cold approaching become obsolete.”

What changed my mind was the NEXT question he sent:

“Thanks for answering my question on cold approaching. I have another one. Do you have any kind of method for messaging and gaming girls through Instagram? I’m not talking about girls who thousands of followers. I have some European prospects that are on instagram that may be promising so was wondering if you had some template like you do for Tinder.”

I sent him this post.

But, I have something to say…

I mean, Christ, how many different internet methods do you need to try out before you just sack up and talk to some girls in person?

It boggles my mind that you would take the time to start searching and messaging girls on Instagram, on another continent, versus just working a bit on yourself and then going there in person to do work.


On top of it, taking the time to send questions to me trying to figure it out.

Has this reader even BEEN to Eastern Europe?

Who knows.

All I know is that I know “this type” of guy — the guy who just flat-out denies that game works, and would prefer to sit around on the keyboard all day theorizing, fantasizing, and mentally masturbating to the romantic idea of game instead of actually putting things into action.

Just go approach!

I reckon this guy doesn’t have the courage to approach girls in any capacity. He’s looking for a weasel-esque way out any way he can take it.

But, all good with me.

It’s fodder to tell you that DANET will teach you:

How to understand women in all parts of the world, set yourself up for success, and most importantly – how to become a well balanced and confident man that women can’t keep their cute little hands off of.

Learn more about it at the link below. Do note, that if you’re the type of guy who tends to be a bit “weasely” about things, it’s probably not a good fit.

Only men truly looking for better (and not excuses) should join.



If you want to do Instagram the RIGHT way – meaning using it as a TOOL and not as a crutch – then I highly suggest you give a listen to the podcast I did with my pal “Vinny” aka the Instagram Casanova (linked above).

He’s a personal friend from years ago in Kiev, Ukraine, who has truly mastered the art of using IG as a tool to get girls.

But, he doesn’t just slide into the DMs…

He uses it to connect with girls (whether from daygame, night, or online), and use his profile as social proof which stokes the desire in girls.

Not as a way of getting around doing approaches.

Learn about his services for IG growth at the link below:


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