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Just One Idea on Sexual Dominance Via Toys

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Every man should own his woman, both in and out of the bedroom. Feminists will shriek at this post and say what a terrible person I am. I say fuck ‘em.

If you need further reading about sexual dominance, I wrote a post about it here. My buddy Halfbreed over at Red Pill Game penned an entire book on the subject. My other buddy Jeremy wrote a book about overall relationship dominance, too. (Note: affiliate links).

Dominating a woman sexually is not difficult.

You simply don’t ask permission – for anything. Especially kissing. When is the last time a Hollywood film had a hot actor like Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt ask a woman for permission to kiss her? It will never happen. So you shouldn’t ask permission, either.


Beyond that, having sexual dominance is actually pretty straightforward, and not as scary as many men make it out to be. Pin her down to the bed, slap her ass, tell her what position to do, etc. Today though, I want to talk about a little accessory that can really ratchet the dominance level up a notch. It’s a slight step up from the basic spanking, and not recommended for those guys out there who struggle with kiss closing.

A few months ago, Danger and Play had a post about this accessory, and I went out and bought one.

A device that allows you to tie a women from all four corners of the bed and completely dominate her. Trust me – she will love it. It’s fun for me, too, to be in that much control of the situation. On top of that, it’s simple as hell to set up and use.

When you get it out of the box, connect the four corner points as instructed, and toss it under your bed. From there, run one strap to each individual corner of your bed, and wrap it around and under. If there is extra slack, you can compensate by wrapping it once around a headboard or the legs of your box spring. If all you have for a bed is a mattress thrown on the floor, step your cash game up, playa.

Of course, the first time you do this with a girl you should let her know what’s going on and obtain full consent. After that though, it is a blast to hide the straps under pillows, blankets, etc. As you pin her down on the mattress, you can reach up and subtlety grab one of the straps. Strap her into it, and do the other side. You can do this as you’re fucking her, as part of foreplay – or whatever the hell you want. Remember, sexual dominance is all about doing what you as the man want to do.

After her hands are bound you can do her feet as well. Sometimes it can make it hard for her to spread her legs or to get them up on your shoulders, like many girls like to do. In these cases, simply wrap the straps under the bed again and strap them from the side of the bed, instead of the corners. You can also leave her a little slack to maneuver her legs as she likes once you’re fucking her.

I can’t recommend a full bed tie-up system enough. Click below to get yours.

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  1. Last Valentines’ Day, the only thing I bought was a set of Sportsheets (a 4-point harness like the one you discuss above) and a pair of handcuffs. She was much, much happier than she would’ve been if I had bought flowers or chocolate.

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