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How to Bang Women on Latin American Cupid (2020 Edition)

Dating Abroad


This Latin American Cupid review is written by my friend El Conquistador.

The Spanish Conquistadors who followed Christopher Columbus to the Americas didn’t need much game.

Killing the local men and raping the women was all the game you needed in those days. Eliminating the local male competition and taking the females against their will—or not if you believe in the “war brides” theory – will get you either shot or thrown in jail these days.

But luckily we have technological resources that we can leverage to emulate the notch counts of Cortes and his band of merry Spaniards.

Living in Latin America for the past 3 years, I’ve tried every dating site/social networking app  and most of them have a low ROI when it comes to time invested vs. bangs accomplished.

BUT there is one dating site that every single man traveling to Latin America should try:

Latin American Cupid.

Advantages of Latin American Cupid

latin american cupid

Latin American Cupid will help you grab the numbers and set up dates with local females. It’s a great way to get some dates under your belt during your first few weeks in a new Latin country.

Here are a few things LAC has going for it:

Marketing 101

I remember an internet marketing guru describe Pay-Per-Click Advertising as: “Looking for people who are looking for you”.

The problem with trying to score girls on social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook is that the girls you message are not necessarily looking to date. They may be in a happy relationship, focussing on their career, not interested in gringos, etc.

However the girls you find on Latin American Cupid have already raised their hand and declared their interest in dating.

Swimming upstream is much easier.

Better for older guys

Most of the girls on Cupid in Latin America set their age preferences to 10+ years beyond their current age. In Latin America, older men are thought to have more financial resources and are less likely to cheat, making them a better bet for a long-term relationship.

Thin Slice

Inside the LA Cupid dashboard, you can target the types of girls you find attractive. You can narrow your searches down by body type, height, age, bust size, hair length, etc.

The Language Barrier

While I strongly recommend becoming conversational in the local language to make yourself a more attractive man and to be better able to charm the local females, if your Spanish is basic then LAC works great as “training wheels” as you learn to art of seducing Latinas.

Pre-Trip Research

Not sure which Latin American country you want to visit? Want to know what the girls are like in Ecuador? Get on LAC and do some recon before you leave.

Investing in yourself & separating yourself from the masses

The greater the barrier to entry on a dating site, the easier it will be to date hot girls.  On free sites such as Badoo and Facebook, there is nothing stopping thirsty perverts in Dubai flooding the inbox of every girl with hot bikini pics on her profile.

Girls can’t get bombarded on Tinder because she has to “like” you for you to have access to her – making it more useful for our objectives.

The fact that you have to pay for a Latin American Cupid membership to be able to message girls prevents many idiots from joining—which is a good thing.


You can make substantial savings on LAC by singing up for a 12-month membership.

Here’s another tip that has helped me and other fellow Latina lovers save a few dollars on the LAC membership:

Change your IP address to a Latin American country (Colombia, for example) and pay in the local currency, it will work out cheaper.

Where to use Latin American Cupid?

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to girls in every Latin country from Mexico to Patagonia.

Cupid Media also have sites that target specific countries: Mexican Cupid, Dominican Cupid, Colombian Cupid, Brazil, etc.

Colombian Cupid or Latin American?

Unfortunately, being a paid member of LAC does not grant you access to all the other Cupid sites. If you are traveling to the Dominican Republic, for example, and you are in two minds about whether to invest in either Dominican Cupid or Latin American Cupid, run the following A/B split test:

  1. Sign up for an account on both sites (creating an account is free but you have to pay to message girls)
  2. Set your filters and search for girls on both websites
  3. Compare the results side-by-side
  4. Pay for the site that has more girls that you find attractive

If you have the budget, I recommend paying for a membership at both sites to widen your net. Cupid Media will let you join both sites using the same name, email and credit card so there is nothing to stop you doubling your chances of success.

In general, the country-specific Cupid Media sites will have more girls from the big cities. However, these smaller sites will also have more foreign guys on the site (competition).

In the past, I’ve found Latin American Cupid to be better than the local sites for finding diamonds in the rough that haven’t received thousands of messages from gringos.

However, don’t take my word for it, split test your results on both sites and put your money where you want your mouth to be.

While there are many scam sites out there full of fake profiles and girls asking you to Western Union money to them, I can personally vouch for Latin American Cupid and I know Kyle used to it to great success, too.



Plan Ahead

It’s critically important to start your pipelining efforts early because it can take 3-4 weeks for a Latin girl to reply back.

If you are only staying for two weeks and you message a girl on the day you arrive, you might get a reply back from her when you are sitting on the plane on the way back to the US.

I recommend you start messaging girls 3 weeks before you land in the country. Some girls will respond immediately so you’ll just have to stall them with sweet talk until you arrive. Spend the 2-3 weeks before you arrive building comfort over Whatsapp and Skype.

Your Backstory

Start building your LAC character at this point: age, job, marital status, reason for being in Costa Rica, travels, etc.

To lie about your age, or not?

As I mentioned earlier, being older is a big advantage on Latin American Cupid because many girls are looking for a provider.

  • If you are below 35, add two years to your age
  • If you are above 35, minus as many as is realistic (three maximum)

Mentally prepare answers to these questions:

  • Why are you here?
  • How long are you staying?

Signing Up

Create an account for Latin American Cupid using a burner email or an email that does not include your full name if you want to protect your identity.

Your Profile

The Latin American Cupid Profile section has three main boxes: Headline, About Me and What I’m Looking For.

1. Profile Title:

One short sentence that communicates good qualities: humor, tenderness, etc.


  • hombre trabajador buscando amor (Hard working man looking for love)
  • buscando mi media naranja (Looking for my other half)

2. About Me:

Write 3-5 sentences max covering the following elements:

  1. Greeting/salutation
  2. Name
  3. Work & why I’m in the country
  4. Vulnerability
  5. What I like to do in my free time


Hola!/ Saludos!

Mi nombre es Roberto. 

I work in the overseas contracting industry and my company is sending me to Costa Rica for 6 months.

I don’t know Spanish so I would like to spend time with people who can help me improve.

On the weekends I like going to church and then to the beach. 

3. What I’m Looking For:

Write 3-5 sentences maximum using the following prompts:

  1. Friends who can show me around
  2. A girlfriend because I am living here long-term
  3. A girl who is: loyal, easy-going, loving (they all think they have these)


Busco amigos que me puedan enseñar los mejores lugares en la cuidad.

Tambien me gustaría tener una relación seria porque voy a estar en Lima por 6 meses.

Quisiera una novia que sea leal, sensible y cariñosa.

Gracias por leer. Que Dios te bendiga!

Filling out your profile

Completing your profile won’t help, but it will hurt you if you have lots of gaps. Most of us know that the whole “interest/favorite book/favorite food” stuff is bullshit and that online dating comes down to what your photos communicate and if you can grab attention with your opening message.

But again, trust is a big thing on the internet so the more you reveal about yourself, the better your results will be. Fill it out quickly and move on.

The Cupid Tags Hack

Cupid Tags are chronically under utilized by guys using LAC. They work like the keywords to help you find women who are buried deep on page 7 of the searches.

Add some tags using words describing the type of girl you want to meet:

  • Deportista (Fitness Chick)
  • Atractiva
  • Sexy
  • Modelo (these girls are either hot or deluded)
  • Sin hijos (VERY important to some guys)


I verify my profile because again, trust is the number 1 issue that impedes people from taking action on the internet. The other girls don’t get to see this personal info so it’s no big deal.



As I mentioned in my article on using Tinder in Latin America (link) use photos that convey three traits: Wealth, Health and Relationships.

3 photos that I always use in my Latin American Cupid profile are:

1. Wearing a suit in a five-star environment

2. Doing fake or real job

3. Shirtless pic doing some semi-dangerous sport: rock-climbing, windsurfing, etc. 


Give priority to girls who are online right now and don’t message girls on Latin America Cupid that haven’t logged in for more than 2-3 weeks – the chances they’ll reply are slim. 

The “Fresh Meat” Hack

Filter your results to find girls who have “recently joined”. These girls haven’t been spammed by a bunch of gringos yet.

The “Spanish Keyword” Hack: How to find the “Lady Of The Lake” on Latin American Cupid

You can find girls who are hidden in the site by searching for keywords that appear in their profiles such as: alta (tall), delgada (thin), senos (breasts) etc. These keywords have to be in Spanish as they don’t show up in English.

Using the keywords can save you time so you don’t spend hours browsing photos looking for your type of girl.

The key with Latin American Cupid is to do lots of different cross-searches to find all the girls that don’t come up on your regular searches. Keep tweaking your search filters: distance, age range, body type, etc. Make sure you save your searches according to your preferences and save them under key names, for example: Lima tall, Medellin Best Feature: Ass, etc. You can refresh those searches every few days to see if new girls appear.

How to Message Girls on Latin American Cupid

Opening Message

latin american cupid

Here are three different messages you can try to see which yields the best results:

1. The short and sweet message:

Subject:  Saludos __________(her name)

Body:  Hola nena ¿Como estas?

2. Longer Message:


Say a bit about yourself and compliment her on some non-physical trait.

Subject: Hola______(name)

Body: Hola linda, mi nombre es (your name) y soy nuevo aca en (Country)

Pareces como una persona muy sensible en tu perfil y me gustaría conocerte mejor.

(You seem like a very perceptive person and I’d like to get to know you better)

Un abrazo

(Your name)

3. Clarify Your Location + Get the number

90% of guys who are messaging girls on Latin American Cupid are not in her country. They are declaring their love for the girl from the basement of their parents’ house in Pakistan and promising the girl they’ll come visit her one day. So you need to make it explicitly clear that you are in her city. You do this by mentioning where you live in your opening message.


hola amor renté un apartamento en la zona ____ (“I have a house/apartment in a nice area of the city”) me gustaría saber si tienes whatsapp para hablar mejor. ¿Que crees?


After that, run standard phone game

El Conquistador: Hola

Latina: Hola

El Conquistador: ¿Como estas?

Latina: Bien

El Conquistador: Me alegro. ¿Oye tienes whatsapp para que podamos hablar mejor? (I’m glad. Hey do you have Whatsapp so we can chat easier on there?)


Here are some standard shit test and questions you get from Latin American women while chatting with them on Whatsapp:

  • How long are you going to be here?
  • Have you had many Colombian/Peruvian women?
  • Are you a player?
  • Are you here on vacation?
  • Do you work here?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Are you married? Why not?
  • Do you have kids? Why not?

Prepare well so you can deflect these like a champ.

Closing Thoughts

If this is your first trip to Latin America and “¿donde esta el baño?” is all the Spanish you know, Latin American Cupid is the easiest way to meet Latinas. If you’re an experienced, multilingual seducer, you can use the site to supplement your day and night game efforts.

Just imagine how many native girls they Conquistadors would have banged if they had smartphones and Latin American Cupid.

I hope you enjoyed this Latin American Cupid review.

Un abrazo,
– El Conquistador

PS: You can take a look at some of the Latinas on Latin American Cupid here.

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