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Quick Guide On How To Date Jamaican Girls



Jamaican girls are some Caribbean hotties! No wonder you want to date them. Well, I assume you do, since you landed on this article.

You’re in luck! This is your complete and comprehensive guide to:

  • Understand Jamaican girls.
  • Seduce them.
  • Date them on the short or long-term.
  • Keep them happy and loyal.

Unlike other Caribbean beauties, Jamaicans are not crazy foreigners. This means fewer gold-diggers. The girls you meet are genuinely interested in you. We are here to help you find them (and not get lost in translation during the relationship).

If you find yourself asking the question “How do you get a beautiful Jamaican girl?”, or if you’re simply curious and have a trip to Jamaica coming up, this is for you!

Get Immersed In Jamaican Culture

One of the easiest ways of not getting overwhelmed is taking the time to learn about the culture.

Jamaicans are very proud of their food, music, language, and traditions. They are more than happy to teach you. Still, international dating is hard enough as is. If you invest even the tiniest amount of time to learning about Jamaica, you’ll get significantly fewer surprises.

As a general rule of thumb, the colder the climate you come from, the more different Jamaica will be. In many ways, the country embodies the Caribbean spirit. If you’ve never been in the region, the shock can be quite big.

So, let’s take it from the top. I know you are here to learn about girls but getting to know the history and culture will help immensely, trust me on that.

A Brief Intro To Jamaica

Jamaica is the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea and the fourth-largest in the region. The closest countries are Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic (the latter both occupying the island of Hispaniola).

Unlike other countries in Central America, Jamaicans speak English. This is, in fact, the third-largest English-speaking country in all of the Americas. If you didn’t know that (yes, I’m judging you a little bit): well, now you do.

So how come Jamaicans speak English and not Spanish? I am glad you asked:

The History Of Jamaica

Christopher Columbus arrived in Jamaica in 1494. It wasn’t an empty island when they arrived, in fact there were many indigenous communities throughout Jamaica. Sadly, the Spanish did not just bring their weapons. Most of the native inhabitants actually died of diseases that Europeans brought.

This prompted Spaniards to start importing slaves. Unlike other parts of Latin America, they didn’t manage to get too many. Soon, the British conquered the island and named it Jamaica. This happened in 1655. Records say that they found a population of around 4,500 white and 1,500 black people. But this was about to change.

How Jamaica Became The Sugar Capital Of The World

When the English came, they soon realised how profitable the plantation business can be in Jamaica. Under their colonial rule, the island became a leading sugar exporter. But there is a dark side to this:


Slaves were an essential part of the plantation economy. By the beginning of the 19th century, the slave to white people ratio was nearly 20 to 1. By that time, the United Kingdom was already planning to abolish slavery. They passed laws that forbade the use of whips and gave slaves the right to attend church.

But locals weren’t thrilled. For a long time, slavery was essential to Jamaica’s success in the sugar industry. Local government opposed the changes. Not only were they a danger to the island’s economy, they were a very real, physical danger for slave owners. They feared that with looser rules, revolts would soon follow.

In 1834, when slavery was abolished, the island had 371,070 inhabitants. Out of those, a whopping 311,070 were slaves. Over time, they were emancipated and many chose to leave the plantations. This is when importation of Asian workers began.

Though not as numerous as in Surinam, there are some people with Asian origins in Jamaica. It all makes for a beautiful mix (and some really beautiful people).

The Many People Of Jamaica

Now that you have a little background, you will understand why Jamaica has such a diverse culture. You have plenty of ethnicities living on the island. Race is sometimes a confusing subject. For instance, who are the blacks? Is it 100% Africans, do mixed-race count, what about darker skinned Asians?

Even within the same family, you can have people that identify as a different race. Let’s look at the different types of Jamaican girls that you will meet.

The Maroons Of Jamaica

When the British conquered the island, Spaniards fled and freed their slaves. Most of those freedmen fled to the mountains where they established communities with the surviving indigenous people of the island.

Escaped slaves had the title of Maroons throughout the Americas. In Jamaica, they would usually settle with the native people in the mountains. As sugar plantations expanded, so did slave importation.

The extensive development of sugar cane plantations needed slaves but Africans continually fought for their freedom. This was a part of the reason why slave owners didn’t want to give their workers rights, as there was already a strong tradition of revolts. These only simmered down after slaves gained freedom in exchange for an end to the revolts.

Modern Jamaican Maroon people are direct descendants of escaped slaves. To this day, they have a very strong sense of identity and of being different. To some extent, they remain separate from Jamaican culture and they are quite proud of their past.

Since they always lived in isolation (this was once a perk and protected them), today their communities are very difficult to access. Their heritage comes from West African tradition and it’s still preserved in the four Maroon cities of Jamaica  – Accompong Town, Moore Town, Charles Town and Scott’s Hall.

These are amazing to visit but you might not meet a lot of Jamaican girls there. The locals are not that interested in mixing with outsiders. Still, it’s worth checking out the culture and you can have plenty of luck with visitors like yourself. Just be mindful of your surroundings, I’ve heard some crazy stories of people hooking up in hostels!

Jamaican Girls In The Cities

Apart from the Maroons, there are also white, black, Asian, and mixed-race Jamaicans. Most of the women you meet will be mixed race. Remember that census from when slavery was abolished? 40,000 of the inhabitants ‘coloured’ or free people of color (mixed race), making them the largest group even then.

Today, it’s pretty much the same situation. 92.1% are black or mixed race black. Obviously, this is the most common type of Jamaican girl you will meet.

Since they are mixed race, however, Jamaican women tend to have more delicate features and lighter skin. When it comes to hair, Jamaicans have some of the most amazing curls I’ve seen. They love to keep their afros (or put it in dreadlocks) and I think it looks really awesome on them.

The Jamaican Kylie Jenner

If you are wondering what to expect, here is a Jamaican girl that represents the beauty standard in the country. Keyshia Ka’Oir is a model turned entrepreneur. She capitalised on her fame by creating a line of… Lipsticks. Yup, she is pretty much the Jamaican version of Kylie Jenner.

She is even married to a rapper.

Her extravagant wedding to Gucci Mane was aired on BET for all of the world to witness. He first spotted her on XXL’s “Eye Candy of the Year” issue and wanted her in his 911 video. I guess that’s how you meet your future wife? I don’t know, for other Jamaican girls online dating works a lot better.

Either way, not only did she remain loyal to him during his time in prison and his transition period, Keyshia was smart enough to turn fame into a profitable business.

And no, I’m not telling you this because I enjoy celebrity gossip all that much. Keyshia is, however, a pretty good example of how Jamaican girls are. They are eye candy, that is for sure, but they’re also fiercely loyal and caring plus they can be super smart. Read on to find out how to win the over:

Romantic Gestures All The Way

Jamaican women expect to be treated like queens. They have a very strong sense of self-worth (though they are definitely not arrogant). It’s very common for Jamaican boyfriends to call their girl their queen. She will likely expect the same treatment from you.

Here are a few ways to make your Jamaican girlfriend swoon:

  • Take the time to compliment her. Comment on her selfies, remind her of how pretty she looks when she rolls over for date night, and just generally be her biggest fan. It’s such a cliché but Jamaican girls really just want to be loved and appreciated.
  • Stop assuming and ask her what she wants and needs. Girls sometimes give mixed signals because they expect you to “get it”. Don’t just ask what you did wrong when you are fighting, even when things are good take the time to learn how she feels.
  • Be loyal. If you are just going to cheat (or even simply flirt with other women), you are probably not ready for a relationship. This is fine, you can have flings in Jamaica but don’t expect boyfriend privileges.
  • Flaunt her. Jamaican men often post pictures with their girlfriends because they are proud of how awesome their queen is.

Earn Her Family’s Respect

Jamaican Girls

Parents play a key role in their kid’s choice of future partner. If she is just dating you for fun, you would never meet them. If she does introduce you to her mom and dad, this is a very good sign.

Jamaican families are very tightly knit. What might seem as an invasion of privacy to you, is completely natural to them. So don’t be surprised if they ask you plenty of questions on… Sensitive topics? Asking about your income, for instance, is a way to ensure that their daughter isn’t in a dead end relationship. Answer friendly and respectfully and you will earn their respect.

Extended family is important as well. You will be surprised to see how often in-laws live together and are actively present in each other’s lives. Get to know them – this is the typical Jamaican family dynamic and you will have to get used to it.

Have Some Ambition

Jamaicans are very relaxed people in general. However, they hate it when somebody is genuinely lazy and uninterested in improving their situation in life. This is one of the biggest deal-breakers Jamaican girls have.

Jamaicans often use the phrase “to have ambition”. They know that life isn’t just about having a good time. Sure, it’s nice to sip rum and dance until the sun rises. You will have plenty of these experiences as well. However, to most Jamaicans, we all have a duty to do something with our life. Getting an education, having a long-term career plan, or at least being independent from your family (if you are no longer in school) are all a must.

But Know How To Let Loose

Jamaicans love to have fun. It’s probably the combination of sun and plenty of rum (or at least this is my theory). Either way, you better get moving.

Jamaican girls are party animals through and through. She will likely take you partying with her friends so it’s best to learn a few moves. You will never dance like the locals but you can get pretty close. The important thing is to never let the alcohol get the best of you. Vodka is not a good advisor when it comes to dancing. Don’t embarrass her but don’t be afraid to let a little loose.

A Note On Jamaican Party Culture

Since nightlife is such an important thing for truly Jamaican lifestyle, it’s best to come prepared.

There are plenty of different clubs and different music styles you can enjoy. My personal tip is: stick to what is local. Jamaica has produced some amazing music (and no, it’s not just Bob Marley).

Bars with local music is where most Jamaican girls are at. They do like the electronic stuff but you run the risk of tourist trap discos. These are fun but you will not meet any local cuties in there.

Most visitors come to Montego Bay – whether as just a stop on their trip or to stay for longer. At night, Montego is full of fun stuff to try. Start by strolling down the Hip Strip. Most bars are in this area – just pick one and get ready for some amazing rum.

After the improvised pre-drinks, Montego Bay’s most popular disco awaits. Pier One is equally popular among tourists and locals. Not only do they have the best Jamaican music mixes but they’ve consistently managed to deliver an impressive experience at a very reasonable price.

Pier One is still fairly fancy, though. Dress to impress – a shirt is a must and long pants are a lot classier than your cargo shorts. If you want to go above and beyond, also throw on a blazer or a skinny tie. You wouldn’t look out of place, au contraire, it would help with girls.

On the downside, the more clothes you wear, the more you will sweat. Pro tip from me:

The opposite sex loves people who shower. If they can smell your BO from across the table, it would not matter how awesome your blazer is.

Kingston is the other nightlife must-do. Not only can you see the Bob Marley Museum here, but you will find the best reggae (and, quite possibly, the best dancehall) in the world! Start out by sipping your beer at Usain Bolt’s sports bar Tracks&Records. It is hands down the coolest place to catch the game at.

Sound-system parties are the quintessential Kingston experience. If you are into dancehall, Stone Love HQ is the one-stop destination. They have theirs on Wednesdays. Yes, one cool thing about Kingston is weekday or not, there is always something cool going on.

Know Jamaican Girls’ Values

As is with any new culture, Jamaicans have very different values than Westerners. For instance, to them being cheerful and easy-going is important but so is ambition. As we talked about earlier, you don’t want to be that “I don’t know what to do so I do nothing with my life” guy.

It’s fine if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up. What is not fine is to be completely apathetic. This is actually another side of that same love of life and love of doing that Jamaican girls have!

What About Religion?

Faith may be a sensitive topic but it’s key for compatibility. Here is everything you need to know:

Christianity is, unsurprisingly, the largest religion in Jamaica. The most common denomination is the Anglican Church, but Catholic, Methodist, and Baptist Churches are also present. Colonial-era churches and cathedrals are always a cool place to visit. Jamaica may have not been a humane place during those times but it sure was pretty!

African religions are the more interesting side of religion in Jamaica. They are especially prevalent in remote areas where Moores live. African traditional healers belong to these ancient religious practices. As much as 40% of Jamaicans seek their help for hardships and serious health problems. Statistically, this means your Jamaican crush has already been to one. Be careful not to offend her!

“Dr Malcolm King brought The Baha’i movement, who was originally from Portland. The movement flourished in Jamaica and it is constantly growing. The Bahai recently celebrated their 70th anniversary. If you are in the capital when the Baha’i choir The Voices of Bahá are playing, definitely go visit.

Proceedings go to local charities and the experience is one of a kind!

Rastafari Chicks In Jamaica

You can’t write an article about Jamaica and not mention the Rastafari movement.

Much like the Baha’i, this one is also fairly new. It does combine ancient African and Caribbean beliefs, though. Bob Marley is the obvious symbol of Rastafari values. Plenty of his songs (and reggae in general) express the Rastafari worldview, sense of self, etc.

Jamaican Girls

You will be surprised to know, however, that Rasta beliefs are not that popular in Jamaica.

Though Jamaicans love and respect the art around it, most of them are Christian. They see Rastafari traditions as pagan rituals (while they are more about singing and smoking ganja, for real). In its’ home country, the Rasta movement is not recognized by the state. It’s very small and mostly known on the outside of Jamaica.

When it comes to Rasta believers, don’t expect them all to wear dreadlocks. While some do, neither this nor the vow not to eat unprocessed food (Ital, it’s a Jewish thing) are obligatory. So let’s go on a quick trip and talk about day game:

How To Make Her Melt In Less Than 10 Minutes

Jamaican women only seem hard to impress. Here are a few ways to impress them in under 10 minutes:

  • When you first meet her, notice the colour of her eyes. No, the actual colour doesn’t really matter. It’s actually a trick to make you look a second longer. Jamaican girls are very sensual and they love flirting with their eyes.
  • Try some Jamaican Creole. No matter what, this will always be Jamaican people’s mother tongue. Hataz is the slang word for an attractive girl. Knock mi is asking her to call you or text you.
  • Show up to your first date with flowers. Jamaican girls love to be treated to small gifts. It’s definitely a promising start!
  • Crack a joke. There is nothing like a guy to make a Jamaican girl laugh!
  • Act confident, always. As sassy as Jamaicans might be, all they really want is a man to feel safe with.

Most importantly, though, remember that you’re in a different culture. Embrace the learning curve and don’t let the unexpected situations shock you. Over time, you will become a pro at dating Jamaican girls!

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