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Krakow Girls | The #1 A-Z Seduction Guide for Poland

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Krakow girls are a unique bunch. They’re a combination of both the East and the West.

If you follow this guide, we definitely think that you can! Here you’ll be able to learn:

  • How they are like in terms of looks, personality and the like.
  • The best tips for nightlife in Krakow.
  • How to succeed with day game and finding the best locations to meet Krakow girls.
  • If online dating is a great way to meet women in Krakow.

Of course, there’s going to be a lot of things in between.

Approaching, meeting and dating Polish girls can be a bit of a challenge; but that just makes things more worth it in the end.

Read on to find out more in this ultimate guide…

What Are Krakow Girls Like?

Like we mentioned about, it’s East meets West in terms of how these ladies are wired. You have to understand how they’re like in order for you to be able to approach them the right way.

Let’s Start First With Their Looks

When it comes to their looks, let’s face it, you can’t put these ladies in a box. You can’t just look at one girl and say, “You can tell that she’s from Krakow”, or Poland for that matter.

What we’re trying to say is that there’s something to be had for everyone here.

Whether you’re into blondes, brunettes, even the ginger ones and the redheads…Krakow has got the entire package!

When it comes to their bodies they’re definitely well-endowed. They are a lot more curvy when you compare them to their Eastern counterparts. And, we’re not sure if this is something you prefer, but they usually don’t put that much effort when it comes to their appearance. We’re talking mostly about makeup and how they present themselves.

Krakow Girls Personality

First and foremost, Krakow girls are definitely feminine without question. But more feminine than let’s say Ukrainians, Russians or Belarusians?

Not to that extent, no.

The thing that stands out the most for us with them is how family-oriented and religious they are. So much so that they are very mindful of holidays as well as the events that takes place with them.

A few advantages that they have over their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts are:

  • Stronger English
  • Typically more Westernized, i.e. easier to get into bed…
  • Slightly less gold-digger tendencies.

Another thing that you should look out for with them is definitely how kind they are. This means that you’re most likely susceptible to their light rejections.

This is important when you’ve gotten some girl’s number or have closed a good lead. That being said though, the good thing about this is that you’ll most likely never going to get the hard NO from Krakow girls. And that’s whether during day or night game — it wouldn’t matter as much.

Be Mindful Of The Age Gap!

Did we say that these ladies from Krakow are a mix of the East and the West?

One of the more prominent “Western” characteristics you will see in them is how mindful they are of the age gap between them and their partner/s. Our suggestion is that you should be mindful of this as well. They usually don’t go for men who are 5 or more years older than them. This is definitely something to keep in mind of.

Most of the women are definitely looking for long term relationships. Although there are also a lot of cases of course where some of them are just looking for something fun and something casual.

Like we’ve mentioned above Krakow girls are definitely religious; but this isn’t something that should push you away from them. For the most part, it’s just church visits whenever there are big holidays. Or it can also be just random ones, whenever they would feel like it.

You can say that they are definitely conservative in a way. But that said it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. The three date rule still applies to Krakow and Poland in general. The girls are definitely aware of this so make your dates unique and worthwhile.

The Best Time To Go To Krakow?

Anytime it’s not summer, because then Krakow is a hot, miserable mess with way too many tourists. To optimize your time in Krakow, you’ll want to make sure it’s when the universities are in session.

Also, it’s very important that you take note of the big events and holidays as well.

Krakow usually clears out during this time, so it’s either you might have an abundance of their women or less than that depending on the situation.

Krakow Nightlife: Things That You Should Expect

If you ask a lot of guys who have been to Krakow, we bet almost all of them would tell you the exact same thing:

Krakow is the best city in Poland for you to try to hookup with someone because of their nightlife.

Heck, one could even argue that they have the best nightlife in all of Europe as well.

They key to a very successful night game is definitely not just knowing where the best club is. You have to think of not just a specific club but rather an area of where the best go to places are. A top singles nightlife area, per se.

That’s where Krakow has an advantage. In some European cities, they don’t have any of this, and their best places are usually spread out which makes it more of a challenge if you wan to pull out a one night stand (or even get a Krakow girl in general).

Such is not the case with this Polish city that we’re talking about, so no need to worry. We have the Main Square (Rynek Główny) which is at the heart of the city; and you can confirm this with other Polish travel guides as well.

Main Square is definitely home to the top bars, clubs, and even places where you can have date night. And all are in very close proximity to each other.

So if your night game goal is to be able to meet, hookup and/or date the Krakow ladies, we’ll give you one very important advice: find and book a hotel or a place to stay as close to the Main Square as possible.

Here are the best go to places in Krakow where you get a chance to meet and date Krakow girls:

  • Baccarat Music Club
  • BaniaLuka
  • Bierhalle
  • Coco Music Club
  • Frantic Club
  • Harris Piano Jazz Bar
  • Klub Pod Jaszczurami
  • Mercy Brown
  • Piękny Pies
  • Prozak 2.0
  • Shakers
  • Strefa Piwa Pub
  • Taawa Music Club
  • Wodka Bar

If this doesn’t work for you for whatever particular reason, don’t fret.

There’s another area in Krakow where you can get a taste of their amazing nightlife as well.

We’re talking about an area south that’s not too far from the Main Square as well: Kazimierz.

Overall, Krakow’s nightlife can compete with the best of them. In fact, you’d probably want to do a survey, and be surprised that there are actually a lot of people who prefer this Polish city; and particularly the Main Square.

Great! Daygame In Krakow…

You’ll probably be sick and tired of us saying this, but the Main Square plays a very important role when it comes to daygame in Krakow as well. And oh, not to mention Kazimierz also.

That being said, if you have been to Krakow then you will definitely understand what we’re trying to say here. Because these two areas, they’re just as important when it comes to daygame as much as they are when it comes to night game.

Here’s the catch: the weather here is not going to be the greatest all year. There are going to be times wherein it’s hard to bear even.

If that is the case, then it wouldn’t hurt you at all should you want to meet girls at the mall or at certain shopping centers. And this is not in any way settling. There are just as many beautiful Krakow girls you will find at the mall as when you go to a singles area or bars and clubs.

In any case, here are prominent places in Krakow you should take note of if you want to do daygame:

  • Bonarka City Center
  • Galeria Bronowice
  • Galeria Kazimierz
  • Galeria Krakowska
  • M1 Krakow
  • Shopping Centre Czyżyny

Is Online Dating A Good Way To Meet Krakow Girls?

It’s definitely not the most ideal. Most dating guides and people in general would still implore you to do it via daygame and night game. But we think that you should at least try to hear this out:

The world and the times are obviously changing.

In fact, a lot of men actually feel that dating these days is a lost cause. This is, in part, due to the growing use of technology and social media among all of us humans in general.

How often is it do you see girls these days holding their smartphones taking selfies or videos of themselves while being out at a party…or just staring at their phones in general for updates of their Facebook and/or Instagram account? Or maybe listening to music or watching videos on YouTube and what not?

We know, right? It’s pretty common and we’d like to think that that is the norm already. The hot girls, they’re not engaging as much as you would hope—at least not with the rest of the people inside a bar or a club.

They’d rather engage with their phones.

This, however, should not in any way discourage you. Krakow girls are not all like this just so you know. And even if they are, you should definitely see this as an opportunity, rather than it is a hindrance or an obstacle.

The game is changing and things are being done differently. The bright side is that the dating scene is more active than ever here in Krakow. The online dating scene definitely helps with that big time.

Online Dating In Krakow

Polish Cupid

Of course, this has to be at the top of the list. While there are a lot of great sites and apps that you can use to find women in Krakow, because Polish Cupid has one of, if not the most number of active members, then this is your best bet.

Keep in mind though that the women here may not be as eager to hookup compared to the other sites/apps on here. Most of the women here want something serious, not just a one night stand.

Final Thoughts On Krakow Girls

The girls in Poland are solid. Obviously, Krakow is no exception to this. You’ll be checking a lot of boxes here that only a few of the Eastern and Central European countries/cities are able to do.

What’s more is that if you’re interested in Ukrainian women, you’ll definitely find a lot of them in Krakow as well.

Most of them crossing the border to be able to study as well as find work in the city.

We’re pretty sure you’ll more than likely be booking a flight to get to Krakow ASAP…perhaps you’ve already even done it!

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