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Keep Your Mouth Shut About How Much You Make

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Let’s rewind the clock to 2016.

I was living in Prague, Czech Republic.

And I’d left my corporate life roughly 8 months earlier.

My business had it’s best month ever.

And I posted an “income report”, where I broke down how much I made along with a little bit of detail regarding where exactly it came from.

After working my bootay off.

Months and months.

I made 2k.

Then 3k.

And haters asked how.

So in the next reports I broke it down. That wasn’t enough either. Then they wanted to know which posts were making the most sales.

I thought to myself, “Is there an end to how much detail people want?”

Next they would have wanted to know which links in which posts made exactly which dollar.

Everybody wanted me to unwrap every secret I’d discovered to make a few pennies.

The funny thing is, it wasn’t like I was making all that much.

We were talking $2,000-$3,000 dollars after having a blog for over three years, and working on it full-time for nearly a year…

It certainly wasn’t a crazy amount of money, but still, people pried and pried…

I quickly realized I didn’t want to deal with posting these “income reports” and dealing with the people who wanted to know every little detail, less they shout “FRAUD!!!”.

(I can only imagine what they would say now…)

Anyways, I’m telling you this because it just goes to show that you can never please everybody.

How Much You Need To Make To Leave The 9-5…

Reader Greg wrote in to ask a while back:

Hey man big fan of your stuff. How much savings do you recommend having when you move to a cheaper country ? I have no income as of yet but I’m thinking of moving to Asia with the 20k I have saved up to try and learn about online business. Thanks for any thoughts.

When I left the USA, I had roughly $17,000 saved away, plus a few Gs more in a checking account which was more liquid.

I burned through about $7,000 between February and July.

But, I also did a lot during that time.

Lived in four different places, went on a trip with my family to three other countries, and generally was just sort of reckless.

Not to mention the near-nightly drinking, dates, and all the other stuff that you’re undoubtedly going to do when you move abroad

So, yes, I think $20k is a good mark to shoot for, with one caveat…

If you don’t know anything at this point, it would make sense to start, ya know?

Get a running head start before diving into the pool.

Or, you could call it wading into the shallow end, or something like that.

That’s my humble opinion.

But it really depends what you’re going to spend.

However, I do have something inside of this month’s “Trouble Times” that shows how much I spend here in Kyiv, Ukraine. It’s extremely valuable information if you have aspirations of making a location-independent income, as it’s true “boots on the ground” info that you just can’t get on sites like Numbeo or expats forums.

I’m also breaking down expenses for my recent trip to Southeast Asia, to give you an idea of what life there might cost you, too.

You can use mine as a general baseline and make adjustments based off of your own lifestyle and dreams.

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