King's Code: How to Build a Harem and Live the Life of a King


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Discover an understanding the dating world, the problems men face, and much, much more...  

Most men are not happy with their dating lives.  

...are you?  

If you feel like you've never fully understood the dating scene, it's simple. Most of the things you've been told in your life regarding relationships are WRONG. It's like failing a test because your teacher assigned the wrong textbook when class began.  

You can use this newfound knowledge to turn your life around.  

Never again will you stay with a girl because you feel you can’t do better.  

Say goodbye to depression after break-ups because you got dumped.  

Harems used to be reserved for kings and rock stars. Now, you can be the king. 

King's Code will teach you:  

  • The issues currently plaguing modern Western culture dating, and how to overcome them 
  • The power of CHOICE when it comes to women; if you're tired of feeling like they're settling for you--CHANGE IT
  • How to group girls into tiers and keep multiple relationships prospering
  • Where to find the girls open to being in a harem
  • How to live a balanced life by building a passive dating system
  • Proper techniques to give girls the dominant sex they crave
  • How to “Have The Talk” and “Define The Relationship”—usually words that men dread hearing.

...and much, much more...

What Others Are Saying About King's Code

Kyle has a lot of dating experience and poured his upper level skills into King's Code. 

This book is probably for the person who has a general understanding of game. Someone who is learning how to talk to girls might feel overwhelmed with the idea of juggling several relationships at once. But once someone has an understanding for the classic elements like frame control, the cold approach, and is getting numbers and dates, this book would be the logical next step.  

Kyle gives good guidelines to keep you from pulling your hair out or getting burnt out (The Rules of 3) from managing multiple relationships. And then breaks down further how to handle the eventual challenges of each sex's motivations within each relationship (Define the relationship). Along the way, Kyle reinforces the basics, probably without realizing he's doing it. I really love the list in chapter 7 outlining the things you should avoid saying and doing first in a relationship. These are all mistakes I have made and wish I had known in my early 20's.


What I like most about this book is that it contains advice crucial to having successful relationships. 

I think a lot of guys assume that once they get a girlfriend the game just stops and they don't have to stay cognizant of keeping her attracted and interested anymore. Some guys seem to want a girlfriend because they perceive it as being an easier way to have relations with women than it is being single. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. You can't just put your brain on autopilot once you have a girlfriend. If you do, you likely will default to beta male behavior and kill her attraction for you over time.  

So where this book really shines is that's a great introduction to managing relationships with women. I like how it goes into all the different stages of relationships from casual dating all the way to firm commitment. The book really goes into detail on how you should behave with women depending on what phase you are in with her. And I love the part where the author tells you exactly what you can say to set up a frame where you get all the benefits of dating her, but with the caveat of you being able to see other women.  

Ultimately, I think this lifestyle is so important because it puts men back in the driver's seat when it comes to the quality of your relationships with women. Sometimes I look around and can't help but see a lot of men putting up with way too much crap or settling for less than they're worth. I actually think this book is great for women too. Women would have MUCH more happiness in their relationships if more men were the self-respecting pillar of strength as the author talks about. If you give this a read I'm sure it would improve the quality of your relationships.


A chapter subhead early in the book is entitled "Why Are We Here?" I was expecting something profound, smacking of Descartes, but his question is nonetheless profound enough. It amounts to "why are we at this impasse between men and women?"  

I will address the bigger issue. We are here as the latest generation in an endless chain of self-replicators going back billions of years. We are here because all of our ancestors were able to reproduce. Therefore, the teleological answer to the question "why are we here?" has to be that we are here to reproduce. By induction, evolution has brought us up to Generation N and it is our mission to create Generation N+1.  

We are not going to succeed by following the Hugh Hefner or Cosmopolitan Magazine model of banging everything in sight. Somehow man and woman have to find an accommodation through which we can get married, form stable families and carry forth our genome and culture. Trouble has an inkling of a coming change in his own life. In his final chapter he writes "In fact, I believe that a man’s life as a player has a finite shelf life. I already feel flashes of desire to settle down, and I know my older player friends (mid 30s) are definitely feeling these urges too."  

I find Trouble's self reflection to be refreshing. Unlike the feminists or social justice warriors, he looks beyond himself and his present situation. It is delightful that he has established himself as a blogger at this young age and will be able to chronicle his his perceptions as they evolve over time. Five stars.


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