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Japan Cupid Review | #1 A-Z Seduction Guide (2020)

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Let’s get straight to the point. You want to meet a cute Japanese girl. In this Japan Cupid review you will find:

  • A full in-depth guide to meeting the best girls on the site
  • Practical tips on creating the perfect profile
  • The secret to seducing any Japanese girl you want
  • Amazing success stories that will make you want to sign up today

By the way, while we’re at it:

Sign Up Today

Japan Cupid is a premium dating site. You do have to pay a fee to use the full functionality. However, you can sign up, create your profile, and browse through members for free.

I always tell people to do it.

Why would you want to subscribe to a site that you don’t know at all?

Joining Japan Cupid is simple and straightforward. You can sign up via Facebook. They don’t post or spam your account, which is nice. Besides, photos are imported automatically. We will work on them some more. Still, it’s a great way to save some time and have your profile up and running as quick as possible.

Besides, the sign-up process is literally first name, email address and password. It takes just about 5 seconds. Do it right now to get the most out of this guide.


Can I Use It On Mobile?

Japan Cupid is no Tinder. It’s far more functional on PC. That being said, they have an app available.

You can find it on the Google Play Store for free. Unfortunately, it’s not available for iOS and it requires Android 5.0 and up (it should not be a problem unless your phone is super old). The rating is 18+ years old for obvious reasons. You will not find minors on Japan Cupid either.

The rating of the app is not super high. Most people who downvoted it, however, simply didn’t understand the premium dating concept. Case in point:

  • Just don’t like that you have to upgrade to communicate with someone. The purpose to get to know the person not just see their profile.

On the contrary, people who actually used the site (and knew what they were signing up for), are enjoying the app:

I’ve always loved this site. I met a girl about 7 years ago through this site and flew all the way from Massachusetts United States to Osaka Japan to spend 2 weeks with her. She flew back to US and spent a week here as well. We were very in love but it did not end up working due to complications of her moving here or I there but it was an experience of a lifetime. I’ve tried other dating sites these past years trying to meet girls that are closer but have had zero luck. I am back here to try again.

Success stories are possible on both the app and the website. The big downside here is that it’s not an option for iPhone users (here’s hoping though, and the site will work on a mobile browser, FYI).

Japan Cupid Review: The Girls

Japan Cupid Review

There are only two things that matter in a dating site:

  • Are there high-value girls?
  • Do you stand a chance with them?

Take Tinder. Sure, there are tons of women on there. But the hottest, most interesting and datable women are virtually impossible to get. In the Tinder culture, the next option is one swipe away. Rarely can a meaningful relationship ensue.

  • So how does Japan Cupid compare?

Obviously, there are not as many members as Tinder. It’s a premium dating site in a particular niche.

But as far as Japan dating sites go, this is the best. It is very popular in Japan, it has enough genuine profiles for you to choose from, and it’s focused on international dating.


Your Profile

A Checklist For Your Japan Cupid Boo

How do you know you are getting the best of the best? Here are all the qualities you can find in Japan Cupid women:

  • Beautiful – There are some truly gorgeous girls on Japan Cupid. Beauty is subjective but you can find your exact type by playing around with the search settings.
  • Interested in foreigners – Japan Cupid is mostly for Western guys and Japanese women. Some Jap-Jap couples have started on the site but they are the exception, not the rule. Your perfect Japan Cupid match should be interested in an international relationship and open to doing long-distance, at least at the beginning.
  • English level – It helps if you speak Japanese. That being said, the best Jap girls on the site are conversational in English. They will not push you to use a translation service or learn their language. They know how hard that can be for a foreigner and appreciate your interest anyway!
  • Feminine – Japanese women are very sweet and lady-like as a whole. Some will be raging feminists who can’t find love locally.  Don’t fall for them. There are plenty of soft and feminine women for you to meet. And yes, you can see femininity from the profile only. Notice her look, the interests that she mentions, what activities she is doing in the photos.
  • Happy to hear from you – On every site, there are people that sign up, scroll around, and never come back. I have been guilty of this myself. The best women on Japan Cupid are actually investing time and effort into online dating. If she doesn’t respond within a day or two, or if she drags you along with no real promise of meeting or moving on to the next level, it’s you that should move on.

Here’s a few thoughts about how to get good reactions from Japanese women.

Assert Dominance

Japanese women are submissive by nature. They appreciate it when a guy takes the lead. Unfortunately, a lot Japanese men are not great at doing that. They are notorious for how shy and awkward they act around pretty girls. So shy and awkward in fact—that some are literally giving up on women and focusing on VR sex.

If a girl is on Japan Cupid, it’s because she is tired of the local options.

The beta Japanese men just don’t cut it.

You have to be the exact opposite of that.

Asian girls thrive when they are with a dominant man. I am not talking about being disrespectful but be the man and take the lead. She is far too shy to do it. If you leave her asking herself, “Does he really like me?” — you are losing the game.

I know, I know, this is the exact opposite of what you would do with Western girls.

For them, the hard-to-get and  unbothered game works best. Japanese women, on the other hand, are waiting to be swept off their feet. They dream of a guy pushing them against a wall and confessing his love. If the beta crap worked with them, they would not be on Japan Cupid in the first place.

More On Kabe Don

Kabe don comes from the words for wall and bang. It’s super popular in female manga – a guy pushes a girl against the wall while slapping it with one hand. Romantic and assertive, that is how Japanese women like their men.

You can apply that to online dating, too. Message her first and assert your interest clearly. Your text should feel like the virtual equivalent of a Kabe don. You are gorgeous and I am dying to meet you! is a hundred times better than the hipster BS of:

You are so pretty… I don’t have much else to say… I just needed to say that. You can tell that I’m awkward, right? 

Yes, she can tell that you are awkward. She has met her fair share of awkward guys. If you want to succeed, you have to be different than Japanese men, not the exact same thing in a whiter package.

Japan Cupid Review: Creating The Perfect Profile

It’s not hard to make a great online dating profile. You just have to know what a woman is looking for. Fortunately, that is easy with Japanese girls. They want a masculine guy that is not afraid of anything. Japan may not seem like a place of macho culture but women crave it anyway.

How do you present yourself like this?

Well, for starters, no silly selfies. Us guys are not great at them anyway. It’s best to stick to high-quality shots of yourself… And not too smiley either. I mean, you don’t want to look like someone just stole your lunch but dark and mysterious is where it’s at.

Fill Out Your Japan Cupid Profile

The member quality on Japan Cupid is quite high. Aspire to be among the best profiles. You want all the advantage you can get (even if just being a Western man is an advantage with Jap girls). This comes by filling out your profile in detail. Not only will it make you pop up on the search results page, but it will also help you find better quality matches.

The Japan Cupid algorithm is not out-of-this-world complicated. It favours people that put in the effort. To a computer, your detailed profile, high-quality pictures, and frequent activity look like a person that is genuinely interested in making a connection.

This translates into a better placement for your profile on the results page! 

Since people don’t get to page two if they find what they were looking for on page one, the better your placement, the more matches you will have. It’s no rocket science but you’d be surprised at how often people ignore it.


Japan Cupid Review: The Pricing Structure

There are organic ways to drive traffic to your profile. But, since this is a premium site after all, there is also a way to pay for it.

Japan Cupid is a membership-based site. They don’t charge you for every little thing they offer – messaging, stickers, online “gifts”.

Instead, there are two tiers of subscriptions. The Gold membership includes all the basics you need for using the site. The Premium throws in some extra benefits. Let’s compare and look at what is best:

Gold Vs Premium Subscription

One of the cons of Japan Cupid is their prices are hidden. You can’t find them all that easily. Instead, they pop up once you have already used the site for a little bit. I bet there is some marketing strategy behind this!

Either way, I am here to give you that info + an unbiased comparison between the two packages.

First off, what can you get for free? 

  • Sign up and set up your profile with photos and description
  • Use the search function and view profiles (of both free and paying members)
  • Take advantage of the basic matching functions (the site recommends people that might be compatible)
  • Send interest to any member on the site
  • Message with paying members (technically, you can send a message to anybody but they will not see it if at least one of you isn’t premium)

The Gold Membership also includes: 

  • Live chat with instant messaging to communicate with all members – paying or not
  • No ads
  • Anonymous browsing (otherwise members will see that you visited their profile)

Finally, the Platinum members receive all that, plus:

  • Ranking above other members on search results
  • Profile highlighting
  • Additional search features – you can even search by bra size!
  • Advanced matching algorithms – honestly, I am not sure what that means, but Platinum members do report better quality matches
  • Double the profile space – you can add more pictures, which can modestly increase your matches, but definitely help attract higher quality women.
  • Message translation – most of the women speak English and Google Translate is available for free, so that is not a huge perk, it just helps that you have it integrated into your messenger (saves time).

For me, the major benefit of going Platinum over Gold is the visibility. Your profile will get more attention, which makes the chances of meeting an amazing girl higher. Online dating is a numbers game and Platinum helps you get ahead.

That being said, Gold members get all the functionality they need to be successful on Japan Cupid. Platinum is nice to have and it will help you get the most of the experience. It’s definitely not a must, though.

Japan Cupid Review: So Which One Should I Go For?

It’s a matter of price, to be honest. The Platinum is not that much more expensive than Gold. It gives you an advantage for under 5$ a month (depends on how long you subscribe for). 

Here is how the full pricing schemes compare: 

Gold Membership:

  • 1 Month: $29.98/month
  • 3 Months: $20.00/month
  • 12 Months: $10.00/month

Platinum Membership: 

  • 1 Month: $34.99/month
  • 3 Months: $23.33/month
  • 12 Months: $12.50/month

It’s clear that paying for a longer period comes out cheaper. Heck, the monthly price of a Platinum, if you pay for a full year, is less than half of the single month Gold membership! 

When you’re deciding which one to go for, consider two things: 

  • How long do you plan on using the site? 
  • Can you afford the price difference between Gold and Platinum? 

For this Japan Cupid review, I usually tell people to go for 3 months. It gives you time to explore the site and actually meet some people. At the same time, it’s not a year-long commitment. If they had a 6-month option, maybe I would go for that. 

Since the monthly price in a 3-month subscription is $20$ for Gold and $23.3 for Platinum

Well, you already know I would go for Platinum, right? A cup of coffee at Starbucks costs less than that difference! Platinum will not radically change your Japan Cupid experience but it will improve it. And for that price, why would you even think twice? 

On the other hand, if you were to only get a month-long membership, it’s obviously not worth it.

A $15 difference?

Nah, you can just get Platinum further down the line, when you buy a longer subscription. 


Can I Get Laid For Free?

Free members on Japan Cupid still get some functionality. You can talk to premium profiles, which technically means: 

Yes, you can, but your options will be very limited. 

Surely there are some great women that pay for their Japan Cupid profile.

Unfortunately, the chances of them being scammers are always higher.

What is more, those will not be the highest value women on the site.

Japanese women want to be pursued, they don’t want to seem desperate.

Getting a premium membership to a dating site ranks pretty high on their desperation scale. It will simply not be the prettiest girls you can get!  

If you want to try the site out, though, definitely sign up for a free profile first. It’s easy and it will give you a taste for the profile quality. 

Why Not Just Use A Free Dating Site? 

In my experience, those are more likely to have scammers on them. Free dating platforms can’t afford to police their site, at least not as efficiently as the premium ones. Besides, as with anything, the more you invest in it, the more you will value the service. 

The women on Japan Cupid are investing much more time and effort than those on Tinder.

This translates in better connections and higher chances of an actual relationship. Because, yes, unlike Tinder Japan Cupid is not a hookup app. It focuses on fostering relationships and that shows! 

Plus, they’re not Filipina women…


Japan Cupid Success Stories

There is only so much you can say about a dating site. It’s great on paper. But the real-life Japan Cupid review comes from the success stories.

They have hundreds of them on the site! 

Tan and Stephen are one of my favourite couples on there. He is from the US, she’s from Japan. They’re somewhat of a culture-defying couple because Stephen is black… And yes, some Japanese people have a problem with that. Even with the interracial dating struggles, and the back-and-forth between their two countries, Stephen says he is happier than ever. 

Long-distance is challenging.

Dating someone that is outside of your society’s standard for an acceptable partner – even more so. But here is what Stephen says about Tan: 

I found the love of my life on Japan Cupid (…) she is my ying and my yang (…) all I could ask for and more. I want to thank for the opportunity to grow together.

Stephen touches on one of the best aspects of dating Japanese women. They are loyal, feminine, and supportive. Time after time I hear how dating them turns you in the best version of yourself. The age-old saying of, “Behind every successful man, there is a strong and wise woman who makes a huge difference in his path to success”, could not be truer here. 

Of course, it doesn’t have to be about starting a life and a family together.

Japan Cupid could just lead to a fun vacation fling. But the real value of the site lies in the great women that are on there. It’s not about superficial dating. It is for relationship-minded people and it can give you an old-fashioned loving relationship that modern dating in the West simply can’t offer!

Japan Cupid Review: In Conclusion

If you compare it to free dating sites, Japan Cupid is expensive.

It’s a matter of you get what you pay for. On this dating platform, you will meet some of the highest-value Japanese women you can find online. Dating in Japan is confusing for a foreigner, but Japan Cupid makes it easier to connect. Besides, as a premium dating site, they protect you from the potential dangers of online dating – scams and such. 

Japan Cupid has proven itself time and time again. In my personal experience, it has amazed me with the quality of the profiles. All the success stories and happy couples that started on Japan Cupid are proof enough that it works. 

Ultimately, this Japan Cupid review is a definite yes! Go ahead and try out the site for yourself. I bet you’ll agree, too!

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