Labor Day 2017


Labor Day usually marks the return of university…which also, sadly, marks the end of summer.

As you roll into the fall and winter months it’s a great time to get ahead for next year. And I’m here to help you do it, in any way possible.

Don’t let the rest of 2017 fly by without accomplishing YOUR goals and setting yourself up for success in 2018.

So, the thing that you need to know is that ALL of my products are going on sale this weekend including some batshit-crazy deals.

The fun starts this right this instant and ends Tuesday, September 5th at 2pm EST (the day after Labor Day).

Here’s the offerings:

  • The Harem Handbook is discounted from $200 to $99 (use coupon ‘LABOR17‘ at checkout – it is case sensitive)
  • Go Date Online – formerly Tinder & Texting University – is re-launched and 50%+ off all memberships. (discounts already applied)
  • Pro Niche Site is re-opened and is discounted from $300 to $197 (discount already applied)
  • All my books and coaching offers are 50% off (discounts already applied)
  • There are several bundles available to get everything mentioned here at crazy-good prices (keep reading!)


  • Lifetime access to The Harem Handbook ($199 value)
  • Lifetime membership to Go Date Online Silver – including the mastermind group chat access ($15/month value)
  • Cracking OkCupid ($20 value)
  • King’s Code ($10 value)
  • Trouble In Hungary ($20 value)
  • Understanding Ukraine ($5 value)
  • Online Dating Spreadsheet ($20 value)



Everything you see above, plus…

  • Upgrade from Go Date Online Silver to VIP ($700 value)
  • Lifetime Pro Niche Site access + membership ($300 value)

*Both these options include 2-3 months of coaching on Voxer/Email

Total Value of Bundle #1: $500+

Your Price: $297

Total Value of Bundle #2: $1,275

Your Price: $597

Last thing, there’s a 30 day guarantee on everything you’ve seen in this email.

Now, I’ve never had bundles quite like this before and frankly, I’m not quite sure I ever will again 🙂

They’re an insane amount of value, so I’m fairly confident they’re going to sell themselves.

So if you want to swoop in and grab ALL of my life’s work, or just want to get all the game stuff – awesome.

Or maybe you want some individual or group coaching at a fraction of the normal cost. Either way, there’s something for you in here.

Click one of the links below to check out the various bundles:

Bundle #1: 7-Item Game Combo


Bundle #2: All-Trouble Bundle



Q: So I’m going to get everything but Pro Niche Site in the Game Bundle?

A: Correct. I didn’t include GDO VIP, so it allowed me to give that bundle at a crazy-low prize. Silver still gets you access to the Voxer group chat where you can ask me (and other members questions), and while it’s usually $15/month, this gives you life access.

Q: On the All Trouble Bundle, you’re saying I get everything you’ve ever made? Including download links for all books + logins for all courses?

A: Yes. The only caveat is that I can’t possible deliver login info for all the courses with one payment processor. Technology still has limitations 😉

I will, however, be personally sending over all your logins within a day of purchase, as well as more details about how to join the Voxer chats.

Q: What the hell is Voxer?

A: Cutting edge voice/text chat which a very successful businessman introduced me to. It allows you to play back voice at 2-4x speed and save time. It’s brilliant for this kind of stuff!

You can download the app and message me after your purchase here:

Q: Will the bundles still be available for purchase after at a higher/slightly ?

A: No, this is a Labor Day-only deal. They’ll be removed from my stores come September 5th at 2pm EST.

Q: This is a crazy deal, are you insane? Kyle… have you been partying too much over there in Eastern Europe this summer?

A: Yes and yes.


Q: I have a question not answered here, can I get ahold of you?

A: Always. Via email at (or just hit reply), or on Voxer (link above).

Keep causin’ Trouble, and have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Your Friend,

Kyle Trouble