Last updated: June 13, 2019

The June 17th Edition of The Trouble Times



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Try the world's most popular smart drug from the Limitless movie.

I’ve just put the finishing touches on this month’s edition of the “Trouble Times”.

Little bit behind schedule, but it will be hot to the press (along with a few small bonuses) this Monday.

Here’s everything that’s included inside this beauty…

  • Exactly how much game you need (or don’t need) to run in terms of long term relationships
  • How to make a woman feel “safe”, which is such a huge attraction pull that is always overlooked (and why we as men cannot possibly understand this)
  • Why your average 2019 man is horribly inadequate in one very important area, and why you MUST take steps to correct this (and why women actually have it really bad in this regard)
  • Why American culture builds “out” instead of “up” and what it might mean for those of us looking at buying properties in the coming years
  • How HBO’s “Chernobyl” perfectly illustrates the old Soviet mentality, and how you can use basic human nature to increase your business sales 
  • My 3 ways I’ve been able to significantly cut down my alcohol consumption, and what it’s done for the rest of my health
  • My anti-aging strategies I’m taking on in light of getting older, and only less healthy…(and how “compounding” effects make things a million times worse)

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