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Men Earn, Women Spend—The Cycle Repeats




You will not like this blog post.

You have been warned so therefore all is totally fair game.

Naturally, none of the girls are gonna stop reading this email at this point, and there’s nothing I could say to make them click away.

Copywriting in action, eh…

Anyways, here’s an unpopular opinion.

Girls are the same everywhere in the sense they can’t appreciate the work that most men do. This is just how it is. Men provide, women nurture. Rarely do they understand the sacrifice that is made by a man to do so. Hence, you see women divorcing their husband of 15 years with 3 kids because they are “bored” and he “doesn’t make her feel good” because he works 16 hour days to provide for his family.

That’s just honest-to-God female nature.

They don’t care about the sacrifice.

Rich Cooper has a great quote about it:

“Women hang out at the finish line and fuck the winners.”

Truer words never spoken.

It’s why she doesn’t care HOW you got your millions, only that you have them. Doesn’t matter how much of your soul you had to sell for it. Just that you got the 7 figures in your bank account.

And, again, this is true just about anywhere in the world…

With one caveat:

It’s worse than anywhere in the States, for one simple reason…

The difference is in the States is that women control the majority of the spending.

Go read any general study and it’s overwhelmingly females who make the majority of purchases in America. And no, it’s not because they’re all stay at home moms and do the shopping.

It’s often times them just spending their husband’s money he’s working so hard for on those 16 hour days.

This multiplies the already frustrating battle many men face:

There’s no appreciation of the hard work (again, chicks hang out at the finish line) to provide — then, they also are reckless with it.

A horrible combination.

Whereas, in many places in Eastern Europe, males control almost all of the spending. If he works all day to provide for the family, the wife is then given the money necessary for food, children, clothes, and other necessities. Often times, if the woman also works, she gives her salary to the man to handle.

So, the appreciation still lacks, but at least the crazy spending is put under control…

Anyways, I wish I had a point to all of this, but I really don’t.

Just mere thoughts to guide you along your way.

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