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Korean Cupid Review – The #1 Most Voted Guide On The Internet

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In this no-BS Korean Cupid review: 

  • The kind of women you’ll meet on there
  • Premium dating – is it worth it?
  • Do Korean girls like _____ in a man? 
  • Is Korean Cupid the place to meet a Korean cutie online? 

Read on for this and much more!

Korean Cupid Review: The Basics 

Korean Cupid is one of the Cupid Media websites. They are the leaders in international and niche dating, with over 35 million members over their platforms. 

Membership is paid for at least one of the people in an interaction. 

Come again? 

Say you want to message a girl. You can send the DM but she can’t see it unless one of you is a premium member.

So I don’t have to pay? 

Korean girls are pretty traditional. They’re not thrilled about paying for dating. As a result, a very small percentage of the female profiles on Korean Cupid are premium. While you can try your luck with them, your choice will be limited to a tiny fraction of the talent. 

Korean Cupid

The Women On Korean Cupid

What kind of girls can you expect to meet? 

Above all, relationship-minded. 

Koreans are a conservative bunch and they don’t really do flings. You can date casually on Tinder (though it’s a lot of tourists on the app, too). On Korean Cupid, however, the girls are looking for a long-term connection, possibly marriage. 

Are There Enough Members Online? 

When I first logged onto Korean Cupid, it was 4 AM there! Still, nearly 200 members were online and a few girls were happy to start chatting with me right away. 

Cupid Media also recently merged their profile databases. If there are Korean members on other dating platforms, they too are displayed on Korean Cupid. So yup, there are plenty of active members to talk to, even in the middle of the nigh!

What Are They Like? 

Most girls are in their late 20’s, some in their 30’s. Even younger girls are happy to date older men, though, so that’s not a problem. 

Looks-wise… Well, I think there were some smoking hot women! But that’s up to persoal preference, obviously, and you have to discover it for yourself. Fortunately, even though Korean Cupid is a paid dating site, registering and browsing are completely free. Go check them out and see if you like them! 

English levels? They vary. Some of the women speak it well, most are decent. If you don’t understand each other, there is always the option of using an automatic translation service (either the one built into the site or Google Translate). 

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of career-oriented girls. Virtually all of the women I spoke to were university graduates, one even had a PhD. Korean women might be sweet and family-minded but you better not expect them to stay only at the house. Instead, expect women with an actual personality and interests that go beyond doggie filter selfies.  

How Do I Know It’s Right For Me? 

The nice thing about Cupid Media platforms is they publish all their success stories. While there are a bunch of them, here is my favourite one: 

“ In early 2011 a Korean friend of mine suggested Korean matchmakers or this site, Korean Cupid. I took a look and with some hesitance I enrolled. 

Within three months I met some nice people to exchange email and chat with, and there were some I was not destined to meet. 

However, all of that changed when I met my girlfriend of one year on Korean Cupid. Through the site, we got to know each other and that led itself to the natural progression of eventually speaking on the phone and then meeting. The results are true love and a fondness for each other. (…) 

I am thankful to timing, circumstance, Korean Cupid and God for this great fortune that I have by my side.

So why do I love it so much? Because it accurately represents reality. 

Korea has a long history of matchmaking traditions. Confucian morale kept the two sexes from mingling and marriage was seen as a contract between two families. The matchmaker, usually an old woman in the village, was the one to bring people together based on compatibility.

With over 1,000 dating agencies, the custom is far from obsolete. Large companies like Samsung even organize group blind dates for their single employees!

And What Does Korean Cupid Have To Do With This…

Young Koreans are getting more single by the minute. They’re living fast-paced lives, going out less, spending more and more time on the Internet. 

At the same time, Korea has a very conservative approach to marriage.

Even today, 50% of profiles in dating agencies are submitted by parents. 

So you have a culture where: 

1. It’s harder and harder to meet somebody “organically”. 

2. Matchmaking traditions are deeply rooted. 

3. Marriage rates are dropping and everybody is freaking out (to the point where some people say the government should start a dating agency). 

Korean Cupid works like an agency for international dating. The great thing is it’s not matchmaking, just normal online dating. Meeting a girl through Korean Cupid you get women that: 

  • Want a long-term relationship. 
  • Are open to dating foreigners. 

And you get to browse through all the profiles on the site, not just the ones some “expert” or an algorithm pops out for you! 

Will Korean Girls Like Me If… 

Even though South Korea is modern and technological, people are still quite conservative. When it comes to foreigners, there can be stigmas. 

Meeting somebody through Korean Cupid puts you one step ahead. 

Since the girls already know what they’re in for, Korean Cupid is perfect for Western men looking to date Koreans. 

Caucasian features and pale skin are celebrated in South Korea. 

This is another advantage, if you do happen to look like this. Koreans are crazy about ‘European’ features and you might have more success. 

I’m Black?

Racism is an issue in South Korea. While it mostly affects immigrants from other Asian countries (South-East Asia), some Western black people have also experienced it. When it comes to dating, not all families would approve. 

Fortunately, attitudes are changing fast with the new generation. You might get the occasional rejection based on race. It’s rarer on Korean Cupid, where women expect foreigners but it still might happen. 

I Am [Insert Religion]?

Unless she specifically said ‘Christian guys only’ on her profile, no Korean Cupid girl will reject you based on religion. Koreans are not that hung up on the religion of their partners. Of course, you’d have to think about yourself, too. Do you want to date somebody that doesn’t share your faith? If you’re cool with it, most Koreans also are. 

I’m A Bit Older?

No, it’s even a perk! 

20-something girls on Korean Cupid often have their age preference set to 30+. It’s normal for Koreans to be in age gap relationships because the man expected to provide for the family. Older man are seen as more mature and reliable. 

Women on Korean Cupid are relationship and marriage minded. Of course they’d be looking for husband material. To Koreans, this translates into an older man! 

The main point of this Korean Cupid review — don’t be discouraged by much when it comes to dating in Korea.

Korean Cupid

How To Seduce Korean Women Online

Your profile pictures are THE MOST IMPORTANT factor. Sorry for the Caps but it’s true, hopefully it sticks. Take good, presentable pictures where you look mature. 

How does mature look like?

First of all, you have to be alone in the picture but avoid selfies. Most of the women on the site have selfies as profile pics… But when it comes to men’s profiles, smiling, front-facing pics (that aren’t selfies) make for the best results. 

When it comes to the actual interaction, you have to take the first step. Korean girls are naturally submissive and they don’t like to take initiative. Impress them by opening confidently (and stroke their ego by adding a compliment). 

Make it a real date ASAP. 

If you’re physically in Korea, there is no need to delay a real-life meeting. Coffee or lunch is perfect, since it’s a public place and the girl will be more comfortable.

Pick up the tab after!

Korean women won’t be impressed if you expect to split.  

Korean Cupid Review: Is It Worth Paying For Dating? 

Overall, Korean Cupid is a premuim dating service. That said, their fees are affordable and all-inclusive. There are two membership types: 

  • Gold gives you all the basic features like communication with all members, paying and non-paying and even anonymous browsing. 
  • Platinum doubles profile space, highlights your personal in searches, and lets you use the built-in message translation service

The membership fee is a lot cheaper if you pay for more than 3 months at a time.

Subscribing for a year?

Go for Platinum membership, the difference is minuscule and you get the bonus features.

Otherwise, Gold is perfectly fine for meeting Korean cuties! 

Ultimately, it might be right for you. I hope you enjoyed this Korean Cupid review.

Check it out for yourself by registering for free today.

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