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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Laid with Latina Women Using Tinder

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Kyle Trouble checking in today…this post about meeting Latina Women using Tinder is a guest post by my amigo El Conquistador.

I rolled over at 3 am and saw my phone light up.

It was a message from a Latina girl I matched with on Tinder 2 days before. I used my standard serious-funny opener on her and we had been messaging on Whatsapp, but still hadn’t met in person.

The text said that she just got back from the club and was slightly drunk but wanted to see me.

“Ven aqui ahora”

(Come over here now)

I asked if she lived alone, she said yes.

Now I love my sleep more than anyone–but I also like getting laid without having to work for it. The fact that she lived in my neighborhood (so I could walk over there) pushed me off my bed-fence. I got dressed and headed out.

I wouldn’t usually walk around Latin America at 2am but I was staying in a nice area and I was horny as fuck.  Hey, a heavy ball sack will make a guy do some crazy things.

At her place, I rang the door bell and leaned against the door frame with my best James Dean pose and a shit-eating grin.

As soon as she opened the door, she looked me up and down and went straight in for the kiss. Not even an “hola”.

I pressed my chest into her and drove her backwards in to the apartment, lips still locked.

She pulled away and walked around me to close the door. But she didn’t just close the door, she put a fuckin’ 2×4 across the door frame.

What’s that for?”

Aveces entran mi padre y mis hermanos pero no tocan” (Sometimes my father and brothers come by but they don’t knock)

My body tightened. The last thing I needed was a Latin guy, who probably has a machete and a gun in his house, bursting in and catching me railing his daughter from behind.

She didn’t give me chance to develop this train of thought or an escape plan because she jumped me again and rammed her tongue down my throat.

After we both came up for breath, she took my hand, turned around and started leading me to the bedroom.

The combination of the lack of words between us, the fear, and the circumstances, produced a powder keg cocktail that made the sex even better.

Later on when I lifted the 2×4 off the door, it was 6am and the sun was coming up.

I realised right then that Tinder may be the best tool for a quick, no strings attached hook up with Latina women.

Latina Women

The Spread Of Smartphones

Now while Tinder is not as popular in Latin America as it is in the West, the app is steadily growing in popularity.

Plenty of Latinas will be using it in the major cities such as Lima, Mexico City, Bogota, etc. But you won’t find many Latina women on it away from the metropolitan areas.

The “In” Crowd

The types of girls using Tinder in Latin America will be middle-to-upper class: good families, jobs or school, etc. This is in contrast to sites like Badoo which will generally have the barrio girls wanting to sleep with you because you have running water and air conditioner at your place.

The types of girls exercising their thumbs on Tinder in Latin America will usually know English which can be a plus for you if you don’t speak much Spanish.

However as Kyle knows dating Latina women who already know English sounds great but is a let down.

How to Get Laid With Latina Women Using Tinder

Most of the advice in this article will work for the US and Europe dating markets but there are some tips that apply specifically to the cultural nuances of Latin America.

Set Up


If you’re reading this article, I assume you already have a Tinder account so I won’t waste time explaining how to sign up, download the app, etc.

If you want to spread your bets, you can get two Tinder accounts and set up 2x profiles with [eafl id=”12831″ name=”T&T” text=”different name and sets of photos.”]

To do this you will need a second Facebook account: I encourage you to get one if you want to keep your International Playboy life separate from your friends and family back home.


I have found the optimal number of photos to be 3-4. Any fewer and you’ll limit your ability to sell your attractive qualities.  But any more than 4 and you will give the girl more chances to find a flaw. Keep your photo set tight and don’t give her any help in disqualifying you.

The Big 3

In the world of Cold Reading, they say that all human problems fall into three categories:

Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Coincidentally, Internet marketers know that the three biggest niches are:

Get Ripped, Get Paid and Get Laid.

How does this apply to Tinder photos? This: you want to display the big three traits in your photos.

When it comes to Latina women, health is the least important of the three and wealth is by far the most important. Your number one photo should display wealth in some way: wearing a [eafl id=”12902″ name=”Travel Blazer” text=”custom suit”] (this increased my matches by over 30%), driving a nice car, looking like you belong in a 5-star environment, etc.

You might think this is douchey and you’d be right. However, here we are more concerned with what works. Are you willing to look a little douchey to get more matches?

Of course you are.

Relationships: show that you have people in your life who enjoy your company with a photo of you smiling with friends around you .

Health: a photo of you showing your body WHILE doing a cool sporting activity: rock climbing with your shirt off, surfing with your wet suit unzipped, etc. Topless bathroom mirror selfies are overdone but better than nothing.

Final photo tips:

  1. Just as in the Anglosphere, a picture of you with a cute animal is gold. Maybe a photo of you with a puppy ticks the “relationships” trait box. From an evolutionary standpoint, if you love animals then you can’t be a bad person.
  1. Everything is cheaper in Latin America so if you want to do this properly, hire a professional photographer (or a local undergrad) to make up a photo set for you.

About Me


The best formula I’ve come up with for creating a compelling “About Me” section is:

Best feature + Back story + Humor

Best feature: What is you USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? In 90% of cases in Latin America it’s the fact that you are a foreign guy. So I suggest you put your nationality up front.

Other good features could be: height (big plus in Peru and Mexico if you are over 180cm), job, macho hobby.

Backstory: Why are you in her country? What brings you to Medellin or Buenos Aires?

Humor: a tongue-in-cheek fact about yourself.

For example: “Me encantan las empanadas” (I love empanadas)

Or “Los payasos me dan miedo” (Clowns scare me)

Example About Me:

188cm, rubio de Nueva York viviendo en Lima por trabajo. Se me antoja el ceviche

Best feature: Height (188cm) + exotic value (New York)

Backstory: Viviendo en Lima por trabajo – (living in Lima for work)

Humor: “Se me antoja El Ceviche” (I fancy some Ceviche)

Abogado Americano – acabo de llegar a San Juan, buscando mi media naranja

(American lawyer – just arrived in San Juan, looking for my other half)

Messaging Latinas

Good photos and a solid personal description will get you an audition but messages will get you the call back when it comes to Latina women.


Golden rule: Message her within 12 hours of matching with her, otherwise you’ll get pushed down the list by other guys.

If your photos are hitting the emotion hooks I mentioned above, lots of Latina girls will message you first. If they do, you can go straight into rapport.

After hundreds of tests, I’ve come up with a formula that has worked really well for me:

Serious + Serious + Funny

A variation on this:

Good Quality About Myself + Good Quality About Myself + Funny

Here’s one I’ve used with to get a very response rate – don’t copy it word for word or I won’t be able to get laid in Latin America any more and that will make both of us very sad.

Example: “Tengo trabajo fijo, se cocinar, pero no se fregar

(I have a safe job, I know how to cook, but I don’t know how to wash dishes)

screenshot_2016-11-02-19-53-01   screenshot_2016-11-03-21-30-45

Example: “Gano un buen saldo, tengo mi propio carro y me bano una vez al mes

(I earn a good salary, I have my own car and I shower once a month)

The funny section is crucial because it serves as a litmus test to qualify the girl. If she doesn’t find your message amusing, she doesn’t have a sense of humor and she’ll be a nightmare to deal with–no matter how hot she is.


Once she replies to your opening message, you are now in rapport and you should do the following:

  1. Drop bait to invite more questions

Don’t ask her questions – make statements that hint at value and invite further questioning

Examples:acabo de llegar en la cuidad” (I’ve just arrived)

Estoy ordenando mi apartamento” (I’ve organizing my apartment)

Voy conociendo la cuidad” (I’m getting to know the city)



2. Run tourist game: Where’s good to...? Do you know of a ...?

Latin girls are generally very helpful and good natured so they’ll at least reply even if they don’t know where the nearest Pool Hall is to your place.

Also, if you’re looking to play tourist, check out this post about some of the best destinations in Latin America for single guys.

Number Bounce


Ignore the following rule at your peril:

Get the girl off Tinder AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Tinder moves unbelievably quickly (as apposed to Latin American Cupid where there is a lag time) and after 1-2 days you both will have swiped, matched, messaged and received messages from other people.

If you take nothing else away from this article, just remember this:

“48 hours is a long time in the Tinder world”

As a general rule, I recommend 3-5 messages before you ask for the number.

Ask for her Whatsapp, as most Latina women use this app.

Use the following lines:

Usas Whatsapp?”

Tienes whatsapp?”

When asking for the number, give a reason why you are asking.

For example:

Para poder hablar mejor” (So we can chat better/easier)

Es mas comodo hablar por ahi” (It’s better using Whatsapp to chat)

No entro mucho a esta pagina” (I don’t use this page/app much)


If you have any questions or success stories using Tinder in Latin America, let us know in the comments.

Un abrazo,

– El Conquistador

PS: If you want to generate more leads with Latina women other than Tinder, this site is a good place to start.

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  1. Great guide for meeting Latinas on Tinder! It is definitely growing in popularity. The humor is def critical on the bio and a witty yet cocky comment about yourself.

    These days, I like to keep everything in Tinder before getting the girls number or else my phone gets flooded with numbers. Also, Latinas give out numbers like parishioners give out money at church on Sundays. I like to know she is dtf or ready for the date before bouncing to Whatsapp.

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