Last updated: September 13, 2017

Let Me Play Devil’s Advocate



I posted this on Twitter last night and have been getting a variety of responses. I was genuinely curious after going through my feed and, well–just being amazed at how much is going. Just seems nobody is having much fun these days. Anyways.

And some answers:

Worse girls and inflated prices? No thanks.

Before I continue, here are my general thoughts about the issues that revolve around that tweet.

  • I support Trump. I think he can do positive things. I do not think it will happen overnight.
  • I’m on the fence whether or not he’s going to win.
  • Regardless, I think once the election is over–people will go back to their lives.
  • Hillary will slowly make the country (and the world) a worse place for your average white person–especially males.
  • That last bit will happen far less drastically than people would make it out to believe.
  • And (this is the one that might piss people off), I believe in free speech–but I also think it’s social media company’s right to censor people if they so wish. It’s their company and their own platform. They’re free to do what they want with it.

Last note: I’ve known Jeremy for years personally, and I like Nick a lot.

Personally, I’ve just never had a desire to throw myself head-on into the political machine.  I’m far, far more interested in growing my business to a level that I can live a good life for years to come.

Sure, get the right exposure and you can make a decent coin (for a long time, too)–but the people getting that exposure are few and far between.

But for most, it’s not an evergreen topic.

That means it’s a dead end as soon as the election rolls around. People will just find new things to bitch and complain about in the world.


Mass hysteria = mass movement.

Mass movement = new trends to follow.

I just don’t get a lot of it. A lot of people have 50 followers on Twitter and spend their entire day debating hot points of the election. They’re anonymous. They won’t talk about it to people in person.

Sorry, but 50 followers is absolutely nothing.

Do you really think you, an anonymous person on Twitter, is going to suddenly have a huge influence on the election? In this case, I agree with Rob from 30 Days–“I’m saving the West!” is an identity to grab on to.

A chance to be a part of something.

It’s what a lot of people crave in this world of being alone.

Maybe once you reach the 1k mark, you can start having a bit of influence. But before that? Yeah, you’re small peanuts.

I just wanna live, ya know.

Perhaps people will go back to living it up after this election is over.

I suppose we’ll find out.

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  1. Whilst I don’t disagree with what you say, and we may not be at the immediate brink of the “shit hitting the fan” moment for Western civilisation, the prospect of it is a lot nearer than it ever has been.

    We’ve had the privilege to live our lives in the biggest bubble of safety and prosperity that any human beings in history have ever known. We’ve known no different, and take it for granted, which is totally natural.

    However, such things are not free. There comes a point where all things we desire to have much be fought for, tooth and claw, if we are to retain them. That point is soon upon us.

    Whilst travelling and banging chicks are no doubt fun, it’s ultimately a frivilous pursuit compared to getting prepared to do what it needed to protect our families and loved ones, in the event it is required. This is what masculinity is about, in my mind.

    1. Yes, don’t disagree with you at all at this point. But there are far too many people who think that their Twitter arguing is, in fact, saving the West.

      In my opinion, that is not “preparing to protect our families and loved ones.”

      There is a huge difference.

      1. Definitely.

        I do wonder though, relentless trolling and shitposting for the last few years does seem to have had a noticeable effect on public opinion, if you go off the comment threads on MSM websites.

        That said, it’s probably impossible to separate cause and effect. Was the trolling and shitposting caused by a real-life groundswell of public opinion against the Left because they overplayed their hand, and pissed everyone off? Or did a smaller group of “woke” people manage to shift the course of public debate?

        For sure though, many on Twitter are delusional about the reach of their words.

        1. I think they overplayed.

          Starting to legalize pedophilia and transgenderism to the level they are started to wake some people up.

          Gay sex is one thing, sex with children is another.

          Just one example. It wasn’t specifically this. But they got greedy.

  2. “And (this is the one that might piss people off), I believe in free speech–but I also think it’s social media company’s right to censor people if they so wish. It’s their company and their own platform. They’re free to do what they want with it.”

    I agree. But if I am going to say this, I am also going to say: Abolish or strongly diminish intellectual property laws. Make it perfectly legal to create a Twitter/Facebook/Whatever clone.

  3. “And (this is the one that might piss people off), I believe in free speech–but I also think it’s social media company’s right to censor people if they so wish. It’s their company and their own platform. They’re free to do what they want with it.”

    I agree. But if I am going to say this, I am also going to say: Abolish or strongly diminish intellectual property laws. Make it perfectly legal to create a Twitter/Facebook/Whatever clone. I am not sure if it’s a real thing, but it’s the only explanation I can find for there not being, say, unPC versions of Facebook who are advertised like that. Intellectual property is like a government-granted monopoly on their market segment.

      1. Well, if we are to be realistic, human endeavor seldom seems to be about planning the perfect solution and then executing it. More like, creating a new mess and seeing whether it is better than the mess we had before.

    1. They make Christian bakers bake cakes for gays. I’d be cool with making twitter not censor non-pc people. Ideally neither side would do this but letting one side get away with it while censoring the other is not a good way to win a culture war.

      There’s already a twitter clone. It’s not IP that keeps people there, it’s momentum. There’s an economic term for it but I can’t remember it at the moment.

          1. Well, it’s a tricky topic. I’d say a monopoly is theoretically okay if people freely choose and keep choosing to support it. Then, in a way, they are their own enemies. So you could say the gist of my opinion is that as long as the government does not interfere in any way, it’s cool.

            But then, you kinda get to the point of wondering about the distinction between government and big corporations with a lot of power and it kinda gets weird at that point. It tends to lead to anti-monopoly laws like we have in germany where ‘competition’ is ‘enforced’ by the government.

  4. I feel this way all the time. Politics has a way of bringing us to a place where we spend way too much time spinning tires in heated debates that don’t provide any value. Is it worth allocating 80% of your thoughts and words to political discussions that will have minimal impact? Or should you allocate some of that effort into something that will more likely benefit your own life and the lives of others?

    Of course, every man should spend time developing his political beliefs and an idea on the way society ought to be structured, but it doesn’t have to come at the cost of being unable to enjoy life. There is a balance that can be achieved.

    I’ll be working hard to make sure 2017 is the most productive and enjoyable year of my life so far. Whoever is in the White House won’t factor into the outcome of that.

  5. What you lack in followers, you can make up in intensity – but I agree, you would need to be a hella intense with 50 followers. On twitter.

    You could latch onto media that are newer. Like Brigade. Gab. Anchor. With a much smaller follower count. Which means you need to be proactive and push the conversation, you can’t simply retweet.

      1. That’s true.

        “Intense” is a bit unspecific and yes, ultimately pointless. What I meant is to create a strong connection with a handful people, figure out ways to work together etc.

        If you want a high follower number, produce compelling content.

  6. I think your bullet points are on the money and a lot of people would read this and quietly nod to themselves. But those aren’t the types raging out on Twitter or commenting on posts. Like you said about mass hysteria and mass movement, many people on Twitter are looking for that “get followers quick” strategy and some think targeting hyper-charged opinionated topics is effective. All in all, I nonchalantly agree with this post. Which is why I would usually just read and quietly nod to myself but not today. Good post, Kyle.

  7. A couple of quick points as I’ve seen you struggling with this a bit.

    First, you’re looking at the numbers wrong. It’s not just the number of followers you have it’s who you’re connected to and the power of the crowd. For example, guys like me have had multiple anon accounts over the years and have been supporting guys like cernovich, roosh, latimore, baxter (and now you) long before any of you were verified or ‘famous’. One retweet doesn’t sound like much but thousands of us doing that starts to add up quick. Back then many of those guys were struggling to get even get 5 likes or retweets much like your are now. My point is that as a collective we can (and do) lift each other up over time and we don’t need 1,000’s of followers to do that. Good ideas will still spread fast. In fact, take a look at the average number of followers on the people that actually ‘engage’ with even Trump’s stuff and you will see that most people don’t have many followers and that’s why they join the collectives or movements, to have a voice. We are passionate, cernovich and trump have learned to capitalize on that. Ignoring it or trying to change the subject won’t work. Feeding it does. The anon part you already understand. Some of us don’t need a brand or recognition, we have business or careers to protect, and we’re happy to humbly support great people.

    Next, I can feel the frustration of you trying to grow your business in all this. You’re learning a valuable lesson right now that I hope you never forget. Trying to market a startup during and election year (especially one as dramatic as this one) is like screaming in a hurricane. I know becuase years ago I learned the same lesson the hard way. People are distracted and Ad costs are astronomical leading up to Election Day (then the holiday shopping season kicks in) so it’s better to wait until mid December or January when costs drop and sanity is restored. What you don’t know about me it that I have had a huge software product launch ready since September, but I put it in hold until January becuase I’m painfully aware of the effect of the election cycle on online marketing. And you probably know what I’m doing with my time as I wait for the storm to pass )

    Anyhow, I just wanted to chime in and offer an old bulls perspective on what’s happening. My advice is holster your guns and try to relax for the next 6 weeks or so. Go see your family. Enjoy your friends. Smash some squirrel. You’ve had a great year from what I can tell and things are about to get much better if you can be patient just a little longer, so go recharge and be ready for the next push. You’re not alone.

    1. Great comment.

      Definitely agree with what you’re saying about the movement. My point I was trying to make was that too many people (and most of them frankly aren’t the type that you’re talking about–which is anonymous but intelligent, very red pill) are now holding onto this motion that the election IS THEIR LIFE.

      Of course, me and all those guys you mentioned greatly do appreciate the support 🙂

      Okay, second point on business–you’re not wrong but you’re not entirely right, either. I definitely am frustrated at times, but September and October were the two best months ever for me financially.


      I hadn’t even thought of the election impacting businesses. That is a great point you have. Especially in the online crowd, you’re dead on. Screaming into a hurricane. It’s so chaotic that it simply isn’t gonna work right now. Hadn’t even occurred to me to think of it like this.

      So yes…lesson learned. Thank you.

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